Part l: Upside-Down World

There is so much hate and cynicism in the world today. People are backing out and staying out of politics and anything to do with controversy. In this sickly pathetic society, people call what is wrong right and what is right wrong. You no longer can talk the way you used to. You cannot speak your mind. People today are so wrapped up in their own lives they rarely have time for others. Jokes are now scrutinized and people have lost their sense of humor.

There is every new type of gender one could imagine. I never knew that there are new names for men and women who are no longer men or women. Binary and non-binary people. What is that? That question is rhetorical so please do not answer it because I have not defined it here and this was done purposely. Too many things we once as a people and society held sacred like prayer in school, honoring your parents, going to church, and loving God is a metaphor for bygone days. We are told we have evolved and progressed and that the past is literally draconian and ignorant of the truth. People even do not question who’s truth, because now it is your truth.

The crazies

We have progressives, which is a fancy word for liberals. We have woke, and at this point, it does not matter what woke is because it has all gone too far. Black Lives Matter and their lies along with Critical Race Theory and white privilege. It is all lunacy and dung.

An election was rigged so that Biden would win the presidency and Americans are not outraged? What is wrong? We have not lost our voice we have given it away. Do you know why many believe that we are the silent majority? Why are we silent? Doesn’t anyone believe we can affect change? Sometimes we never see the change in our lifetime, but what we choose or choose not to do today will affect our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Americans to come.

I say to you to find your platform. Stand for what you believe in and do not waffle or be scared of what others will think or say. If you have a YouTube channel use it to get your message to the people to unite and be one America under God. If you have a blog do not give up because it’s not famous or does not receive enough hits or you think no one is reading. Write and believe me people will read. You do not know who is listening or who is reading and that is the point. You will have what you say. You will attract those that otherwise would have never paid attention to what you have to say. You change the fabric of the times and go against the establishment’s wrongdoings. If you have a voice make it heard and be sure people listen. Stop being silent in this upside-down world. Stop being silent because it makes you just as guilty and wrong as the people perpetrating the wrongs. Do not let the liberal progressives and the AOCs of this world win. We are the generation that said we knew better so let us do better.

Do not give up, do not grow tired and weary, keep pushing forward, and believe that you are important and what you say matters — matters to some, perhaps not all, but to some and it is that some that will affect change in our nation. Be the loud majority. Never stop speaking up and out. Someone is listening even in this upside-down world, I promise you that.

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  1. Americans can still speak their minds. Racists, white nationalists, and conspiracy theorists have been in full swing….seemingly quite emboldened of late. Speaking of the latter…Americans by and large, are not outraged by the election, because it wasn’t rigged. The farcical and patently absurd claims have fallen flat again, and again, and…you get the idea.

    And multiple genders are a garbage theory. I care nothing for how someone desires to ‘identify’…it doesn’t change biology.

    And you’re correct. People should speak out if they so desire, on whatever platform they choose. It exposes more innovative ideas for trying to rehabilitate society and domestic policy and exposes those who should be roundly mocked and derided.


    1. Can elections be stolen? Ask a Venezuelan. Was ours stolen? The Administrations reaction to Court challenges was Venezuelan.

      I lived in Venezuela from ’66 to ’70. I do know something of which I speak.

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        1. …so based upon who won, what are we to conclude? That the election was “honest”? Or that it was “rigged”. Or that we shouldn’t speak of it and all who do shall be henceforth censored?

          Because reminiscent of the Venezuelan RCTV incident, the latter is what has been happening,


        2. If there’s no fire, why all the smoke? What violate House rules and stack a House Committee with a star chamber of partisans?

          We’re in Venezuela now.

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        3. What does all the tech shadow banning and censoring mean? You’re in Venezuela CI, and you don’t even see it.

          And yes, I will continue to speak out until even the willfully blind, like you, can see.


        4. I’m not the one exercising my will to power to actively suppress opposing voices with a technological cloak of Gyges. And until it stops, we’ll be living in Venezuela. And we’ll both know who’s side we’re really on.


