Some people love Margorie Taylor Greene while others absolutely hate her. There is no in the middle when it comes to MTG. You will note that she is quite blunt and at times brash. Like her or not she is honest. She has no problem getting in your face and telling you what time it is. Why do I like her, for better or worse MTG is a lot like me. I may not be a public figure and it’s good that I am not. I don’t need or want the headache, besides, we know you really won’t accomplish a thing in the swamp unless of course you can drown it – but that will never happen.

The latest news is that Congress wants MTG out. Outside all the halls of the Capitol – outside D.C. claiming she supported the insurrection. Really? Her only crime is she said, what I would have said is that the people have a Constitutional right to protest peacefully. She also stated that those outside the Capitol that had remained peaceful had the right to be there. She did not say people had the right to storm the Capitol, threaten Capitol police, become belligerent, and go around destroying any part of it, including Nancy Pelosi’s office, who by the way I had no sympathy for.

Margorie Taylor Greene

Sadly, efforts to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the ballot could proceed, and the judge allowed the challenge of MTG’s re-election run. The big lie that is being cited is her alleged role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

As a result of Judge Amy Totenberg’s ruling, the Georgia voters will have their challenge heard before a state administrative law judge in Atlanta on Friday, where, as of now, Greene will be called to testify, which would make her the first member of Congress to be questioned under oath about the events surrounding Jan. 6.

An avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, Greene has denied any involvement in the attack, and said she is appealing.

The judge, an Obama appointee, in denying Greene’s request to stop the lawsuit, said the case “involves a whirlpool of colliding constitutional interests of public import.”” (source)

It’s a fine distraction to take people’s minds off the huge dilemma going on about Hunter Biden’s laptop and just how deep the corruption goes. Focus the attention on January 6, 2021, and the left believes it has the upper hand as they ensue their liberal news counterparts to go along with this sherrod.

Canceling prevents any exchange of opinions or investigation of the truth, even when that would be appropriate or necessary. Cancel culture is undeniably toxic when it involves criminal threats, invasion of privacy (doxing), or driving a person to suicide.

People everywhere today are quick to anger and willing to blow off steam online as they experience more stress from day-to-day living. Covid-19, job-related issues, the economy, and partisan politics are just some of the stressors facing society today. Even as America emerges from the pandemic, it is highly unlikely that cancel culture will just fade away into the background. The threat is very, very real and is likely to persist. Be aware of the risks to you and to others. Always take proactive action and proceed with caution to minimize this ever-present online threat.

You tell me, is this just a distraction or is it cancel culture at work once again regarding MTG?


Add yours

  1. “Cancel culture” is a rhetorical invention, much like “political correctness” It has no definition or metrics. It means whatever the speaker wishes it to mean. Both sides of the spectrum employ it whenever convenient…..and bash the opposition over the head with charges of engaging in it, at the same time. Reliance on these devices cheapens already the already vapid state of political debate.

    I haven’t followed the charges against MTG. She deserves fair treatment under the law…..but I have no use for her otherwise.

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  2. These days there is not much use for any politician. She speaks the truth to the Congressional floor, but in that sense, it is like speaking to the choir. Truth or not, they are not listening. It’s more like they all do their own thing and this is why nothing gets done properly.

    I guess you could look at cancel culture that way. It’s basically like “ghosting” someone. Ridiculous and cruel.


  3. I agree with CI that we too often use expressions that have either dissimilar meanings for different people or by extension, no meaning at all. I’m no fan of MTG … she is simply the other side of the AOC coin. She is a politician rather than a statesman. That said, using admin courts to keep her off the ballot is un-American. Let her run. Let the people decide whether she will represent them in congress.

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  4. This will set some precedent if candidates are removed in such a way…. The Muslim gal..can’t think of her name… has said and been involved in outrageous statements and in fact married her brother. If that doesn’t do it as far as any ramifications I don’t know what does.

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      1. Exactly right. Political figures elected in our name, however……who seek out the spotlight and knowingly traffic in bombast and absurdities…..by default deserve a more critical response. Our tax dollars at work, after all.


