Marine Corps Artillery — Part 4

Fix Bayonets!

Post-Korea and Beyond

Post-Korea Reorganization

For U.S. Marines, the Korean Peninsula wasn’t the only dance hall. No sooner had HQMC directed the transfer of three battalions of the 10th Marines to the 11th Marines, than the rebuilding of the 10th Marines with new recruitments and artillery training began. In the mid-1950s, the 10th Marines played a pivotal role in the Lebanon Emergency, fleet training exercises, and deployments supporting NATO exercises in Norway, Greece, Crete, Gibraltar, the Caribbean, and West Indies. The Cold War was in full swing.

Between 1955 and 1965, Marine Corps artillery battalions trained with new weapons and maintained their readiness for combat. No one in the Marine Corps wanted to return to the bad old days of the Truman administration. Should the plague of war revisit the United States, the Marine Corps intended to meet every challenge by maintaining a high state of combat readiness. Artillery Battalions…

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Sex Trafficking in America

Sexual slavery exists in America because sex sells. When some people hear about sex trafficking in America they usually think of Asian and Eastern European women being brought into the States, but it's actually 10 times more likely for an American girl to be trafficked inside the U.S. Further, almost 300,000 American children are at... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With Jill Biden?

Surely when we consider Jill Biden's education and clinical work, she must have been aware of, very sensitive to, knowledgeable of, and protective of the students whose limitations rendered them incapable of higher function. She should be schooled enough and capable of detecting, perhaps even diagnosing, thought and speech disorders, dissociative thinking, and incoherent ramblings.... Continue Reading →

A Black Speck

Love this history from the Ole West!

Old West Tales

A black speck appears against the sky, and it is plain that it moves. … Another instant and man and horse burst past our excited faces and go winging away like the belated fragment of a storm. —Mark Twain (Roughing it, 1872)

Roughing It was a semi-autobiographical book written by Samuel Clemens as Mark Twain, written between 1870-and 71 and published in 1872.  The book follows a young Samuel Clemens through the Wild West during the period 1861 – 1867, and in it, he offers us a flavor of the excitement of the Pony Express.  The very name calls up thrilling images of horse and rider racing through hostile territories and across treacherous terrain — even though the Pony Express lasted for less than two years (from April 1860 to October 1861).  Plus, the Pony Express was only one of several private express companies carrying mail.

Much of what we…

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Challenging Margorie Taylor Greene’s House Seat BUT “Judge rules that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene can run for reelection”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was appealing a federal judge’s ruling allowing a challenge to her eligibility to run for reelection to proceed. Keep in mind if the left had won this case even if you do not like MTG or what she stands for - this puts every candidate going forward of both parties on... Continue Reading →

Violent protests over the Supreme Court’s leaked draft on Roe v. Wade.

A molotov cocktail was thrown into a pro-life organization's building. This past weekend mobs were protesting at Catholic churches calling them hypocrites and disparaging remarks were made regarding the eucharist. Unfortunately, the President is not moving on these protests and showing his disapproval. His silence speaks to his approval as silence many times speaks louder... Continue Reading →


I wish all mothers today, step-mothers, adoptive mothers, and grandmothers along with those still living great-grandmothers - finally last but not least all passed on mothers a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day. May it be filled with joy and love. The Better PrizeI see you’re tired when I get home.You feel some days you’re... Continue Reading →

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