The US Needs A Reboot

We have been going around and around talking about the war in Ukraine, the Brown Jackson nomination which she succeed in what we knew was a slam dunk despite our protests, and last week Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face over a joke! Tell me, what is wrong with this picture? I did not even mention all the juicy tidbits about Biden’s dementia and his sad little big gaffes.

There is always more, there will always be more. This nation, with all the different people that want to keep their ethnic heritage, makes life difficult for those of us who grew up and maybe melted just a little bit into the melting pot. You know, when we really believed being American meant singing the national anthem at a football game before it began meant something. All those beers and cokes and Vienna hotdogs – we thought then we were in hog heaven living the American dream.

I’ve written about sitting in front of our homes or apartments on comfortable spring, summer, and fall evenings. When was the last time you knew who your neighbor was or did not even want to know, but now you don’t see or know who your neighbor is? For all we know he or she could be an ax murderer, and in that case, it would be good not to know your neighbor. However, God forbid one has an emergency and runs to the neighbor’s house they won’t open the door. Do a good deed like return your neighbor’s misdelivered mail. No, think twice because they will look at you like you are from another planet.

There are good people in America. I am not saying that. What I am saying is as a nation we do not trust one another anymore. We have bought into the idea that everyone has their own agenda for doing what they do or being who they are, and it might be all a facade. No one is willing to take chances. People socialize less, text more, and tell you they prefer not to talk. It is a strange place we live in this world.

I do not mean to sound negative or discouraging but how can we fix our nation if we are not willing to fix ourselves? I was once a very outgoing person, but after being shunned many times for being dubbed “too friendly” I just began to retreat and that is sad because it caused me to become something I am not — an introvert. It is bad when you feel you cannot be who you are. Now when I go the gatherings I am no longer the social butterfly, I have become the listener, and nothing wrong with that. Yet I prefer to stay away from the crowd and only mingle when necessary because I believe people are scared of people that are “too friendly.” I was not too friendly in a bad way, just jovial, and engaging, and now I am not.

Another blogger is offering people to write their stories for inspiration to share how they came through something, a situation, a family matter, whatever it is they feel they can share that would encourage others. Nice thought, nice sentiment but I learned long ago you can share too much, and in sharing there is not always a lesson, and sometimes when there is a lesson, that lesson may not be for you.

As for myself, I am private except with those whom I know, or trust. I am not afraid to share, but I always ask myself now is it worth it. It takes a lot to share your story or your truth — one runs the risk of criticism. I can handle criticism except when I was called dumb and stupid — but I was dumb and stupid — I shared my story! Now that story is reserved for the select people I truly trust to be fair or objective. Not that I did anything bad other than poor youth choices, but I believe most of us, not all, but most can lay claim to idiotic choices in our youth. But that was then, it is past. Why even give it credence?

Like this nation, it needs a reboot, perhaps we all do. Some self-reflection, prayer, some call it meditation. It is good for the heart, the soul, and your spirit. We need to make changes that work for us, but not to the point we eliminate others. It is sad that we could not all be on the same page and truly affect a change in this nation. The US needs a reboot. We need some radical change. People that care about the positions they hold for the people that elected them in the House and Senate would be a good start. If not, we will see the blue screen of death.

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  1. Most Americans only want a reboot of their own design, and nothing less. We’ve become so politically polarized, inventing industries around absurd fantasies like election theft, ‘great replacement’ theories and inventing new genders [not an all-inclusive list]….and the corresponding ‘loyalty tests’ that come with those……that anything less than their absolute utopian vision, means that they must consider themselves ‘at war’ with their fellow Americans.

    Charades such as the pledge or singing the anthem, are empty and useless gestures if those participating don’t actually believe in a sense of an American community. It’s like praying in public so that people see you going through the motions…..but you don’t actually live by that creed.

    Crass virtue signaling has turned patriotism into pornography. It’s become all about the optics and less about the meaning. When stores have ‘Memorial Day sales’, we don’t run them out of town at the point of a metaphorical pitchfork…..we line up with our wallets open.

    We keep electing the same two entities time and again, instead of actually demanding change. Why, because it’s too hard.

    We collectively deserve the country we have. It’s the country we collectively want. If that weren’t true, we’d change it. The only paradigm shift that is possible, is for the United States to experience a calamity that dwarfs even 9/11. But like the solidarity we all saw after that infamous day….that shift too will be fleeting.