        1. I disagree. Our tax dollars are not our business after we pay the government. I have that on good authority. As to political figures I am not saying MTG is perfect but she does not deserve to be lied about either. No one deserves that.


        2. I disagree. Our tax dollars are not our business after we pay the government.

          Respectfully…..I cannot disagree strongly enough. Personally, I find that sentiment antithetical to the very system of government established by the Founders. The tax code, collection and use of OUR money [because it is indeed OUR money], is absolutely the business of every tax-paying Citizen, throughout the lifecycle of every dollar spent.

          If it’s not our business how OUR money is spent by the government, how then do we ever seek redress when it is spent on un-Constitutional efforts?


        3. There was a time when our voices mattered. Our voices do not matter and the taxes we pay they will do as they please and tell us to be quiet. Look at this administration. Once we pay our taxes that money is no longer ours. It belongs to the government and we have lost all checks and balances so yes, at this point it is not our business. What can we do to affect it?


  5. Layla said “Like her [MTG] or not she is honest” and “speaks the truth to the Congressional floor”.

    You yourself have stated in another post that “Of course, Biden won the Presidential election in 2020.”

    in a series of tweets and statements MTG has offered up the following…

    “there was MASS voter fraud on a scale that should terrify every American regardless of political party.”

    -“You [Brad Raffensperger] ran a Nov 3rd election that was stolen bc you idiots at the SOS mailed out millions of absentee ballots to any one and everyone while GA was an open state.”

    -“Georgia state leaders refused to listen to Georgia tax payers. They refused to change anything after allowing @realDonaldTrump’s election to be stolen. And they refused to #StopTheSteaI with our two senate seats.”

    -“202,377 more votes cast than voters voting in Pennsylvania! This is called election fraud.”

    All of these statements by her have been found to be false. And when she says Donald Trump won the election, even you agree with her.

    MTG speaks her mind. But to call and of these statements truth, as opposed to opinion is another thing. Simply believing them, without real evidence, does not make them true.


  6. As for her involvement in 1/6 and the lawsuit seeking to disqualify her, a couple of thoughts. The US Congress has expelled members for supporting insurrection in the past, regardless of voter wishes. So the simple act of the “will of the voters” is not sacrosanct.

    Whether what Greene did rises to the level of insurrection or betraying her oath, is the purpose of this lawsuit.

    If she did nothing wrong, then she has nothing to be worried about. Let’s get the facts out, let people testify and the jury will decide.


  7. Not all her statements are a statement of truth, but she believes what she is saying. I would rather you tell me what you believe than parrot everyone else with no real opinion or substance.

    I do not believe the election was stolen. The SCOTUS supported that.

    As to what others think she has said I agree with some of it and not with all of it.

    No one always agrees as we all have varying opinions. Many Americans believe that Trump won. What do we do? Cancel them? No! Let them alone to think as they will. We cannot change people and must accept what we cannot change.

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    1. Layla, I think for me the problem happens when people believe something that is untrue, false, or a lie and then choose to act on it. The whole Pizzagate story is a good example.

      Many people sincerely believed stories from right wing extremists that accused the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria of being the home of a Satanic child sex abuse ring involving top Democrats such as Hillary Clinton.

      And so Edgar Welch, angry that people were not solving what was really a non existent problem, took matters into his own hands and shot the place up.

      You’re right, we can’t change people, but at the same time, do we have to accept their views as equal to known fact?

      It all sounds so much like the “I have my truth” line we’ve been hearing for awhile now.

      Actually, no one really does.

      There are facts and beliefs… facts can inform belief, but belief can’t change fact.


      1. Oh really only right wing extremists? Hmmm … but you won’t talk about the left wing extremists. There are plenty to go around on both sides.

        Let’s take the focus off MTG a moment and look at Mr. Privileged Hunter Biden, his deceased brother, his uncle, and that cognitive mess everyone calls president-Biden. Are you happy with what you voted for?

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  8. @ Dave —

    I would urge you to think about this a little more. With the understanding that the Supreme Court has already ruled that imposing term limitations through state law violates the Constitution and justifying that determination by saying that term limitations are imposed when voters cast their ballots for an incumbent’s opponent, you now want state administrative law courts to impose congressional limitations.

