ABBOTT: Warning‘cataclysmic’ wave of migrant crossings

The southern border region is home to about 20 million people living in border counties in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. These communities, which include cities such as San Diego, Douglas, Las Cruces, and El Paso, are among the safest in the country so it is stated by The Border Coalition. Personally, I do not believe it. The crime has ramped up immensely across the border and in these towns. What is happening at the U.S. southern border? Violence and rising poverty are forcing thousands of people from northern Central America, Haiti, and other places to come to our borders. These people decry the deplorable conditions in their native country, which is all true, but that does not give them the right to enter the U.S. illegally. I have no sympathy for these people that are allowed to break the law. Yes, I have compassion for the children that are coming because they are victims, but that is where my sympathies end.

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned border sheriffs here Monday that they will face a “cataclysmic” number of migrants coming across the border beginning next month as he underscored his desire for a border wall and explained the use of charter buses to transport people who cross into Texas without documents to Washington, D.C.” (Source) In addition, Abbot wants the state to resume the construction of a border wall to support his efforts to secure the border.

What is wrong with this picture? A U.S. governor literally pleading for help, underscoring the desperate need for construction to resume on the wall, which Biden had most of it torn down; sounding frustrated and disgusted? This is completely wrong and backwards. Why have immigration laws on the books if our own government does not follow the rules? Why question lawlessness when our own government has become no better than the thugs in NYC or Chicago? There are no longer checks and balances going on between the three branches of our government just as there are no checks and balances regarding illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. The latter tells us that our immigration laws are not respected because there is no rule of law anymore.

Last week, Abbott, who is a two-term Republican governor, announced the state would charter buses to voluntarily ship migrants from Texas to Washington, D.C. Abbott also stated the state would step up safety inspections of commercial vehicles after they clear federal security checks at the border. This move quickly generated criticism from leading Texas business owners who benefit from paying cash to illegal workers so they can skate on their own business’s income tax – that is as low as some Americans get, the bottom dollar.

“Kamala Harris has a big problem, and Joe Biden to thank for it. Since the president assigned his vice president to oversee the crisis at the southern border over three months ago, “thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants have already streamed into our nation at levels not seen in two decades,” according to Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas). Yet for three months she dismissed calls to visit the border with unconvincing excuses like “we’ve been to the border,” and “I haven’t been to Europe. I don’t understand the point you’re making.”” (Source) This is one of our heads of state. Absolutely irresponsible and pathetic. Do not ask Harris anything her answers are just jibberish and unacceptable.

What can “we the people” do? Yes, many of these elected politicians were voted for by the people, but for those of us that did not vote for these people, we are suffering the fallout. The crime it is bringing across the U.S. is sickening beyond words and in small towns that used to be safe. I most certainly hope no matter where you live you are keeping your doors under lock and key. This goes beyond Texas or any border state, though one must acknowledge the people living in these border towns have it far worse than any of us.

This is a ‘cataclysmic’ situation for the U.S. What do you believe we can do? Or have you thrown your hands up in the air in despair and given up and said, “whatever!”

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  1. Well… politically for the Dems, this is going to be a mess. But, let’s take a step back and look at what’s happening.

    Currently at the border, that wave of border crossers is held back by a legal step known as Title 42 which states that in a health emergency, [pandemic] a president can enforce stronger border controls.

    However, multiple judges, from both sides, have signaled that effectively the US, based on statements from government, cannot credibly claim to still be in a national health emergency. Indeed, conservatives have been the leaders in pushing to have those health emergency declarations removed.

    As Title 42 power to bypass the law as it relates to refugee status and immediately deport ppl without a hearing rests on that emergency, once the emergency is over, the legal power no longer exists.

    And we are back to this…

    If Congress wants to fix the problem at the border, they have to sit down, hammer out a solution, get it passed and get a president to sign it.

    Even the SCOTUS has been pretty up front on this… the law is the law, even in the immigration world. And if we don’t like the law, fine, pass anew one.

    But… I have no illusion this will be happening. Because neither the right or the left, are willing to be honest with their supporters.

    While I’m not a fan of Abbot, he’s right. This is gonna be a disaster. For everyone.

    Because the system is broke. All the way up and down the line of immigration and policy.

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  2. Bunker… no doubt the GOP is going to win, at least the House. Anything less would be a major disappointment. Normally the party in power loses seats at every mid term. Sadly for America, both parties have drawn the lines so favorably to their own parties that we are down to less than 35 seats in the entire nation that are competitive.

    Let that sink in. Everyone.

    No matter who is at the top of a ticket, no matter the shape the USA is in, only 35 seats in Congress are really up for grabs each and every election.

    So how do we move forward when BOTH parties so hate each other that they draw lines in such a way as to effectively nullify elections?

    Because that is where we are. 35 seats…

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    1. There are some game changers I do believe are in the works. What they have been doing to kids with all this so called Wokeness have parents outraged. One thing the Progs don’t understand. A parents love for their child.

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  3. Bunker… Progressives don’t understand a parent’s love for their children? That’s as bad as MTG saying the Democrats are the party of pedophiles and that Senators Romney, Murkowski and Collins are pro-pedophile.

    And those types of sweeping denunciations, without any qualifications, are the bane of reasonable conversation and engagement.

    Seriously… Dems are pedophiles? Senators are pro pedophile? Progressive don’t understand love for children? Not even their own?

    How do we move forward?

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