The Real Deplorables

You remember, don’t you? Those that voted for Trump were deplorables. I do not think so. I won’t go as far as calling Biden supporters deplorables, but they are not too bright. They got what they voted for. The Democratic party should be done this mid-term election. They have nothing to offer. The Democrats have become an embarrassment to America and though I do not care what Australia’s Sky News thinks, I cannot help but feel a pang of sickness in my belly from the comments being made about America and its citizenry. Even those worldwide are looking forward to mid-term elections – they are even more excited to see what will happen in 2024. They are rooting Biden out and at this point, there are videos and tweets begging Trump to come back. We would be better off this is for sure.

Here is the now infamous Kamala Harris space speech video where she speaks as if she is talking to kindergartners. So much for the American space frontier with this space cadet hanging around. This is very cringe-worthy.

The VP is a joke

If this is not bad enough let’s move on to ole boy Joe. To date, he has not been demanded as Trump was to take a competency test. His mental decline is more obvious than ever and one does not need to be a medical doctor to diagnose he has dementia. Yet they let this sick man announce he will run in 2024? Tell me who in their right mind would vote for him? I believe no one, but then one never knows, after all, this is America where sadly stupidity runs amock.

Let’s see what gaffe Joey boy has up his sleeve, not to mention he cannot complete a full sentence anymore without forgetting the topic he is on. Now he is shaking hands with the air. Hmmm … very concerning that this is the leader of the free world. God help us.

There he is, our leader of the US, pathetic

He is the president, just not my president. I cannot stomach much more of this display on air and no one is questioning his mental capacity except Fox News and other news stations around the world. I believe we are in trouble.

Moving on, there is Chicago, yes my hometown. People call Chicago the “windy city” and believe it is because it is a windy place. Actually, it is called the “windy city” since about the turn of the century due to its divisive politics. Like that would be some new news, not.

Let’s get to the point. The worst mayor in the history of Chicago is Lori Lightfoot. I read that she is not only a lesbian but has also dabbled in crack. Rather disgusting. These are the types of democratic mayors ruining our beautiful cities, making them unsafe, then blaming everyone except themselves for doing nothing. Take responsibility when you become mayor, a novel idea she is too dumb to realize.

I wouldn’t let this woman into my lady’s room

Last an article about deplorables would not be complete without AOC. What has she been up to? Let’s watch …

AOC and The Squad making outrageous demands

Lying dogs do not quit. Keep what you are selling because the American people are not buying it. Rather scary. Don’t whisper AOC, you are frightening and evil. Of course, this is not only AOCs fault, that moderate Joe has become very progressive leaning to the fringes of the far left.

These people and so many more are the real deplorables. November cannot get here soon enough.

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