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    1. Charades such as the pledge or singing the anthem, are empty and useless gestures if those participating don’t actually believe in a sense of an American community. It’s like praying in public so that people see you going through the motions…..but you don’t actually live by that creed.

      Very true but when you are a child, the innocence of childhood — it meant something, I was proud.I always lived proud to be American and took our anthem seriously. I still do. It has always brought tears to my eyes. It is sad how polarized the US is and how stifling and limiting the US has become. It is literally unpatriotic to be patriotic.

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      1. I disagree strongly that the pledge and singing the anthem are “empty and useless gestures”. They are the rituals that get performed that keep the “faith” alive. We don’t do it for ourselves, to be seen. We do it for those who “still believe” in America or not. For a continuation of our America culture.

        “Culture” is the name for all those things we practice without really believing in them, without taking them quite seriously.” – Slavoj Zizek

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        1. There is no value to any ritual when people “go through the motions” — which is essentially what we did as students back when we all recited the Lord’s prayer in school — added to the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. We were all flatliners. That may not have been your case, FJ … but CI’s point is that most people say the words without thinking about what they mean (or meant). I agree with him. Oath of office is another proforma exercise, and since no one has ever been prosecuted for violating his or her oath of office, it has no meaning. None. Zip. So, members of Congress have no hesitance in violating the Constitution on an almost daily basis.


        2. That’s a very cynical outlook, Mustang.

          Then I suppose the adage “fake it ’til you make it” has no value either. 😦


        3. …and some return long after their phases have been completed.

          Phases of the Image:
          1. It Reflects Reality
          2. It Masks Reality
          3. It Masks the Absence of Reality
          4. It has no Relation to Reality Whatsoever



    2. What we can say with honesty about the framers is that they (as did Marx & Engels) misjudged or misread human nature. It’s the same problem we encountered between 1789 and 1850, more specifically, on the issue of nullification. It would have been far better (as in 10,000 percent better) if the federal government had said, “Okay, sure … we like checks and balances, so nullification will work to keep the national legislature (if not honest) in step with the will of the people, and the states.”

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  2. I remember those wonderful days of sitting in front of our homes or apartments on comfortable spring, summer, and fall evenings. Good times!

    When I lived in Northern Virginia, my family lived on our front porch for decades! Even the mailman stopped and got lemonade from us on hot August days. Annually, Mr. AOW and I threw a big 4th of July bash, from 1982 -1993. The entire neighborhood came! And we did karaoke on the front yard (I sang “Rockin’ Robin” and the hymn “Blessed Assurance”), while other guests played horseshoes right there on the front yard. Beer, hamburgers, hot dogs, venison — and all the trimmings — aplenty. We shot off fireworks, too. No complaints about noise or whatever!

    Mr. AOW had brain surgery on December 7, 1993, and was no longer up to doing the big bash.

    But we still did the porch sitting.

    When did this fellowship stop? Let’s see….

    For me and my neighborhood about 2002. The neighborhood changed with all sorts of McMansions being crammed in after the lady at the end of our street died, and her several acres went on the market. These new neighbors were, well, not neighborly. When Mr. AOW died last year, only one neighbor attended the services. Only one! She had been our neighbor since the late 1970s. Despite Mr. AOW’s efforts to get to know everyone on our street right up to a few weeks before he died, the “newcomers” weren’t interested in getting to know us. I guess that we weren’t in their social class with out 1930’s house of only 1300 square feet.

    Definitely a snob factor was in play.

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    1. AOW,

      Mr. AOW, like you, was a wonderful human being. My husband John liked him and spoke often of their visit when he came to our apartment. I was at work so I did not have the pleasure to be there but he must have stayed a good two hours talking with John. Such a lovely man. You have been blessed twice!

      As to the neighbors, sad, but who needs fake people around them right? Like Mustang replied, “their loss, AOW.”

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  3. Community comes in different ways now… Don’t mean to be Susie sunshine, but it takes work these days to make connections, volunteering for a start… oh wow, who has time for that…other organizations. Most don’t live in the same house for 30 year anymore. Neighbors? That can be a two edge sword. They too come and go. We are mobile… How about a church.. now that is real work these days that one is compatible with…. and then there is always Florida ….. 🙂
    I miss the old days too… but I love other things that have enhanced my life greatly.

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