Child Exploitation: Youtube Family Vloggers ‘The SacconeJolys’

Fourteen years ago (2008) when the SacconeJolys began vlogging it was at a time when ‘family vlogging’ was not going on. This family refers to themselves as the “OGs of family vlogging.” The problem with this family was never that they were family vlogging, but the exposure of the children and the mental health aspects of that and not to mention having a camera on the children from morning until nighttime. Their channel became monetized about 10-11 years ago and they went from rags to riches. The problem is they used their children to become rich.

UK journalist and TV presenter Stacey Dooley who did a documentary on them and spent four days in their home warned this YouTube family worth £1.5 million (1,886,400 USD) that “pedophiles could be watching videos of your kids (Paraphrased).”

“The documentary sees Jonathan, 39, spend hours painstakingly editing videos of bedtime and the school run before uploading them to YouTube for their 1.9m subscribers.

But former Strictly star Stacey warns him that paedophiles could be monitoring the kids through the channel.

Anna Saccone, Stacey Dooley, & Jonathan Joly

Jonathan replies: “I make it as difficult as I can [for sexual predators]. We’re not bad people, we’re just sharing our lives, the good things and the bad things.”

Admitting that uploading a clip of his eldest daughter in the bath as a baby was a mistake, he added: “Every parent has to be aware of the dangers in the world.” (Source)

This family over the years has been allowed to get away with child abuse documented online despite being reported to UK Child Services. They seem to get away with it every time. The question is why? The situation they create for content is far worse for their children and their children’s future. In one vlog Anna said, “I don’t care if my children hate me when they grow up.”

This mother and father manipulated their son into believing he is trans. They are influencing him and documented his as they put it ‘journey’ online. They are still continuing to do this exploitation very much so on Instagram and TikTok. It is absolutely disgusting.

UK child laws for consent are basically the same as in the US – a child cannot give consent to have his or her life plastered all over the Internet. If you are an adult and choose to share your life, leave the kids out of it due to perverts, sex trafficking, and the privacy laws for a young child that is innocent.

There is a process for child consent. These are some of the ways how to give consent for your child. It is not a license to give consent to put a child’s private matters on a YouTube vlog for the world to know.

  • Parent consent letter form
  • Consent form for research
  • Medical consent form
  • Consent form for education
Speaking inappropriately in front of young children

Several years ago their video of giving their children cold showers went viral. They claimed this would cure toddlers from “smearing their bed with pooh and taking their nappy off (Paraphrased).” They claimed that they had researched the topic and found an article that suggested cold showers. However, previous videos went viral exposing that this was typically how they chose to discipline their children. The worst thing is when the father threw Eduardo a ‘coming out party’ online with black balloons and black confetti. His wife Anna and the other three children were not there. Yet when they did his new name reveal all were present, and he named himself Edie. For the money they manipulated him to believe he was transgender to garner readership and views because they were on a downward spiral and needed to keep the money coming in. Their paid subscription channel failed as no one literally wanted to pay for content they were already seeing for free. In the past several days they have deleted their channel only to come back on doing a live video chat that is basically blaming the viewers and subscribers ‘for hating on them.’

Sadly there are still family vloggers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok using and exploiting their children to support their extravagant lifestyle. No one knows if any of the monies made by this family or others are placed in a trust for their child/children when he/she gets older and/or a fund is created for a college education. This is not the same as child actors, this is far beyond that. Child actors have protections including acknowledging that these children do not have consent and that their parents do until the time comes (of an age of consent) that they understand what consent is, typically 16 or18 years old in the US. The age of consent in the UK is 16.

The SaconneJolys have said that their child understands and has given them consent, yet in a TikTok posting this very same child they exploit as trans has no clue what consent is and says, “I don’t understand.” This is shameful and beyond a disgrace, because as stated above the parents fully well know the age of consent in the UK is 16. I personally do not understand why authorities will not step in or when they do how this family manages to get out of these situations. One is led to believe that they are paying people off to shut up because what they have gotten away with is evil. Their children are truly at risk of being kidnapped or worse. Any parent that does this to their children does not deserve to have those children. Children are a gift from God. They are not your property. You are to be a good steward of them and guide them until they are of an age of consent. A good parent will guide their child throughout their life as needed and welcomed by their adult child. Anything less than that is child abuse.

