WEEKEND EDITION: A Blast From The Past (Open Post)

I still remember when I was only three or four years old my parents took me on a mid-day Saturday almost every weekend for “White Castles.” We always bought the cheeseburgers and were they ever so delicious. I was a wee one but could eat four of those little burgers and I still can, but putting it in perspective maybe now just two.

Who remembers those “real golden arches?” When I saw them as a little girl I was jumping up and down in the back seat of my dad’s Oldsmobile. Those were the days we did not wear seatbelts, at least not yet or in the back seat. Oh, and by the way, I am still alive to tell you about it! Observing no meat on Friday evenings it was those delicious fish sandwiches, “Filet-O-Fish,” slathered in tartar sauce that we took down with fries and of course a chocolate milkshake. One Friday evening while my dad was inside ordering he left the car running because it was cold. Guess what missy here did …I put the car in reverse. I remember being scared to death and oh so sorry but thank God someone told my dad and he saved me and my sister and his car from being wrecked. Suffice to say he turned the car off and took the keys back inside with him. Yes, that was when you could leave your kids in the car and not worry they would be kidnapped. That was also when parents grounded you to your room for the rest of the night with no television after dinner! Yes, I learned my lesson the hard way as I did many.

I will forever be in love with the drive-ins. The candy and popcorn and all the treats and goodies my parents lavished on me and my sister were wonderful. We may not have cared about the movie though. We came for the cartoons before the movies and all those treats. Plus it was fun playing with those microphones we had to put on the inside of the car to hang over the window. I remember my parents constantly telling me to stop playing around with them, but I could not resist. Yes, I was a daring little girl I took my chances when I thought they were not looking! Still had not learned the lessons from above yet! I remember the most fun part was that we brought pillows and blankets and just cuddled up in the back seat in bliss with our baby dolls. Those were the days.

How many here remember The Mickey Mouse Club? I wore my ears all the time. I loved Annette Funicello. Can you find her in the above picture? Disney has changed so much from those innocent days but I look fondly on them and thank God I was part of a generation that still was good to its children and that we could just be kids and enjoy innocent games and stories.

Finally to one of my favorites! Barbie and GI Joe. I know, you thought I would say Ken but I never cared about Ken. I actually was given mine by my cousin – his used GI Joe, which he no longer wanted obviously because he had a new one. I believed GI Joe would make a better husband for Barbie than Ken because he wore a uniform and carried a gun and would protect Barbie from imaginary villains. Of course, I have grown up since then but I love the fond and good, decent, and wholesome memories I have when I used to play with my Barbie and GI Joe. So innocent. By the way, they rode in the military jeep too. My cousin gave me his spare one. My cousin and I were close. I think I had it made as a kid and I thank God for that every time a sweet memory floods my head.

Those were the days my friend, at least for me. Tell me your favorite memories and just have some fun this weekend!

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  1. Great retro post, Layla!

    One of my fondest memories is that of going to the movies at a cinema with the largest screen for miles around. Free admission — because the theater was owned by Dad’s friends (a married couple)! And made-on-site fresh popcorn, too.

    The theater owners would turn me away if they thought that the subject matter wasn’t appropriate for me to see. Two of those cases: The Night They Raided Minsky’s and Bonnie and Clyde.

    I enjoyed movies for free as long as Dad’s friends owned the theater! I was out of college by the time the theater changed hands.

    I really miss the halcyon days of my childhood and early adulthood.

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    1. I still remember the Intermission at the Drive-in. You had to get there the second the credits on the first movie started, or it would take you a half an hour to check-out and you’d miss the beginning of the second movie. At least, that’s how it was in San Jose where I grew up.

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    2. …I remember in the summer of 1970 one of the first things we did when we finally got back to San Jose after 4 years in Caracas… my dad took to to a Clint Eastwood marathon… including Von Ryan’s Express, The Eiger Sanction, and Kelly’s Heroes. Great memories.

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    3. It was a great summer for me. My parents bought a 25″ color television/stereo console for the living room, and I got to take the 12′ B&W that had been our television (and the one we had watched the moon landing in ’69 on) back to my bedroom…

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        1. We were overseas then, and in ’68 there were no color stations in Caracas. They also stopped broadcasting between midnight and 6am… and all you could get was the test patterns starting about 5am…


    1. Friday was always my favorite night and by the way, it still is. I had a couple sleepovers at other friends’ homes. My mom worked part-time so she would have been too tired to deal with all the kids and my Dad was a typical 1960s dad! But they were both great.


  2. Saturday night it was Lawrence Welk… no options. Of course it required us setting about finding the perfect turn of our antennae rotor… quite the controversy and non agreement. The burgers as I recalled were 19 cents at the arches… eating in the car what a treat!

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    1. Our antenna had a motor for rotating the antenna on top out chimney, and the best settings for different stations were marked in magic markers on the antenna motor controller dial…

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  3. Bunker I remember going to grandma and grandpa’s house and having to watch Lawrence Welk because he was their absolute favorite. I never cared for Lawrence Welk very much but I loved the Ed Sullivan Show and the Carol Burnette Show. Remember I love Lucy and The Lucy show? I can still catch Petticoat Junction on ROKU. I still watch Andy Griffith and Leave It To Beaver. I also enjoyed Bewitched. There are too many shows from the ’60s I loved. It would be quite a list for me to make …The Dick Van Dyke Show and on it goes!

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        1. I was more into the Merry Melodies and Warner Brother cartoons from the 30’s, 40s, and 50’s. I think I earned my life-long anti-communism sentiments due to Rocky & Bullwinkle… and my life long love of country from being hated for being a Yankee.

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