    1. The “oficialistas” like CI aren’t buying it. Their hands are firmly over their ears until some “authority” is willing to confirm the fraud.


  2. The time for voicing concerns about election integrity … if there are concerns, is BEFORE the election, not after. There is no worthwhile remedy AFTER the fact. We should have figured this out long before now.

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      1. …henceforth, the Administration shall manufacture all consent of the governed needed (along with a plenty of doubt for “un-oficialista sources for good measure)


  3. I’m not suggesting that there aren’t any problems in U.S. elections; I’m only saying that our states, being sovereign, are responsible for establishing their own constitutionally appropriate election systems. It is up to the people of those states to insist that their state’s elections are conducted properly, which means that the citizens of those states have confidence that their vote does count. Pulling back the curtain, it would appear that we’ll find most of the crooks embedded in county elections commissions, which makes sense because this is where the crooks can do the most damage — and they know, it is the place least likely to call attention to shenanigans. I’d guess that as many people could name their county election supervisor as could name the judges who sit on the district court bench. Approaching nil. It’s actually amazing to me that so many people hate their congressman but the guy or gal keeps getting reelected election cycle after election cycle.

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      1. Right. And the people kept reelecting the Daly’s. My good friend (retired cop) voted for Lightfoot because he didn’t like the other guy. I have no sympathy for my friend, who is not at all happy with Lightfoot, but he complains in almost every email. He did, after all, name his own poison.

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        1. Well that is the problem with our politics we are all drinking the poison in one form or another. Your friend voted for Lightfoot because he did not like the alternative and he may have been correct at that time. We cannot foresee the future. My father always said do not vote party, vote for the best person. Good advice — but who is really the best person? We believe that they are until “they show us who they really are.”

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        2. So true … but it should be easier today to learn about the candidates (as opposed to years ago … the internet has everything you ever needed to know about your candidate). But as you pointed out, no one wants to go that “extra step.”

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        3. Exactly. People are so lazy. People prefer to let the news media fake or not do all the work and then they believe it hook line and sinker. I compare it to preachers and priests …they teach Biblical principles and morals, but one should never take their word as authority. Read the Bible for yourself and fact check them. Everyone relies on others to do the work for them and when it implodes they are stupid and ask, “but why?” Well the answer is you did not do your own fact checking not only of whom you vote for, but fact check the media you listen to. They all lie and spin as far as I am concerned.

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        4. People prefer to let the news media fake or not do all the work and then they believe it hook line and sinker.

          This is exactly correct. People have the narrative and the media mouthpiece of their choice readily available…and they allow confirmation bias to dictate their beliefs, seemingly without a second thought.

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    1. I’m only saying that our states, being sovereign,

      …and THERE’s the rub. The Civil War which ended in 1865 stated unequivocally that they are NOT. Their armies were confiscated, and legislatures subordinated to the will of the Union’s government, whose powers were no longer considered “limiting” by subsequent actors. IntraState commerce began to be regulated in addition to the InterState resulting a singular source for political corruption and oligarchy. The 9th and 10th Amendements were rendered “moot”.


      1. The Chicago Way of “pay to play” is alive and well and running rampant all over DC as we speak.

        Why do people rob banks? That’s where the money is. Why do people become national politicians? That’s where the money is. So follow the money.


    1. Note to all commenters. Please do not make personal comments here. I have a contact section for personal comments and tips. I refrain from making personal comments personally or public ally as we are all cyber friends, but few of us know each other personally. I want all my friends that visit here to be comfortable and feel safe.

      Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation. 🙂


    2. gravatars do not often depict a true representation of the individual blogger

      …but they do, often, represent an image we would care to project or how we see ourselves.

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  4. Actually, I don’t have a dog in the fight but when commenters make ladies feel uncomfortable … I think they call it cyber bullying … it’s always better to block the deviant. But that’s just my opinion.

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    1. @Mustang I blocked him but it did not work so I spammed him and that got rid of all his comments. I am uncomfortable putting my gravatar back up though. I feel like I have been visually molested. I have another gravitar I’ll use that is a mock-up.


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