Weekend Edition: Interesting Trivia and More Blasts From The Past


Vicks was introduced in 1905 with the name “Vick’s Magic Croup Salve.” Vicks was rebranded as VapoRub in 1912 at the insistence of H. Smith Richardson.


The “Get Coca-Cola Company Report” began in 1886 when John S. Pemberton began to make the original beverage at his chemical company. Coca-Cola originally contained both cocaine and caffeine. This drink was originally marketed as a “tonic” for ailments. During that era that was not unusual for it to be labeled a “tonic.” Many housewives would drink it and feel better, perhaps high or gitty, while aches and pains melted away. Eventually, they figured out that cocaine was addictive and not good to be sold over the counter.

Early 1900s coffee, Hills Brothers, and A & P Coffee (Atlantic & Pacific).

Fizzies early1960s

I loved Fizzies more than Kool-Aid!

Fiddle Faddle

Cracker Jack and Cracker Jack prizes

I used to love my Tammy dolls before I had my Barbie doll because my mother did not think they were appropriate when I was six, which I kind of still do not agree with her, but mom knew best! This doll was loosely based on the character “Tammy” in the 1957 film Tammy and the Bachelor. Tammy was produced in three versions: the first with straight legs, the second released in 1964 with bendable legs, and the final version released in 1965 was an older-looking doll titled “Grown Up Tammy”. The Tammy doll was also released in an African American version.

Baby Dolls 1960s

I loved these baby dolls.

The Nancy Drew Mystery Series (when books were wholesome and engaging)

Those Nancy Drew books taught me to always be on guard, not suspicious, but observant and that has bode well for me during my lifetime. I am proud to say that I was involved in solving some real-life mysteries and successfully figured them out. Hat-tip Nancy Drew!

I hope you enjoyed this weekend’s edition. It is just a montage of things I remember from days long gone. Some of these items are still around, some not. I thank God that I have lived as long as I have to remember some of these items from days gone by but I plan God willing to live much longer so that in twenty years I can post about things past that are present now.

Happy weekend my friends may God bless you all and be safe.

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  1. Oh yes, these book series were so awesome. They still are. I have a digital collection of the Nancy Drew Series on Kindle, because when I moved my hard copies were stolen off the U-Haul truck! 😤 I did not get into the Hardy Boys as much as I did Nancy Drew. Correct me if I am wrong but I remember a book or two where they worked in tandem to solve a mystery (But under the Hardy Boys Series).

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    1. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books all originated with the same syndicate, Edward Stratemeyer, Inc. Several authors writing for Stratemeyer created a massive volume of books encompassing seven (or more) adventure series (The Rover Boys, Bobbsey Twins, Dave Parker, Tom Swift, Baseball Joe, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Dana Girls). It’s hard to imagine what kind of stories might result from today’s cultural environment. Boys would be Boyz, of course …

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      1. The channel CW came out with a Nancy Drew Series. It is completely unrecognizable and deals in the occult. It is just horrible what they do to past innocent books. Mildred Wertz was the original author of the Nancy Drew Series. I believe the first book was published around 1929-1930. Wertz died at the age of 98 from lung cancer due to heavy smoking. Apparently, she was quite adventurous like Nancy. She learned to fly.


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