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She is a fifty-year-old professional woman, a college graduate with a degree in accounting, an accomplished charity fundraiser, a former state assembly representative, governor of her state, and a U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.  Her name is Nikki Haley — and she’s an accomplished politician.  She has a lot of credibility among some conservatives.

Nikki Haley, Official photo

She’s not happy with Joe Biden.  Ms. Haley is arguing that Joe Biden is undermining the United States’ credibility as a world leader.  How does a bankrupt nation lead other, more successful countries?  Haley thinks that Biden’s $5.8 trillion budget and his recent $1.5 trillion earmark spending package is sending the wrong message.  Haley recently said, “There is never an appropriate moment to transmit that message. However, the worst moment is now, as Russia invades Ukraine and threatens nuclear war, and China seeks global dominance.  Rather than preparing to protect our liberties and essential interests, President Biden and Congress are weakening the home basis for our global leadership. Their failure imperils our future.”

Overlook for now the fact that she’s a Republican and she’s criticizing a Democrat.  Is she right?  Is this “insane” level of spending placing America’s future in serious jeopardy?  If you argue, “No,” please take a moment to explain how such spending (given the level of our national debt) benefits either the American nation or its people — because Biden’s proposed budget hikes federal spending by a third (compared to pre-pandemic levels, which doubles down on the debt).  How will $2.5 trillion in tax hikes impact our economy?  Will increased taxes inspire business investment, or retard it?  And, since we’re talking about a Democratic Party feeding frenzy of more than 4,000 earmarks, how will such overspending and pork projects benefit our country over the next ten years?  Does such spending co-opt the opposition party? Why would the Republicans roll over for this?

We aren’t saying Haley’s right.  We’re only saying that she may have a good point.  What we’re looking for is your opinion, whether you’re a liberal or a conservative.  Has Biden placed this country’s economy in jeopardy? Whether you’re working or on a fixed income, are you better off with Biden in the White House?

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  1. She is right. The Biden administration has damaged the country and even now seem to not understand the consequences of continueing to follow their agenda. The weak president is most likely the green light for the global instability we are currently experiencing.

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  2. I am with her on this. Biden has placed the American Economy in jeopardy. I would venture to state Biden is destroying America. It will be a long road back by the time Biden’s term is up if we are not already destroyed for good. We are the laughing stock of the world and no longer that “beacon of light shinning on a hill” that Reagan so fondly referred to the US as. I like her but I do not trust her or any politician. They all talk a good game but they rarely deliver. Trump delivered and he has a track record of that. The question is do you want a statesman/woman or do you want a person who will get the job done! I do not believe Haley can get it done no matter how “smart she is.” Trump is the better choice.


    1. A bit off-topic, I’m afraid … but do you think Americans should give Trump another chance after he failed to beat Dopey Joe in the last election? After all, Trump himself said he has no stomach for losers. If not Trump, then who do you think deserves a chance? Someone who could actually beat Joe…


      1. Although I’d be entertained by watching Trump lose….again; I doubt he could get the nomination if DeSantis decides to run. DeSantis is at least competent [weird racist math theories aside].

        How about this time, we discard tautological rhetoric, faux bravado and virtue-signaling and elect a dull technocrat who actually has a vision for the future, that benefits all Americans, instead of merely the special interests and donors of each party.

        Back on topic though….Haley lambasts deficit spending, earmarks and national debt….but runs as a member of a party that supports all of the above. All I see in her remarks above is – a Republican criticizing a Democrat.


        1. Sadly DeSantis announced he is not running and I believe that decision was based on the fact his wife recovered from cancer, thank God. Why put her through all that stress and have her relapse. She is still young and has young children to raise. I respect him as he does what is right, not what people want from him.


      2. Simply put, yes, if Trump is nominated and running against Biden, you weigh the two evils and Trump comes out the winner. I believe at this point even the Trump haters would vote for him because money is their god, and Biden is making them or whom ever is running the White House is making them bleed.


  3. I think that the US federal government is completely out of control, and has been for quite some time. Economic collapse is now merely a question of when. The government no longer has a functioning budget process and must duct-tape elements together in omnibus bills to keep the “pretense” at a “regular order” going. Legislators no longer write and/ or debate legislation. Deep state bureaucrats and lobbyists write all bills and run the country. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have been good stewards of the economy or the people. Hard times are ahead.

