Yes, please tell me … the truth.

What do people say about you when you’re not around?

I will go first… and this is bad …

I never asked people or heard people – family or friends say much about me. So, my answer would be I don’t know. However, they would have to say I am honest.

Ok now it’s your turn, and be honest!

It’s about truth! Play the game, you’re on!

15 thoughts on “PLAY THE GAME: YOU TELL ME

Add yours

    1. Lol AOW I just cannot imagine why! However these are wonderful qualities. People need to be challenged beyond what they believe they are comfortable with.

      I know about being blunt! It’s a good thing one always knows where they stand with you! 🙂


  1. I also do not care what people think of me. They can accept me for who I am or … go away! LOL! But really. I know what my grandkids say – they always want to be with gramma because she always does things with them and for them. (I’m also very straightforward and honest with them, they know I will tell them the truth about themselves and take them down a notch if I have to, haha.) Church friends and family friends, well, they know my strengths (loving, caring, strong in spirit, etc.) … they also know I can be fierce when confronted with people who are unkind toward those who have disabilities or are worse off than the rest of us. I will stand up for the little guy. Many people know me at the intercessor… I will intercede with prayer on other’s behalf (I’m in the group of our church). I’m a prayer warrior like my mom-in-law.

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