Bye, Bye, American Pie

What an interesting week from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face all the way to liberal Democrats calling for the impeachment and/or resignation of Justice Clarence Thomas. I guess Will forgot it is against the law to accost another while the Democrats forgot that when a Justice is sworn in it is for a lifetime, not until you have angst against them.

Looking upon the past week I have considered that America has never really been the nation I was brought up to believe it is. Oh of course we have a military that we owe our lives to but beyond that? From the military to not much left is pretty sad.

Consider that the ACLU was established after WWll and that during the ’50s people were rounded up being accused of communism. In the ’60s prayer is removed from school because of one person, the big bad government capitulated to one lousy woman. Thanks, John Kennedy, for signing the bill that knocked pray right to the street curb. No sympathy for Kennedy here because to me he is not the epitome of one of our greatest presidents. If I am being honest, I do not believe any of them were.

All the history lies children are fed from who really discovered America to now the sad new reality of Critical Race Theory. It is no longer in to not define your identity? Now there are non-identities for those who choose not to accept how they were born, male and/or female. Now the small 3% of society dictates what we see on television, Disney no longer says ladies and gentlemen … hey she, it, he, it, non-binary, trans, whatever you are — name it, and claim it — we will promote it.

All the fighting up at Capitol Hill – we are a nation divided and a nation divided cannot stand, it falls. We see the free fall and are just gliding along waiting for the next shoe to drop. We are told change what we can change and accept what we cannot change. True to some degree but shallow. Just another excuse to continue to complain and do nothing. There can always be room to change for the sake of changing for the good of oneself, the citizenry, our nation.

Unfortunately, the US is behind other nations in education, health, and soon it will be our military thanks to the senile fool in the White House. This has been a week we examined why people still do not know how to behave, children being killed in front of their houses, in the streets on the way to school, or playing in their own front rooms by stray bullets. If this is what people have evolved to after the past 6,000 years then tell me how far we have come? If anything we are devolving. What a land of the free we live in. Sadly there is no place else in the world we would want to be. For all our hideousness we are still living in the most sovereign and safe nation in the world — if you can still even believe that. But in the meantime, very slowly we are saying …

Bye, Bye, American pie.

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        1. If they do or do not is not my point, they made a bill and Kennedy signed it because of one lousy woman! Just like the gay community, only 3% of our society and now there are laws so they can live in sin. The Bible states it’s a sin.


        2. It was a SCOTUS ruling in 1962 that prevented proselytizing to a captive audience. The ruling was just in my opinion.

          Yes! We have the freedom to live in what is considered sin by some, per the bible. Precisely because our society and government is not bound by one [and only one] religious tome. Freedom rocks!


        3. You are wrong our nation was based on Judaeo/Christian principles and it is because this nation has become a melting pot of religions the devil has free reign and we see evil and destruction. Look at society it is Godless and yes freedom rocks but look what freedom has amassed. So my friend it truly is not free. We pay a price daily.


        4. When one lives with the anything goes attitude you seem to give forth here, that is an issue. That is not freedom. God should be first and foremost in our country and our life but God is not and then we wonder why the US is a series of disastrous events.


        5. I don’t support ‘anything goes’. I don’t support assault, theft or infringing upon the Liberty of a Citizen.

          I also don’t support limitations on Liberties of a Citizen based on religious tenets that are not shared by all. That is the antithesis of Freedom.


        6. Ok.

          I’ve never quite seen a pro-Liberty position have this effect on someone who wasn’t a Leftist.

          But the great part of all this, is that you are still able to live by your personal tenets. My position doesn’t infringe upon them.

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        7. I remember back when I had committed myself to a mental hospital in 2001 another patient talking about the Bible, and then going back to her room and getting the Bible and brining it into the common area/dining hall. After a few minutes a nurse came up to our table and told us that we couldn’t talk about the Bible there and that she couldn’t have the Bible in the common area because “the other patients were becoming upset”. No other patients had become upset. It was “Nurse Ratchett” who had become upset. And so it goes in every school and every public space in America today. Petty bureaucrats and dictators imposing their petty fiefdoms.

          Kids cannot pray aloud in public schools. They have every right to, but their rights will undoubtedly be violated. Cancel culture rules.

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        8. Kids can pray aloud in public schools. They do all the time. They cannot however, be led by teachers and staff, nor require other students to participate.

          Seriously….for this being such a bugbear by many….why are false narratives so easily peddled…and easily debunked?

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  1. Looking upon the past week I have considered that America has never really been the nation I was brought up to believe it is.

    I’m not sure that I’d say “never.” But certainly since the days of Woodrow Wilson has the United States been consistently following the principles of our Founders.

    I’m trying not to follow the news too carefully. Too damn depressing!

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  2. No fan of JFK,
    By all legitimate accounts he was drug addled, taking as many as 12 different drugs at one time including, “medical records reveal that Kennedy variously took codeine, Demerol and methadone for pain; Ritalin, a stimulant; meprobamate and librium for anxiety; barbiturates for sleep; thyroid hormone; and injections of, gamma globulin, a medicine that combats infections.”
    Taking that mixture of drugs makes me wonder how he could even walk let alone function as POTUS.
    If you read some of the insider stuff on the Cuban missile crisis, it’s a wonder that the South Eastern US isn’t a blue, glowing hole! Luckily, Nikita Khrushchev blinked.
    I doubt that he even knew what he was signing.

