The new tactic of the Left is to not define terms

This is murder! Must read …

Mark 1:1

Proposed laws in California and Maryland open the possibility of “post-birth abortion” under the undefined label of “perinatal death”

LifeNews reports on an often-denied provision of a California law currently under consideration.

California policymakers who make up the“Future of Abortion Council”just dropped a bombshell. They intend to not only codify the killing of unborn children throughout all nine months of pregnancy but to decriminalize killing newborns days or even weeks after birth.

New language added toAB 2223last week revealed the disturbing intent. The proposed legislation would shield a mother from civil and criminal charges for any “actions or omissions” related to her pregnancy, “including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.”Although definitions of “perinatal death” vary, all of them include the demise of newborns seven days or more after birth.

The bill from Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks additionally protects anyone who “aids or assists a pregnant person…

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7 thoughts on “The new tactic of the Left is to not define terms

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  1. Well, okay … but it does make sense that if the people of California are performing so many abortions that county medical examiners can’t keep up with them, then it does make sense (from a bean-counter’s point of view) to simply release medical examiners from keeping up with all those abortions. If there are no statistics about abortion, no matter what the associated term, then guess what? There is no abortion problem. See how this works, now?

    But just for the record, Mark (or anyone), I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what we intend to do (as a nation) with some 50 to 60 more million unwanted, abandoned, abused, psychologically damaged, deeply angry, sometimes schizophrenic, occasionally murderous, and spiritually broken children-grown-to-adulthood inside America’s housing projects. Got a handle on that, do ya?

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      1. So, if against her wishes the husband or boyfriend kills the child, are they still protected, or is the decision to “expose/ kill” the child entirely hers? How about her mother/ father? How icey is this slope?

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  2. I am troubled that people like Eric Rudolph are being made credible. People called his claims “paranoid” and said that coverage would not be extended beyond what the clinics were offering.

    I loathe what the man did but this kind of crap (and counter evolutionary behavior) makes certain people struggle to make sense of this life.

    Some days I wish a grand asteroid storm would hit, making us all honest.


  3. I could hardly even read this, it makes my stomach turn. Lord, please come quickly. And dear Jesus, please love those little ones who come into your arms that way.

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