What’s Wrong With Jill Biden?

Surely when we consider Jill Biden’s education and clinical work, she must have been aware of, very sensitive to, knowledgeable of, and protective of the students whose limitations rendered them incapable of higher function. She should be schooled enough and capable of detecting, perhaps even diagnosing, thought and speech disorders, dissociative thinking, and incoherent ramblings.

The following examples during Joe Biden’s campaign were sad to witness and raised the very serious question: What is wrong with Jill Biden?

That was then. But as with all deteriorating conditions, things have now gotten worse. Right up to––and beyond––the election on November 3, 2020, ole Joe:

Jill and Joe Biden

Yet Jill Biden has done little to nothing for her husband and silently stood by watching and helping him as he crumbles and falls in front of the US people and around the world. All have taken their notes. It has everyone wondering how Jill Biden is benefiting from her husband’s cognitive decline.

It is far from a guess that the powers-that-be, among them brainiacs like David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and especially George Soros, who appears through his massive contributions to own the Democrat Party, the Democratic National Committee, most if not all Democrat fund-raising committees, and the leftist media – got together and decided to back Joe Biden because they knew with absolute surety they could control him once he was in office. And during the campaign, when it became clear to them—as it did to the rest of America and to the world—that a faltering Joe Biden would be lucky to make it over the finish line, they simply whispered in Jill’s ear:

  • Stay in the game.
  • We’ve rigged the election with mail-in voting—and the help of China—so it will work this time.
  • We’ll take care of the judiciary—right up to the Supreme Court—so Joe (and you) are not indicated for the two massive money laundering and bribery schemes he pulled off in Ukraine, and the other scam that helped Joe, his brother, his son Hunter, Obama, and so many of his cronies make billions off China trade deals and regulatory policies, on and on.
  • We’ll run the country just as we did for Obama, this time with Susan Rice or some other functionary we choose at the helm.
  • Just smile and fake it till you make it to November!

Joe may never have heard these tacit threats, but if this theory is correct, you can bet that Jill heard them loud and clear and “got” the message!

As to Jill Biden, it’s just incredibly disturbing that her naked ambition, shown many times in no uncertain terms, overrode her ability to do what is right. Dragging her husband through the 2020 primary and election should qualify as elder abuse. Now, the nation is suffering the consequences.

14 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Jill Biden?

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  1. I have no respect for the Bidens — they’re all whacked as far as I’m concerned, but I can’t blame Jill Biden for what the American people have done. She didn’t elect her husband; moronic Americans did that. Worst presidency EVER. American voters made that happen. And, you know what? The “worst” is just getting started. It’s going to be so bad, that not even a GOP majority in the House and Senate will matter. So, Democrats, what’s your game plan when the cost of diesel gets to $10/gallon and you can’t afford to buy lunch meat to go with a loaf of bread?

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  2. Very interesting! I think I can pretty well compare Jill Biden with Edith Wilson. She was Woodrow Wilson’s second wife, and when he had his stroke, she was the one (not the Vice President) that ended up running the country for the rest of his term. I think Jill Biden is somewhat power hungry. How else could you stand by someone that you “are one with” and watch them become a babbling idiot?

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  3. @Mustang I don’t blame Jill Biden for what the American people voted for, a jerk. I blame any woman, and it includes Jill Biden, that does not take her marriage vows seriously and does not protect him when he is obviously cognitively impaired. He had no business running and she seemed to enjoy the ride so much so that now she sits by his side like a secretary looking after him after the fact. He should never have gone this far and she allowed him that – that is her fault – the rest is on those who voted for the idiot.


  4. “They” seemed to have clipped her wings early on. There was a picture of her on Air Force One behind his desk with the caption of her getting ready for a meeting, Now her role is leading Joe around and out of meetings..Other than that,,,,,,

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