The Saudis Mock Biden and Harris On TV

A Saudi Arabian television show has mocked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in an SNL-style skit by making fun of the president’s mental health as he falls asleep at the podium and confuses certain countries.

Biden and Harris are jokes to the whole world. We do not need the Saudis making jokes any more than SNL, but we all know that SNL is woke. Sadly what was good for the goose, Trump, is obviously not good for the gander, Biden.

How many times have the Democrats, and who cares which ones they are, covered up for Biden? He is mentally incompetent. People wanted, well the Democrats wanted a competency test done on Trump, saying he was an embarrassment. Trump complied and did a competency test and passed with flying colors I might add. Now we have requested a competency test on Biden, and, the Democrats are refusing. Do you see the pattern here?

Biden is a laughing stock

Instead of caring about our nation, caring about the citizenry that voted for the Dems by finding ways to lower gas prices and inflation, get the move on the supply shortages, close up the southern border, and just basically not leaving the American people continually bleeding, they do nothing. At this rate, a transfusion won’t help us.

For a time I felt sorry for Biden, but after the Hunter scandal hit a new peak, knowing that Biden, Hunter, Biden’s brother, and son who passed several years ago were involved – I lost all sympathy. Money cannot buy you health let alone a sound mind. So for now we are stuck with this bumbling fool. We have to listen and eat the jabs at this man and our nation, all the while people abroad are asking, “what the hell were those Yankees thinking?”

What were you thinking?

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  1. No political candidate gets elected by endorsing his opponent or by mimicking his opponent’s party, policy, or programs — and it was no problem for Joe to pursue a far-left agenda because that was (and continues to be) his base. You’ve got to give ‘em what they want. This had to be in the back of every voter’s mind when they voted in 2020. That, and Mr. Trump’s idiotic and infantile tweeting. Now the election is history.

    But as for the Saudis … the videos have more to do with uniting the Saudi people behind their monarchy than anything else. I’m not sure why, all of a sudden, the Saudis find this necessary, or desirable, but apparently someone in the ministry of information thinks it’s a good idea. Perhaps the Saudi princes feel that it’s time to reveal their considerable power and influence to the world. I do know that the Saudis are not enamored with Biden (or Harris) … but Biden won’t pay for this. We will.

    Elections do have consequences. Joe, who hasn’t had a sensible idea in over 50 years, or Mean Tweeter Trump? Hmmm.

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  2. I agree with you but this is awfully embarrassing for the American people. Having said this, supposing Biden was elected fairly and the election was not stolen from Trump – then in essence those people got what they voted for and deserved. Nothing but bad news and catastrophes – one after another. I have no sympathy for them.

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  3. I’m sorry…I can’t feel sorry for someone when they put themselves into that position. Joe Biden must have known he had mental issues back before 2020. He still pressed forward, and ended up getting elected in spite of a lack of willingness to campaign and leave his basement. You’re right, it’s embarrassing for all of us because it shows the world that we trust a mental midget more than a guy that had the right policy ideas, just was not “presidential” when it came to his behavior. I mean, who in the world that ever watched The Apprentice would have felt you’re getting a statesman in Trump? We got good policies, and he got us out of the Obama Great Recession. Nothing more needs to be compared!

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    1. You are right and I agree completely. But the sick left wants their cake and eat it too. It was a good thing in some regards that Trump was not a “statesman.” He kept Russia out of the loop and China and North Korea in check. Nor did he hand over money/equipment to terrorists. I’ll take Trump and his loud mouth any day over Biden. I wish Biden would go back to his basement and take Harris and Pelosi with him!

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  4. I don’t feel embarrassed by Biden’s behavior or foreign response to it.
    I am enraged.
    Besides, as far as I can tell, the American people did not choose this fool.
    He was imposed on us. But there will be a rectification.

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  5. I’ll leave aside the fantastical tautology of what Trump did or did not allegedly do. But his incessant bragging about “acing” the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test, shouldn’t inspire confidence in any rational person.

    Biden is definitely on the decline, no different than many other Americans. Why the Democrats pushed him into the nomination to begin with, is beyond me. There were better Democrat’s to be found, but I suppose [like the GOP has done]….it was “his turn”.

    But I certainly welcome a ‘rectification’ attempt. Then Lindell’s Legion of Liars would meet actual Patriots…..and fare far worse for the meeting.


    1. We do not always see eye to eye but that is fine, and I realize Trump had his foot in his mouth, and by the end of his term I was literally yelling shut-up. It would have done him far better than to brag on himself no doubt. Having said that it is a known fact Biden has always been dumb as a box of rocks. Remember the 1991 committee created to look into the allegations, which were unfounded and a set up against Clarence Thomas? Anita Hill was one well-paid actress no doubt. Furthermore, Biden was head of that sharrod! Definitely not brilliant, nor was Trump but he did keep our economy humming.

      To me, this is a total embarrassment as an American to see the country I used to be so proud of mocked and made fun of. That surely must bother you at times does it not?


  6. The world is just now breaking out of America’s Neo-Liberal post-WWII world economic order that “broke” the USSR. Russia, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia et al will no longer enforce the dollar as the world’s reserve currency as a more “Authoritarian” Chinese mercantilist form of state capitalism rises.

    This is an early sign of this newer world order coming-to-be.


      1. The collapse of the USSR predicted by George Kennan in the early fifties caught us by surprise. It shouldn’t have. We’re now 30 years late trying to shift economic gears back to something that doesn’t advantage our enemies and competitors. Authoritarian Chinese capitalism grows stronger daily. We need to close our markets to her… it’s getting far too late. The longer we delay, the harder our future fight for survival will be.

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        1. I want to say amen to what FJ penned (above), but I hesitate to argue for closing markets. I would suggest making access to US markets “merit-based.” And let’s stop these “most favored nation” bull tacos while we’re at it.

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        2. I agree. There’s “free” trade (what we have now) and “fair” trade (what we need) that doesn’t undercut our domestic labour and capital markets. Authoritarian capital that monopolizes production so as to capture the greatest scale and aggregate efficiencies has long been the subject of American anti-trust legislation. It is also something we have turned our heads away from and long allowed the Chinese to get away with. Too-big-to-fail has now become an obvious American problem. We need lots and lost of anti-fragile small to mid size companies…. not five huge media conglomerates that control 90% of domestic media operations in the United States and who mercilessly censor and shadowban conservative and Christian content. This has to change.

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  7. Layla said… “Biden was elected fairly and the election was not stolen from Trump”…

    That statement alone, whether I agree with you on any other issue or not, gives me much respect for you.

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  8. I don’t mean to give offense but to believe ““Biden was elected fairly and the election was not stolen from Trump”” is to live in a very misinformed state.
    This election was stolen on so many fronts it would take an hour to list them, from governors and secretaries of state illegally usurping power to govern elections to massive lots of ballots showing up in the middle of the night, to poll watchers being denied the right to watch the polls to the Wisconsin ballot harvesting and the Pennsylvania manipulation of tallies.

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    1. Ed, I do not mean to trivialize this, but to what end? Biden is still in office. He will not be impeached and I do not believe he will suffer the ramifications of the scandal he and Hunter and their little tribe of cheats concocted. Every election there is cheating it has been going on since the inception of voting in this nation. We are not ignorant of it, but sadly we cannot stop it either. I do not believe the election was stolen per se. Trump had a little too much bravado going in his assertations and it cost him the election and that is what is really sad. He just could not stop that huge ego. Before you go off on me keep in mind I did vote for him twice.


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