Truth Is Not In The Leftists’ Vocabulary

Painting Ketanji Brown Jackson as a Victim is what the leftists do and fake news is pumping that narrative hard and fast. The Washington Post, with its history of lies and histrionic behavior during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings is telling of their short memory lapse.

The left-wingers are making sure to ramp up the propaganda regarding Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Brown Jackson in a sympathetic light, as a victim of the purported GOP “misogyny” and “racism” they claim was on display during her confirmation hearings. The left is going as low as to emphasize the one tear Jackson appeared to wipe away when Sen. Cory Booker rose to her defense. Booker is sickening and that needs no more narrative.

Leftist lies

In other ways, some media outlets have attempted to portray Brown Jackson as a victim. In doing so they can make it seem to appear that the GOP is disgraceful despite the lewd accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. The left would have people believe that the Republicans have simply moved on and have forgotten about what happened three and a half years ago in 2018 when Kavanaugh was hit with disgusting accusations of rape, which was a calculated move by the Democrats to destroy his reputation. Not to mention the ridiculous questions about his “drinking habits.”

This is the left in all its fervor …

Anti-Kavanaugh protesters bang on the doors of the Supreme Court

Yes, banging on the doors of the Supreme Court. How about an investigation into that. The problem is when the left can no longer tell the difference between a truth and a lie — when they forget their own lies.

The left can feel like things were not just or unfair this past week for Brown Jackson, but regrettably, for all of them, the actual facts just do not care about their feelings. Their feelings are not facts nor at the end of the day garner votes, providing Americans stop falling for the propaganda. Truth is not in the leftists’ vocabulary.

To the left and those that believe the lies perhaps it is best summed up in these words, “My thoughts were full of other things. When I wandered off the path.” ― Dante Alighieri, Inferno

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    1. So one thing that we know is that, using either standard demanded by Judiciary Committee Democrats, Jackson’s sentences in all three categories of child-pornography crimes were significantly more lenient than other federal judges. In fact, in more than half of her child-pornography-distribution cases, Jackson did not add a single day to the mandatory-minimum sentence already imposed by Congress.

      So haneous! She cannot even define her judicial philosophy. Really who the heck is this woman?


  1. Meanwhile Romney who voted against her for the D.C. court is now “unsure” how he will vote… and our Maine gal says she is a yes. Apparently there is one Dem out of action and it was reported that the GOP could actually block it…not holding my breath,

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  2. Do you not remember the hell Joe Biden and his committee put Justice Clarence Thomas through? What was so hasty about that?

    What about Kavanaugh? That was hasty?

    ACB was humiliated for days and Kamala Harris spent a 1/2 hour insulting her with ACB not allowed to rebut?

    Tell me sir, what is hasty in your opinion?


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