People Cannot Buy Food But Youngkin Passes Bill for “Cocktails To Go”

I am absolutely horrified with this announcement of late. Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed two bills Monday that will extend the state’s “cocktails to go” policy until July 1, 2024. Lawmakers have made the pandemic-era policy permanent despite issues with underage sales, which were giving them pause. However, the policy allows customers to “take out alcoholic beverages from restaurants and bars and/or have them delivered to their homes (Paraphrased).”

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia started allowing restaurants and bars to sell alcoholic beverages for takeout as an economic relief measure. The two bills signed by Youngkin — HB 426 and SB 254 — extend the cocktails to-go policy for another two years through 2024. (Source)

In an ironic twist the emergency food stamps — SNAP Benefits — allotted to poor families at the poverty level in Virginia are slated to expire on April 15, 2022, as Youngkin has declared Virginia a non-emergency state and will more than likely not distribute the USDA monies provided for April to the poor on April 16th as this would be past the expiration he has set. Nonetheless, the USDA has stated that the monies are available until the end of April if governors across the country want to use them to help their citizenry. Keywords “if they want to or decide to” and “option to” — no guarantees.

Follow the money — America’s god

“State SNAP agencies have had the option to issue emergency allotments (on a month-to-month basis) to all SNAP households if the state meets certain criteria. As long as there’s a national public health emergency (PHE) in place — and the state has a state-level emergency declaration in place — states may choose to continue to provide monthly emergency allotments.” (Source) To date, Youngkin has made no official statement regarding the fate of these much-needed food stamps for families and neither has the Department of Human Services (DHS).

My anger is that there are many poor families in Virginia especially in the coal mining areas and near the Appalachians. These families struggle more so than the impoverished in towns or cities of Virginia. It is truly sad to witness and having volunteered at the church in my neighborhood the number of homeless veterans and those with mental illness need these food stamps, which are electronically deposited on a card to survive. Many of the food pantries now have shortages and just will not be able to handle the overflow this will bring.

No matter what your personal opinion about the poor and impoverished may be — I personally believe every human being and child deserves to eat. The fact that this nation provides for all the illegals Biden has brought in but may stop providing for its own citizenry disgusts me. In light of the food shortages and high food prices due to inflation inflicted upon us all because of Biden’s bad policies and choices, I would find it unusually cruel and inhumane to deprive our own citizenry of food.

Our new governor in Virginia is doing a good job, but the USDA has already approved the Virginia April Waiver for food, and if he does not make an announcement and refuses to give this to the people in need, for me he will be worse than most Democrats. How hypocritical would it be for money to keep the cocktails coming “to go,” yet deprive the poor of the continued opportunity to feed themselves and their families — especially if there are babies, children, and elderly involved?

Most politicians of both parties share one main quality, they lie!

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  1. The two issues are not mutually inclusive. While I don’t have any problem with a modicum of state-funded food aid to the poor…….I have a huge problem with the state believing that it has the enumerated power to control the manufacture, sale or distribution of alcohol.

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    1. Both issues are a dichotomy. On the one hand there is help for the impoverished that is going to more than likely be withheld. On the other hand there is the blatant disregard for human life, alcoholism can kill and driving under the influence is abhorrent—yet they are willingly and knowingly contributing to the problem by making alcohol easily assessable for commerce. What is worse they are doing so knowing that the underage populous is more than likely the largest segment taking advantage of this.

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  2. This looks like a need of the governor to focus on one, critical problem. When it comes to getting someone who currently does not feel the pain of a problem to respond to that problem, it falls on the rest of us provide motivation (aka pain) for the politician.

    Hence, all of those motivated Virginians (especially the ones concerned about hunger) should point out to the Governor that he might experience some Biden polls if he does not take some action.

    If you pull together a petition, post on it so we can all support you in this.

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  3. That is a great idea. Unfortunately had I had the time to prepare instead of this being announced at the 11th hour we might have affected the outcome. However, he still has time and should he not do the right thing then it will be time for push back!


    1. The bill extends the approval of third-party services for alcohol delivery. It includes several requirements to ensure safety for to-go cocktails. Under this legislation, alcoholic beverages must:

      Be enclosed in a container that has no straw holes or other openings
      Display the name of the licensee from which the alcoholic beverages were purchased
      Be clearly marked with the phrase “contains alcoholic beverages”
      Have a maximum volume of 16 ounces per beverage
      Be stored in the trunk of the vehicle or in an area that is rear of the driver’s seat, in a locked container or compartment.