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    1. They will soon use a transition to a “digital” currency as a cover to try and prolong the collapse (great reset), but it will fail once the deception is exposed for what it was…. magical technological duct-tape.

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  4. Has Biden placed this country’s economy in jeopardy?

    Does anyone really think Biden is doing any of this? He can’t find his way out of an Easter egg hunt…. I suggest those who are pulling the strings care not one wit for the USA…thus the intentions become self-evident.

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  5. OK…I will say it for you. Haley is right. And she is currently my pick to become the first female President of the United States. I’ve always liked her stance, and she is actually one of the more intelligent potential candidates.


      1. Yeah, I get that. A lot of people said that because they know they probably aren’t going to beat Trump head to head, so why bother. It kind of reminds me of the Democrats back in 1992 when they didn’t want to run against George HW Bush (when he had a 90% approval rating). The only one (or one of the few) that did was Bill Clinton.


  6. Mustang…

    My opinion? The US government needs to get our financial house in order. Not one argument there. But, and here is where I am pretty sure we will part ways…

    This is not all on Biden. He’s just the latest President to sit in the office while people kick the can down the road.

    Until 1980 the US mostly survived without eternal deficit spending and unbalanced budgets. Then the Reagan Admin said deficits don’t matter, cut the government “income” and continued to ramp up spending. The result? The Wall came down, the economy roared back out of recession AND, our debt load exploded.

    Few conservatives spoke up then.

    When Pres Bush raised taxes to help pay off that debt, he was summarily dismissed, first by the GOP, then the country in general.

    President Clinton and the Dems pushed through a package of spending cuts and tax increases in the 1990’s. With not a single GOP vote as Republicans said his package of tax increases would kill the US economy. The result? The largest US peacetime economic expansion in generations. And a balanced budget and a shrinking deficit. Maybe the GOP was wrong?

    President Bush the Younger, rather than continue that trend decided he needed to give that $$$ back to the American people in new tax cuts. And the deficit started to soar again on unbalanced budgets.

    Which Presidents Obama, Trump and Biden have continued. Alongside the mostly willing codependents serving in Congress.

    So economically, is Biden destroying the US? No more than any of our other presidents since 1980.

    And that is probably as true here as it is abroad.

    At least in my opinion. Which of course, could be wrong.

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    1. We can blame who we want, but Trump did a lot more good than any of the other presidents, including George W. Bush. Our economy and supply chain was not in shambles, the killings going on were not as hight as they are now. Gas prices were good. We took control of our own resources, including oil.

      I did not like Trump’s ways, his loud boisterous mouth, the things he said, his ego, BUT due to the fact he is not a statesman, but a businessman, he did a much better job as president than any long term politician.


    2. @ Dave

      I certainly agree that it has been a long time since any president acted in the best interests of the nation. On the one hand, a party that has never seen a tax and spending plan it didn’t just absolutely adore, and on the other hand, a party that has never seen a Middle East conflict that it didn’t pine for. What makes it worse, neither party is willing to own up to their own foibles. And the word for that is either disgusting or dishonest, you can choose the adjective you think best fits. Meanwhile, kicking the can down the road is what both parties excel at.

      I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like Biden and never have. I’ve known too many people like him: all talk, no actual accomplishment. Biden has only one true qualification for being president … it was his turn. And you know, if that’s the level of our discernment, then we as a nation deserve idiots running the show. And by the way, that’s what we’ve had since Y2K. I am not one to believe that the government is entitled to any of my money — but I do understand that there is a tax burden IF and only IF we (as a country) decide that we need X, Y, or Z. What pisses me off (excuse my French) is that politicians ALWAYS want to talk about raising taxes long before they want to talk about spending cuts. I don’t have an unlimited spending account with my bank, and neither should government. IMO, this is simply common sense. Our government wants everything, and they want it now. That’s NOT how life works in the real world.

      I’ll only say that given your statement, “No more than any of our presidents since 1980” doesn’t make me feel better. That’s akin to someone saying my favorite war was …

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