BREAKING: Pentagon Investigation – Putin Using Chemical Weapons – 10,000 DEAD

Monster Putin ‘unleashes chemical weapons in Mariupol’ in a twisted escalation of war crimes.

Russia is feared to have unleashed chemical weapons on Mariupol after unverified reports from the city’s Azov regiment said a ‘poisonous substance of unknown origin’ was released on Monday.

It has been reported that the substance caused breathing issues, ‘respiratory failure’ and ‘vestibulo-atactic syndrome’.

Andriy Biletsky, the leader of the Azov volunteer regiment, claimed on Monday that three people in the southern port city of Mariupol had experienced “poisoning by warfare chemicals, but without catastrophic consequences”.

“Ukrainian officials said Tuesday that they’re investigating unconfirmed reports that the Russian military has used “phosphorus munitions” in the key southern port city of Mariupol, which would be the first time chemical weapons have been used in the seven-week war.

Chemical weapons were used in Syria’s ongoing civil war, where Russia assisted the government’s army against opposition forces and civilians. Ukrainian officials said they’re concerned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces are resorting to the same in Ukraine.

Russian troops have been attacking Mariupol for weeks due to its strategic location and tactical importance related to the rest of the battle-scarred nation. Moscow began the fighting on Feb. 24.

“There is a theory that these could be phosphorus munitions,” Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said according to The Guardian. “Official information will come later.”

Malyar told Ukrainian television that phosphorus munitions have “possibly” been used in Mariupol.

British officials have previously cautioned that Moscow could use the phosphorus bombs, which are intended to severely burn their victims. Phosphorus munitions are banned by international law from being used in civilian areas.” (Source)

The Armed Forces minister, James Heappey, in the UK has said that all options would be on the table in response to any use of chemical weapons in Ukraine by Russia, James Heappey, the Armed Forces minister, has said.

“There are some things that are beyond the pale, and the use of chemical weapons will get a response and all options are on the table for what that response could be,” Mr. Heappey told Sky News.

Russia is ramping it up in such a deadly invasion that there are no more words.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Pentagon Investigation – Putin Using Chemical Weapons – 10,000 DEAD

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  1. There’s been no publicly available verification of a chemical attack just yet – there are several other explanations that have to be ruled out, and none of this is made any easier given that independent investigators cannot get into Mariupol.

    This big question is – if it was WMD…..what does the U.S. and/or NATO do in response?

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    1. It is time NATO stops Putin, but that begs the question, would his replacement be worse and continue this assault on Ukraine?

      Fox News reported that Ukraines president is reporting this as true and saying 10,000 are dead.

      I honestly will wait and see. Either way this is a sad and disgusting situation.


      1. I’m just theorizing here, but IF Putin were somehow removed from the seat of power……I would assume that much like in 1917, the interim Russian government would essentially sue for peace and withdraw. After that, who knows.


  2. NATO? Is Ukraine a NATO country? Does the US have a responsibility to stop all uses of chemical weapons? Does it all have to fall to the US, or can Europe step up for their own defense?

    I hate what is going on. But apart from morality of it all, I want to see the “clear and present” danger to the US. I’m sick of the “clear and gathering” danger we heard so much about in Iraq.

    And Vietnam.

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      1. CI… I know. My reflex bias is to do whatever we can. But how? Is there a line? Should we send troops? I think the reality of Russian nukes is skewing our response.

        I’d ask, because you know more than me, but do we have enough troops to commit a large number to Europe and keep our eyes on China and other areas?

        At the end of the day, if our President is going to commit US troops, he needs to make the case to the US ppl, Congress and do the hard work of getting a declaration of war.

        Because that’s the really the only way we’re gonna support it.

        I think…

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