Violent protests over the Supreme Court’s leaked draft on Roe v. Wade.

A molotov cocktail was thrown into a pro-life organization’s building. This past weekend mobs were protesting at Catholic churches calling them hypocrites and disparaging remarks were made regarding the eucharist. Unfortunately, the President is not moving on these protests and showing his disapproval. His silence speaks to his approval as silence many times speaks louder than words. None of our Justices are safe anymore. There is no outrage from the left demagogues. CNN and MSNBC are in full protest mode and encourage this insanity.

(This video is 10:03 minutes long but a good listen)

Schumer wants to come back to D.C. this week to codify Roe v. Wade but that just cannot happen. In the interim AOC and The Squad are making phone calls to get people bumped off ballots around the country to secure liberal progressive representation. Representation of this nation is being run from the bully pulpit. All the while Biden and the left are noting but silent hypocrites.

As I said above the left and this administration is silently endorsing these protests putting our Justices in danger. Laura Ingraham calls this an “insurrection by proxy” just listen …

The Left does not want the citizens to have a say …” -Laura Ingraham

The United States Constitution says nothing that justifies Roe v. Wade or a woman’s right to abortion. In the meantime, Psaki is calling all the mayhem peaceful protests and states that people are just upset. Looks like this summer will be a repeat of the summer of 2020 — the fires are raging — as the disgusting fake media at MSNBC calls it “peaceful protests with fire all around them.”

Schumer and the left want war and they want their way the way they want it. They will fight for a supposed striking down of Roe v. Wade over a draft that circulated in the Supreme Court as they make exchanges of this sort all the time vacillating ideas amongst each other before they write their final brief. The Supreme Court is not political, but those that nominate them are and they like many Americans believe they will be swayed by popular belief and politics. More than likely people forgot that these Justices daily look at The Constitution and “look at the people the Constitution serves” and based on that and the fact of “how people will benefit or not from their rulings” decisions are made and become precedent.

Let the weeping dogs howl because it falls on deaf ears as Lady Justice truly is blind and somewhat deaf to those weeping dogs.

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  1. It does take some chutzpah to make the claim that Trump supporters on 6 January 2021 were insurrectionists — all of whom deserved draconian or extra-legal measures taken against them but throwing Molotov cocktails is merely a political demonstration. Amazing.

    Last month, we had far too many genders to keep track of and the courts struggled to define the term “woman,” but this month the nabobs are demanding women’s rights.

    And then how about those other mixed messages: Women have reproductive rights, but no vaccine rights. It’s enough to make you scratch your head.

    Having created all this confusion, the Soros organizations must be pleased with themselves. Americans: so easily led must be the dumbest people on the planet.

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  2. Abortion has always been the snowflakes’ sacred cow. To them, having that taken away is to take away part of their identity. What is interesting to me is that these people are the same people that scream that Capital Punishment should be outlawed as “cruel and unusual punishment” (I would personally agree with that part), but they think it’s just fine to take the life of a totally innocent baby. There’s no choice there. It’s called murder, and I don’t care how many protests they throw.

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    1. Abortion has always been the snowflakes’ sacred cow. To them, having that taken away is to take away part of their identity.

      Baby:woman who aborts it::Jews:Hitler

      …but for the parasitic babies, a woman’s life could be ‘perfect’…

      It’s an “Oedipal” inversion

      Kill the baby vs. killing the Ur Father. Once it’s dead, you fuse it into your subjective identity (a lost object), it has become “homo sacer”.

      Resulting symbolic belief: You cannot have or live a good life UNLESS you can kill your unborn. A baby from sex is too “arbitrary”.

      Do we permit these women the dignity of their dreams?

      Or do we make them confront the “reality” of the patriarchy’s “laws” that crush all that is perceived as ‘arbitrary’?


  3. Challenging a belief system that is now part of their DNA in order to achieve a different response is almost an impossibility. Their would lose their entire support system, friends, family members no doubt.. Its certainly has happened to Trump supporters, this one is on steroids.

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    1. You would certainly need a ‘mind bullet that would likely induce a “psychic break.” It’s not that it can’t be done. It just would require inducing a rather profound level of paranoia (paranoiac critical method)

      Just the “thought” of repealing Roe has revealed their already intense paranoia (vis VA v. Loving and Lawrence v. Terxas).

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