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  3. Rarely are things we remember exactly ever as we remembered them. Our minds pick and choose. I am taken with the negativity that “all is lost” yet we are on the cusp of a complete reversal in our government this fall. Sure, I hear it now, more Rinos nothing will change.
    We choose the negativity. Perhaps it was necessary to go through one last convulsion in our government, Total madness, for that someone to take control of the wheel.
    I for one will not turn away from the news. Time and again they thought Washington could not possible win, yet through his skill and for many, believing divine providence played a part.
    We are a generous and kind nation. We should be proud of her. There are those who have corrupted.
    We won life’s lottery by being born here. We are so blessed.

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    1. I do not disagree with you Bunker it is just when I go out and see the depravity of people I am in shock. There no longer exists graciousness amongst our citizens. We do have a benevolent nation, but the people inside her are rotting and I believe it is because America has thrown Hod to the curb.


  4. Elizabeth..
    We now get a steady diet of mayhem with the 24 hour news cycle. Most of America is still not like that. It is the city and Dem controlled states that have most of the issues. I lived in Florida and people were kind and thoughtful… Iowa.. wonderful… We had two great news wins last week. The FEC fined Hillary. Sure it was not a million bucks but it was acknowledged and they cannot deny it. Hunters laptop was now acknowledged.,yet we cannot seem to find anything to be uplifted about.

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    1. You make great points Bunker. I grew up in Chicago a Dem city and live somewhere here in the dirty beltway and admit to you it does jade you after awhile. For example, I was at an ATM this morning taking care of business and a black man went off on me calling me selfish and some other names because I took too long and he had to wait. I was not aware he was behind me. I calmly told him he could have told me and I would have gladly set my business aside since I had a few matters to still finish. No apology, no thank you and just a bunch of guff. There is so much of that here. It is truly sad. We may move to Indiana. The beltway is terrible, really. (Especially if you are not born and raised here) No getting used to the unkindness here.

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  5. I think Bunkerville is right to point out that despite all of its warts and public farting, America remains the greatest nation on earth — and this can only be true because the American people, who, like their cousins in the U.K. and Canada, are generous, caring, decent people. They aren’t always the brightest bulb in the box, but it is also true that we all suffer the slings and arrows of a political system that has been designed only to work most of the time. Hint: there are no perfect political systems. If I had my druthers, I’d rather we paid better attention to the REAL problems and set all the PERCEIVED issues on the back burner for a few decades. For example, the only racial problems we have in this country are those created by racialists whose skin color is predominantly black. The only gender biases we have in America are those pushed forward by gender-confused people.

    The issue of religion has never been a problem with me. We live in a country that offers freedom of religion (as well as freedom from religion). I do not support proselytizing in public schools because, having been a public school teacher, I don’t want idiots (Marxist school teachers and administrators) having anything to do with teaching my child about religion or leading my kids in prayer. That’s MY responsibility as a parent, not the government’s. They’re doing enough damage in history, science, math, and literature — and having bathrooms for boys apart from those for girls, so let’s not open that other door.

    In closing, I need some help from any commenter who wants to give me a hand. I can’t seem to find any of our nation’s founding documents that address a preference for incorporating Judeo-Christian values within our government’s infrastructure…

    I am fully aware that the leading sentence to the Declaration of Independence reads, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” My guess is that by using the expression “by their creator” (rather than naming Him), the founding fathers were suggesting that among so many people (two million?), there is likely more than one idea about who the “creator” is. But what I’m looking for is any of the founding documents that unambiguously state that the United States shall be founded on Judeo-Christian values — and no other. Thank you in advance for the help.

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      1. Thank you. I’ve already consulted those. The site offers an interesting discussion about the relevance of scripture from a philosophical point of view, but none of those are founding documents — that is to say, written by our founding fathers.

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    1. Mustang, since I try to continuously challenge my biases with empirical evidence as it regards my support of the separation of church and state…….I’ve long searched for any such primary documents from the founding era. I haven’t found any that we’re close to unambiguous.

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      1. The separation of church and state had nothing to do with us except in that the letter Jefferson wrote to the Church of England declaring the US’s separation. From the Church of England due to their restrictions et al. It has nothing to with separation of church’s in the US-it’s a misconception.


    2. I would recommend pre-Revolutionary documents related to the founding and administration of specific colonies. For it was because of the different founding colonies religions that no “Constitutional” religions are advocated, even if they are specifically Christian. Maryland was founded for Catholics, and after the many Protestant wars in Europe, Protestants would be loathe to acknowledge their “Christianity”, much as many Christians are loathe to include LDS churches into the broader category. In other words, Christianity as a “category” of religion is a rather “modern” and likely more “atheistic” concepts.

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        1. Thomas Jefferson’s <a href=’”>Act for Establishing Religious Freedom comes from Virginia…


        2. Thomas Jefferson’s <a href=””>Act for Establishing Religious Freedom comes from Virginia…

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