      In a state where the government has a near monopoly on the retail distribution of a legal product, this bill should be supported by those who promote individual Liberty.

      Further, this bill wasn’t extended at the expense of any other state legislation, unless one’s argument is that the machinery of state should only focus the entirety of it efforts on one agenda item at a time.

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        1. In the interest of figuring out what you believe is sarcastic and condescending….can you point out the specific verbiage I used that met your definition? I ask because that theme certainly wasn’t my intent. I laid out some fact and some opinion.

          In fact, I tend to shy away from intentional sarcasm, as it doesn’t often translate well via blog comments.

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  4. Roosevelt created more problems with prohibition than he solved, and of course, there was never any problem for Roosevelt when HE wanted a snort of whatever. I’m not a smoker, and I don’t enjoy being around smokers, but can you imagine what would result from a government ban on all tobacco products? How did NYers react to Bloomberg’s ban on 16 oz soft drinks? There should be a lesson here, but I won’t venture to guess what that lesson should be.

    One minor addition to the foregoing — I’ve never figured out what people want in an elected official. My conclusions are that they want a heavenly savior: someone who doesn’t drink, smoke, consume sugar, isn’t profane or a swordsman, who never made a deal to enrich themselves, never cheated on their spouse, doesn’t speed, or jaywalk and has been caught cheating on their taxes. That isn’t going to happen. Besides, I already filled the position of a heavenly savior. So, no, I’d rather have a candidate for public office that loves America as much as I do and promises to govern least.

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    1. So true, oh wise one! 🙂 I do believe the state should have no influence regarding alcohol. The “ABC” run liquor stores in Virginia are solely run at this point by state locals and government because it makes them money, not the people. There is a bill being set forth in Virginia now that would take the state and local governments out of liquor sales and return it to where it should be, with the people.

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  5. @CI If I misunderstood your tone I certainly do apologize. Sometimes, including myself, may come across as sarcastic or rude and that was not my intent. I realize we are not talking face to face to hear a voice and see inflection.

    As to what you posted you are correct and I am in agreement. I want to add that as I told Mustang VA is proposing a bill that will hopefully be passed to move the liquor business out of the local and state government hands and put it back into the hands of the people where it should have been. Mustang also reminded me when he wrote, “Roosevelt created more problems with prohibition than he solved, and of course, there was never any problem for Roosevelt when HE wanted a snort of whatever.” That is also a good point.

    Honestly, I do not believe our country is learning anything anymore from its pasts mistakes and you are welcome to correct me if I am wrong.


    1. No FJ … but you can sell your SNAPs for cash and then use that cash to buy all sorts of “prohibited” items. If you’re going to live the welfare dream, then you gotta learn to think outside the box.

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      1. You are a hoot Mustang! Now on a more serious note …
        What you write is true people do all sorts of wicked things.

        Having said that, it really infuriates me that the good people that rightfully deserve the benefits they receive whom are vets and disabled people either physically or mentally rarely do such terrible things but suffer the consequences of those that abuse the system.

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  6. Most people can do something even if it is just going somewhere and sitting in a chair…. You want your snap? Go sit in the chair… It reminds me back in the day when a bunch of us went through a layoff… In those days we had ‘Out Placement” We got dressed, went to an office, fixed our resumes, scanned the papers… and prepared for a new job….. So..folks…. get dressed and go sit in that chair for your snaps.

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  7. I get your point Bunker and that is true for those who have made SNAP a lifestyle. However, there are people who cannot work due to disabilities from accidents or severe PTSD, and their claim is valid. Sadly, there are people who always abuse the system. That is why the TANF program stopped increasing money to recipients for each child and limited it to only two children no matter how many one has. You would think that these women would stop playing “madam butterfly” but sadly the intellect is not their apparently.

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  8. So if you’re drunk as a skunk and have a sudden urge for dodgy vendor food you’re clean out of luck?

    The priorities of some politicians is weird to say the least. Here in australia they keep telling us how good things are, yet they are not and getting worse slowly but surely. Something is horribly broken in this world when the basics of survival are luxuries and luxuries are now basic needs.

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