The new tactic of the Left is to not define terms

This is murder! Must read …

Mark 1:1

Proposed laws in California and Maryland open the possibility of “post-birth abortion” under the undefined label of “perinatal death”

LifeNews reports on an often-denied provision of a California law currently under consideration.

California policymakers who make up the“Future of Abortion Council”just dropped a bombshell. They intend to not only codify the killing of unborn children throughout all nine months of pregnancy but to decriminalize killing newborns days or even weeks after birth.

New language added toAB 2223last week revealed the disturbing intent. The proposed legislation would shield a mother from civil and criminal charges for any “actions or omissions” related to her pregnancy, “including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.”Although definitions of “perinatal death” vary, all of them include the demise of newborns seven days or more after birth.

The bill from Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks additionally protects anyone who “aids or assists a pregnant person…

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Part 1: Children in Crisis

Americans like to label things — especially people.  Putting people in boxes and cross-referencing various classifications seems to be the ideal strategy for assisting bureaucrats in holding on to their jobs — which is to say, better-administering government programs.  We began this unsettling habit a long time ago — long before the American Civil War... Continue Reading →

UNCONFIRMED: Putin Abdominal Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease

NOTE: In no way shape or form am I happy or reveling and enjoying the possible fact that Vladimir Putin may be suffering from two very grave terminal illnesses. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and believe in showing compassion even to those we think and believe do not deserve it... Continue Reading →

Political Power

His real name was Natty Bumppo, but his nickname was Hawkeye.  In 1757, Hawkeye (a fictional person) refused to acknowledge allegiance to any liege lord — and most assuredly to no king of England or France.  Here we find a major clue in James Fenimore Cooper’s book Last of the Mohicans that in 1757, a large number... Continue Reading →

Weekend Games! “To tell the TRUTH”

Who remembers "To tell the TRUTH?" I remember this was the 1950s - 1960s very popular game show. It's an anarchic, funny, and beloved, game show. In each round, celebrities are presented with three people who all claim to be the same person with the same incredible talent, job, or achievement. One is sworn to... Continue Reading →

Mister Montana

Old West Tales

Last week —

… we examined the outlaw sheriff operating in and around Virginia City-Bannack, in the Idaho/Montana Territory. This week, we will look at a man who some would argue was as bad as the outlaw sheriff, only better connected. His name was Granville Stuart, younger brother of James Stuart, the sons of Robert and Nancy Stuart of Harrison County, Virginia. Ultimately, history remembers Granville as a pioneer, gold prospector, businessman, civic leader, vigilante, author, cattleman, and diplomat — a man who played a prominent role in the development of Montana.[1]

Granville Stuart was born on 27 August 1834 in Harrison County, Virginia (later, West Virginia). After a brief stay in Illinois in 1834, the Stuart family moved to Muscatine County, Iowa, where young Granville and his brother James learned to hunt, explore, and develop fieldcraft skills.

In 1849, Granville’s father Robert made his way to the California…

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The Coming Impeachment of Biden and Harris

NOTE TO MY FRIENDS: I realize this topic is controversial and not all of us will agree. I want you to know I respect all your opinions regardless if I agree or not. I appreciate you all and your thoughts. Thank you. Many Republicans are against impeachment. Not the Republicans in Congress or the Senate,... Continue Reading →

Marine Corps Artillery — Part 1

Fix Bayonets!

The Early Years


— Furnish close and continuous fire support by neutralizing, destroying, or suppressing targets that threaten the success of supported units. To accomplish this mission, Marine Corps artillery (a) provides timely, close, accurate, and continuous fire support. (b) Provides depth to combat by attacking hostile reserves, restricting movement, providing long-range support for reconnaissance forces, and disrupting enemy command and control systems and logistics installations.[1] (c) Delivers counter-fire within the range of the weapon systems to ensure freedom of action by the ground forces.

Historical Note

For half of its 245-years, the U.S. Marine Corps has operated as a task-organized, mission-centered expeditionary force capable of quickly responding to any national emergency when so directed by the national military command authority. The term “task organized” simply means that the size of a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) depends entirely on the mission assigned to it. A Marine Corps combat…

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The Myth of the Melting Pot

No one used this “melting pot” term until 1908 when it was incorporated into a stage play.  The author of the play was Israel Zangwill, and his story was about a Russian Jew who wanted to move to America to escape anti-Semitism.  But long before Zangwill, people did migrate to the United States seeking a... Continue Reading →

Child Exploitation: Youtube Family Vloggers ‘The SacconeJolys’

Fourteen years ago (2008) when the SacconeJolys began vlogging it was at a time when 'family vlogging' was not going on. This family refers to themselves as the "OGs of family vlogging." The problem with this family was never that they were family vlogging, but the exposure of the children and the mental health aspects... Continue Reading →

Different Times — Part 2

Thoughts by Layla If we are to imagine our times through art today, what would that look like?  What could modern art possibly say about us today?  Are these only thought-provoking questions for the curious minds amongst us?  Looking back on Norman Rockwell and the legacy he left us was of a time quainter, perhaps... Continue Reading →

Secret Agent 711

Fix Bayonets!

Some Background

In August 1775, following hostilities between the colonists and British troops in Massachusetts, King George III declared the American colonies in rebellion. The declaration prompted Congress to assemble a Continental Army under General George Washington. Ten months later, in June 1776, Richard Henry Lee proposed a Congressional resolution calling for independence from Great Britain.

As the independence movement gained momentum, Congress convened a five-member committee to write a formal public statement to justify its declaration of independence. Committee members included John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman, and Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson authored the first draft, and after making a few suggested changes, a second draft was submitted to Congress on 28 June 1776.[1] Congress debated the proposed resolution on 1 July. Two states opposed the resolution, two more signaled indecision, and New York abstained. Delaware broke the tie vote the next day, and the two states…

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Different Times — Part 1

Thoughts by Mustang One of America’s gifts to the world was Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978).  A New Yorker by birth, this gifted American painter and illustrator gave us his insight and reflections of what it was to be an American.  Mr. Rockwell was vastly popular in his own time because of the illustrations that... Continue Reading →

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