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  1. Agree totally. The mothers who promote their little girls to run in beauty contests come in as a close second to what should be outlawed. Tranny kids who fall victim to one or more parents wanting attention seems to be the cause celeb for attention. All of it needs to stop.

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    1. They are NOT “family vloggers”. They are “influencers”. It’s a business, not a family. And to be “trans” influencers…. WoW! Ka-CHING!

      I can’t claim to being much better. My son was very talented when he was younger. He participated in lots of Maryland region theatre productions. He had an agent, and auditioned for roles in film and on Broadway. My wife was a “helicopter mom” that kept his “career” going. He was a “Musical Theatre” major his first two years at Syracuse University… but since mom was no longer in the helicopter, lost interest and switched majors to “Social Work”. He now works for Verizon as a unionized cable installer. He is also gay and married.


      1. I agree that they are influencers but for the practicality of this article they are referred to as “family vloggers.” Believe it or not, many who read here may not know what an influencer does or why.

        I do not hate anyone, I just hate the sin. I am sorry about your son. I am sure it pains you a lot. The best thing you can do for him is to pray to God about him and let God deal with him.

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        1. I thought that by using the term ‘vloggers’ that you were implying that it was more of a “hobby” that amateurs might engage in… and wanted to draw a clearer distinction to the “professional” aspect of these obvious “Pro’s”. I didn’t mean it as criticism, just as a clarification.

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        2. Even there-in lies a distinction. Bloggers are of both amateur and professional varieties. The professional tend to use more professional platforms and own their own domain names (ala WordPress or SubStack) and the Amateurs Google or Blogger. Some are more concerned about advertising revenue than others. I don’t “monetize” anything. I’m a strictly an amateur hobbyist.


    2. Had the internet been as well established in our day as it is now, that “family” could have been mine. Fortunately for us, the “tech” wasn’t quite there yet.

      But the underlying desire for “meaning” which underlies the whole “influencer” age is there… 24/7… everywhere. People want to be seen. They want “social capital”. And they will do whatever takes to gain the “recognition” they so desperately desire.

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      1. …they don’t see it as “exploitative”. But the “female” model is hypergamy. Always looking socially to “trade up”.

        Yes, that was my misogyny shining through.


        1. Getting what you think you want doesn’t EVER fulfill a desire, it simply allows a new desire to emerge. That’s why the “trans” movement is SO TRAGIC!

          Our “culture” survives by making us into “consumption machines”… creating desires for “systems of objects” that complement, but never complete, the set.


  2. This is pretty low hanging fruit.

    but as -FJ alluded to, many parents, while not becoming rich perse, were/are not much better. The Williams family in tennis? The Jackson and Osmond families in entertainment? The Kennedy, Bush, and others in politics?

    Really, what is the difference?

    Parents steering/manipulating their kids in such a way as to benefit the family.

    Granted it’s not sexual abuse, but in some cases, it certainly can be mental, physical and social abuse.

    And exploitation, at least to some degree…

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      1. -FJ… Ah… the Biden Family.

        Poor kid got hooked on drugs and has done a lot of stupid stuff, even trading on the family name. Not much different from Billy Carter or some other black sheep in presidential families. If it were a smaller amount of $$$, no one would care.

        In fact, if Hunter Biden is the Crown Prince of presidential family corruption and using those connections for financial gain, how would you describe Javanka?

        Absolutely no skills to bring to the “running government” table, had to have a security clearance waiver, leveraged those contacts for a 2 billion dollar investment in his newly opened Affinity Fund from the Bone Saw man himself.

