No Decency In Virginia

There is no decency here in Virginia. When I moved here twenty years ago I found Virginia to be a very cold place to live. The people are mostly transient and the people that do settle here are not friendly, keeping to themselves, and even in churches they are very much “class-oriented.”

I couldn’t care less about what people think of me. I do not live my life based on my monetary social standing. In fact, monetarily speaking means nothing if you have no human compassion and generosity towards your fellow mankind.

Interestingly since BLM came to the forefront along with CRT there is a sense of entitlement amongst non-white people that I find repugnant and a subtle form of reverse racism. In the area where I live and other areas I have visited doing shopping there has been an influx of people of late from D.C. – this has always gone on in the D.C. tri-state region. However, there has been a larger migration for the worse of people coming in.

Normally this would be very good, but it is not. It is a concerted effort by those in D.C. who belong to BLM and CRT to overrun many areas in Virginia. It is now dangerous for me to shop alone, drive alone, or do anything alone. I cannot even take the garbage out. It is not because where I live is bad, it is quaint, but the people infiltrating the neighborhood here and in other locales, not to mention the shopping malls and shopping areas in general, the people have come with an ulterior motive – reverse racism, the visceral hatred of white people, even hate of the Latinos in the area. It is palpable.

Yesterday while shopping I was stared down, getting out of the car in my parking lot at home with my husband and son with me I was stared down. I have been subjected to racial remarks stating I have “white privilege.” I have been referred to where I live when walking to my car as “there goes that white B***h.” The plethora of comments could go on but I refuse to waste my time writing them all.

To resolve matters at least where I live I have spoken to management and asked for a notice to be sent out to all tenants requesting them to refrain from disparaging and/or racial slurs or remarks amongst neighbors and other tenants living on the property. To date, they have not done so. I know why. I am not their “color.” They take me with a grain of salt and believe because I am white I have privilege.

This is the problem. Cancel culture truly does exist. I realize some of my readers do not believe in cancel culture, but I am here to tell you there is a segment of society working to cancel white people and others. Some blacks have become emboldened, not all, but those that are woke and into this sick cultural norm that Obama began when he told a group of soldiers “white people have privilege.” Apparently, Obama forgot he is a product of white privilege if people really want to go there. He is the onis behind CRT.

No one is safe anymore in America. Even in the recesses of the farthest rural area, one must not take for granted that the US has changed for the worse so you must lock your doors and windows. We wonder why there is all this hate just look no farther than the swamp. Its murky waters are rapidly killing off the American dream – no more pie for anyone, just cupcakes with no frosting. The days of fun are long gone. This is not the America I signed up for. I do not recognize her or the people in this nation for the most part. Soon there will be a “hate white people month.”

If anyone does not believe me just go to YouTube. I cannot produce a video here because it is a commercial. Perhaps some of you have seen it. It speaks about the hate of people due to color and sexuality. BLM and CRT are behind this commercial. This is our new America unless we can shut up and shut off the far-left fringes. There is no decency left – there is no decency in Virginia.

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  1. To the extent that it’s even it’s own phenomenon and not simply a rhetorical invention, “cancel culture” certainly does exist….but much like “political correctness”, it means whatever the user wishes it to mean, and is practiced across the political spectrum.

    I’m sorry to hear that Virginia has not been kind to you. I moved here upon retiring from the Army, as the jobs in my career field are largely in this area…..but I intentionally live in rural Fauquier County, precisely so I didn’t have to experience the dregs of urban/suburban dwellers [and have room to shoot and raise animals]. I haven’t had the issues you’ve experienced, from any one of a different race, ‘class’ or political persuasion [aside from one recent event].

    I don’t blame any one politician or party, but rather the society-wide prioritization of leisure and on-demand self-entitlement, ever-present in our drive-by, disposable culture.

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    1. “I don’t blame any one politician or party, but rather the society-wide prioritization of leisure and on-demand self-entitlement, ever-present in our drive-by, disposable culture.”

      That makes absolute sense. I lived in Lynchburg for awhile but being a northerner I could not handle the low-mentality of red-necks. There was a truck that used to drive down Fort Avenue that looked like it was right out of the “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Then of course there was a weekly mini parade of nazi’s with their paraphernalia and my husband and I had enough after three years. Family up here makes it bearable for now. I am glad you are happy here! 🙂


  2. I don’t think there is much decency anywhere — and — you’ll find it “cold” anywhere you choose to live. We live in a very nice neighborhood. Not rich, just average, but nice, and everyone here is courteous. They recognize their neighbors; they wave and smile. We do not invite one another into our homes. Why should we? But courtesy is about the best anyone can hope for. We like it here. Our neighbors will never become close friends, or “like family,” that’s not the way humankind works.

    We are never going to solve the race problem. Here’s a reality: Northern Virginia is not now, and has never been a “normal” place — and neither is any other “statistically significant” part of the country.

    If you ask my cousin, she’s living in paradise … the mountains of Pennsylvania. Not completely isolated, but enough so that it matters. She doesn’t even know who her neighbors are. Maybe that’s the world you’re looking for … but whatever or wherever it is, I hope you find it.

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    1. I am not looking for anything Mustang. I am reporting on the state of affairs where I live. I am glad the people are courteous where you live. You are correct, today that is all we can hope for. I never thought anyplace after the 1970s was friendly and some are not even courteous.

      I do know in parts of the Midwest, such as rural Indiana people are quite friendly, still welcome you to the block/neighborhood and may even bake you a pie or homemade cookies. Not all has been lost on this sad lot of states. There are still people who like people and will be good neighbors and invite you in for coffee or have block parties once a year or host one in their yard. My cousin would attest to that.

      There is still kindness in this world and there is nothing wrong with hope and faith in God and faith that God will put you in the right place at the right time around the right people.

      In the meantime I may not enjoy the people around me but I do enjoy my family which is my focus first. What is outside of that is barely a mere second thought.

      It does however make for a good blog article. It provokes thought, not necessarily changing the world – just maybe our own little world. 😊

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    2. Mustang,
      Northern Virginia was quite normal before I-66 and the Capital Beltway were built. Those highways were originally built to serve the burgeoning federal bureaucracy. Once those highways were built, things were never right again in Northern Virginia.

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  3. Since Virginia sits so close to the money-generating pit known by the acronym D.C. (and, additionally, due to the factor that so much of the wealth coming from that pit emanates from said pit due to certain uncontrollable characteristics such as race, gender, …), I wonder if the perceived coldness comes from a competition for resources that they deem to be scarce.
    While getting people off the public dole might initially create pain, I wonder if it might provide insight to how much opportunity there exists to those with enough faculties to find it, energy to transform it, and passion to sell it.

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  4. I absolutely know this to be true. I’ve seen it in action here in our region and it was not pretty. I’ve been witnessing it coming on for many years and knew, one day, people would turn on each other. Exactly why i like being a “homebody.” Very good writing, my friend… this and the previous post. I’m proud of you!

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