    Look, I don’t care for MTG as much as I don’t care for AOC, but neither represents me in Congress. Shouldn’t the people decide who represents them in Congress? Now, if Congress assembled wants to unseat MTG (or any other member of the House), let them do so — but not at the expense of denying the people their right to choose whomever they want as their representative.

    And why are you intolerant of MTG, but tolerant of all of the other yahoos with a D after their names (Waters, Talib, Omar, Johnson, AOC, etc.)? Double standard?

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    1. Mustang… I’m no more intolerant of MTG than I am of AOC. They both represent the extreme edges of American politics, a place I have no use for. Because those fringes don’t exist to really move the needle, except as it relates to them.

      But the big difference for me regarding MTG and many current members of the GOP is this…

      The voted for and supported a move to abrogate a US election, which, I’ll admit, they believe was captured by fraud, but for which to date, they’ve provided no credible evidence to buttress their claims.

      As a result of their pushing of that viewpoint, Congress was attacked. It wasn’t a tourist visit as some allege. It was an attack, wounding hundreds of US Capitol Police and if people are to be taken at their word, targeting Vice President Pence for hanging.

      It was violent, it was brutal, it was illegal and its purpose was to stop a lawful proceeding of the US Congress. Whether we like it or not, that’s the very definition of an insurrection.

      Now was she directly involved to a level that should disqualify her from Congress? I have no idea, but apparently we will soon find out. She is scheduled to testify in open court Friday.

      Then the court will decide, based on her answers, if she played a part in the insurrection. Which by law, would disqualify her from running again.

      BTW, no one I know has much use for Maxine Watters, except apparently, her district. But if she’s broken the law, she needs to go.


    1. The GOP is “cancelling” Trump supporters running in the state primaries now. MTG was no “anomalie”. They’re copying Ayatollah Khomeini with their “Guardianship of the Jurist” ina a Guardianship of the GOP seats “for Never-Trumper’s only.”

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      1. It’s a club and we ain’t in it.

        The Tennessee Republican Club has met to decide who they will permit on the ballot. Morgan Ortagus, Baxter Lee and Robby Starbuck have been disavowed by the TN Club for being unworthy candidates according to private rules within the assembly.


  9. @Dave I am sorry but the US people and members of government need to move on. We all know nothing will come of this, it is all a show and a waste of time. They are doing nothing to help the American citizenry or resolve the real issues going on. Why jail anyone for 1/6 when Hillary Clinton should have been jailed 20 years ago! It is a double standard I have no more resolve or patience for. It is disgusting!


      1. No one is saying that – I am not saying that. However, far worse continues to be allowed in this nation that does not get dealt with because they are lefties and they get away with murder. I am saying I am so sick of the double standard- not that those that hurt and killed law enforcement should not be dealt with. I wish they showed the same tenacity to defend law enforcement instead of making a martyr of that criminal George Floyd. A topic for another time.


      2. I have NO facts with regard to the events on 1/6 — and what makes this a sad state of affairs is that I’ve watched all the news I could find about those events. I did note some bad actors — smashed windows and so forth. Those people broke the law and should answer for it. That said, an unarmed insurrection is quite rare in the world, and I’m not sure how “back the blue” works when the only fatality was an unarmed dipshit shot and killed by a police officer. I am a back-the-blue person, but I demand that in exchange for my support, the blue has to be irrefutably on the right side of the law. I’ve seen numerous videos of police officers waiving what appeared to be peacefully demonstrating people onto capitol property. Again, I have no “facts,” but one might understand how rumors and theories develop about lawmen entrapping citizens for political gain based on video “evidence” … some footage of which has been accepted by courts as evidence of (at a minimum) police incompetence. America is not a happy place just now. I feel sorry for the kids … they don’t have much to look forward to.

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        1. Good points……but I also take into consideration the number of injured Capital Police officers. I’ve seen evidence of one entry being opened for ‘protestors’…….and many more windows and doors being forced.

          I also labor under the bias of not being sympathetic to a mob of faux tough guys being duped by political charlatans and their lies.

          But since Lindell’s next “OMG….it’s all going to happen” day is tomorrow…..again. I suppose we’ll see.

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