        It seems if people were really put off by Hunter’s admittedly bad decisions, we’d hear some condemnation from them about the Kushner deal too. That is unless folks think he’s as pure as Ivory soap.

        Come on Farmer, you can say it… We’re among friends.


        1. I’m as against nepotism as the next guy. Family and Government shouldn’t mix. But I do have to say, exceptions can, and should, be made. I only made an exception for Jared and Ivanna because the “J&K Street Regulars” who normally staff Republican cabinets out of Hoover and CATO refused to work for Trump. They “Never-Trumped” him. Trump threatened to close the existing $ valve on the boardroom to cloakroom pipeline and build a new supply line. But never fret, under Biden, it WIDE open again.

          ps – Jared and Ivanna weren’t useless coke addicts. They had jobs, businesses, and made millions on their OWN steam w/o any Daddy in Government contacts… unlike Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and John Kerry’s kids, who needed a “wise guy” like whitey Bulgar’s kid to teach them how to steal.

          But yeah, Jared probably couldn’t help himself. The lid was completely off the candy jar and ripe for raiding.


        2. Besides, Plato’s “Republic” was run by non-propertiy-owning “communists” who were polyamorous and even held all their children be held in Common (only mothers knowing who’s child was whose). And THAT’s a step too far, even for the Chi-Coms, who, like Don Fanucci, LOVE to “wet/whet their beaks”. Although perhaps our politicians do need to put their kids into an agoge (but not “The Friend’s School”).


        3. Tennyson, “Ulysses”

          This is my son, mine own Telemachus,
          To whom I leave the scepter and the isle
          Well-loved of me, discerning to fulfill
          This labor, by slow prudence to make mild
          A rugged people, and through soft degrees
          Subdue them to the useful and the good.
          Most blameless is he, centered in the sphere
          Of common duties, decent not to fail
          In offices of tenderness, and pay
          Meet adoration to my household gods,
          When I am gone. He works his work, I mine.


        1. Take the survey and learn how you fit into our consumerist social hierarchy. It’ll probably earn you a “better” class of ads in the Ad boxes of your browser, too. 😉


        2. Sorry, I didn’t want to give the ad spammers any advantages. 😦

          But thanks for sharing! Good to know. I suspect we’re a lot alike (sorry if that makes you uncomfortable).

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      1. “Culture is, before all things, the unity of artistic style, in every expression of the life of a people.” – Nietzsche

        “Culture” is the name for all those things we practice without really believing in them, without taking them quite seriously.” – Slavoj Zizek

        “Religion is the mother of culture.” –René Girard


        1. Secularization is sometimes credited both to the cultural shifts in society following the emergence of rationality and the development of science as a substitute for superstition — Max Weber called this process the “disenchantment of the world”—and to the changes made by religious institutions to compensate.

          ..and undermining the “rationalization” process of the enlightenment by emphasizing its’ “emotional” aspects… was Sigmund Freud, his nepher Eduard Bernays, and daughter Anna Freud… and leading to the consumerist aesthestisized “set collecting” we have today.

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    1. Dave, I agree to a point the difference is these people did not parade the kids online and show them off for the world except with the exception of beauty pageants as Bunkerville has pointed out above. Motivating your children is way different that plastering them all over social media and labeling them as trans. That just never happened like this in history.


      1. Perhaps they weren’t paraded online and across social media, because it didn’t exist then.

        But let’s be honest about it… the Jacksons, Osmonds and more were paraded across the media of the day. On television, in print and more. And for many, their childhood innocence was stolen too.

        And the family made a mint off of them.

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        1. Yes, but it was done with “Parental Legal Consent” and there were laws to protect them that they could do this, but not that, etc. I am not saying that was right but they followed the law. This is done without any laws in place and it is free reign with no holds bar. There is no filter.


    1. Yes, Sparky we need to pray for them. Their parents have a poor concept of who Jesus is. They have said he is a “nice man.” I pray a laborer for the Lord crosses these children’s paths when they are older and they give their hearts and lives to the Lord. I pray their parents wake up! It is truly shameful.


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