What Has Society Devolved Into?

I do not waste my time watching the Oscars. I do not care about the “Hollyweird crowd,” what they do, do not do, let alone what they think. For me, they are overpaid big mouths that are as ignorant as “The Squad.” The “Hollyweird crowd” is the epitome of “woke.”

Chris Rock

By now regardless of what you believe about the Oscars, Hollyweird, or what they think; comedian Chris Rock was apparently making jokes about several celebrities at Sunday evenings festivities. Apparently, Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada apparently suffers from a condition called “alopecia,” which causes some to all hair loss and can be quite serious. Rock joked that he “looked forward to seeing her in GI Jane 2 (paraphrased).” So what! The jokes were funny and one must lighten up and laugh at themselves. Smith is a lovely slender woman with an attractive face as was Demi Moore when she starred in “GI Jane.” I do not see a problem here. If anything it was quite a compliment to Smith.

What Will Smith did next was reprehensible, that is after he had a good laugh at the joke about his wife. Smith got up and went onto the stage and slapped Chris Rock across the face and it was disgusting. As I said Will Smith actually laughed at this joke, but Jada, frowning obviously said something to her husband to envoke him to behave the way he did. I give him no excuse for his behavior. It was reprehensible, on national television, and televised around the world. God knows how many children saw this and how this behavior will affect them. How does a parent explain this to their child? I have no clue because I would never have allowed my children while growing up to watch such hideous festivities to begin with.

The audience at first thought it was a joke until Will Smith sat down and began telling Chris Rock to leave his wife’s name out of his jokes using expletives, not once but twice. Those later interviewed at the event were surprised at best. Others felt Will and Jada should lighten up while others felt because of her condition and that apparently he made jokes about her back in 2016 (non-hair related) that Chris Rock was off base. Regardless if this was not scripted in by ABC or just add lib by Rock does not matter. You cannot just go around hitting people because you do not like their jokes. Violence is wrong and must be dealt with.

Whatever you believe, violence is never the answer. While the Academy is investigating the incident and he may be barred from future Oscar events he apologized to everyone including the academy but not Chris Rock. Chris Rock showed so much graciousness by not filing charges against him and stated he was not aware that Will Smith’s wife had “alopecia.”

Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock. No one has the right to do this to another person. He was not taken out of the Oscars let alone handcuffed off the stage. The People of California vs. Will Smith can make a case and take him to court despite the fact that Chris Rock will not be pressing charges. Talk about privilege and black-on-black crime all wrapped up neatly in one. If this was a white man behaving like this, let’s say, George Clooney, everyone would be decrying prejudice and he would have been hauled off to jail and definitely in handcuffs. Despite disabilities and illnesses, one must have a sense of humor about all things including themselves and whatever their ailment might be. It is healthy to laugh at one’s self and not take everything so seriously or literally all of the time.

After the Oscars, he was seen at a party singing and dancing, which was not a good look for him at all. Smith behaved really poorly.

Smith partying after the Oscars

On Monday afternoon around 4:00 pm, Pacific time Smith almost 24 hours late Smith made an official apology on Instagram. Too little too late. It is amazing how everyone is preferring to overlook the fact that Chris Rock did not know about Jada when he made that joke.

“I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris,” Smith wrote. “I was out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative of the man I want to be. There is no place for violence in a world of love and kindness. I deeply regret that my behavior has stained what has been an otherwise gorgeous journey for all of us,” he concluded. “I am a work in progress.”

The Academy gave the following statement, “The Academy condemns the actions of Mr. Smith,” the statement released on Monday said. “We have officially started a formal review around the incident and will explore further action and consequences in accordance with our Bylaws, Standards of Conduct and California law.” This is the second time Smith publicly apologized for the incident. This incident will follow him and for good reason.

Chris Rock had no idea about Jada’s condition and even if he did — it did not give Will Smith the right to behave how he did. The reason I err on the side of Chris Rock is that he showed class and graciousness — he did not press charges and this despite no apology from Will Smith. Also, I might add he did not defend himself and hit back. That takes a lot of character for a man to just turn the other cheek. The left would have Americans believe if you are white you have “privilege,” well, look who had the real “privilege,” Will Smith, and he is “not white” — God forbid if he was. What has society devolved into?

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  1. Hmm. Will Smith assaults Chris Rock — follows that up with battery. Then apologizes. It probably went like this: I’m sorry. Now, does that apology remove the assault and battery? Answer: no. Slapping is intended to deliver pain. “I’m sorry” is intended to offer a sense of regret that an unhappy event even happened. An apology cannot un-slap the victim. Ergo, an apology is worthless. Means nothing. So, let’s review: Slap means pain, an apology means no consequences for slapping. A pattern emerges.

    Aside: Making fun of someone with an affliction isn’t funny. If Chris Rock never learned that in the schoolyard as a kid, it’s time he learned it now. New question: was the slap justified? Was Smith slapping Rock a reasonable (and likely) consequence of making fun of (or embarrassing) Mrs. Smith?

    Second Review: Mr. Rock was exercising his right to free speech. Mr. Smith was exercising his right of self-defense (on behalf of his wife). Maybe they both learned something. I doubt it, though.

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    1. First of all, Smith is guilty of assault and battery. Second, it does not matter if Rock presses charges, the state can. Third, California is liberal and will not do a thing because he is not white. Fourth, violence of any kind is unjustified provoked or not. If provoked then Rock too could face charges.

      However, Rock was unaware of Smith’s wife’s condition and even if he was he actually complimented her not insulted her. Smith laughed at the joke. Could Jada be charged with agrivated assault after the fact of course. This was premeditated.

      Last, even if Rock new, he did not insult her he made a joke and everyone needs to lighten up and chill. This society is sad and ridiculous.

      If that was a white man he would be hauled off and behind bars right now and The Academy would have recinded the award giving it to a more worthy person. But lucky Smith is black. Hollywood is all about privilege and the rules that apply to the rest of us do not apply to them.


    1. That may be the Western-liberal “legaL’ position…. but have you read Slavoj’s Zizek’s book on violence? There are many forms of violence. A simple example, does the presence of a police SWAT team not constitute an imminent threat of violence (ala “acta non verba”) as it unveils an immediate capacity/capability similar to pointing a gun?

      You can say that pointing a gun isn’t “violent”, but until you’ve been on the receiving end of a pointed gun, it’s a pretty empty technical legalism.

      I once had a submachine gun armed Argentinian policeman demand my camera after I took a picture of the Casa Rosada. As I foolishly argued with him, a plain-clothes civilian(?) directed him to let me keep it.

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      1. Minus… Ellul also argues a wider understanding of violence than we typically accept here in the US… check out this napshot from an essay on Ellul’s book “Violence, reflections from a Christian perspective.”

        “Ellul argues that we need much more realism in our understanding of violence. Violence is endemic to human history; it is found everywhere and at all times. In this Ellul agrees with Thomas Hobbes. This is the state of nature. Theologically, biblical revelation shows the same thing: violence is of the order of the fall; from Cain killing Abel to the world crucifying Jesus to the apocalyptic conflict of Armageddon, violence is the condition of humanity. Politically, all states are based on violence and there is no fundamental difference between violence and force. Even as moral and Christian-influenced a nation as the USA, Ellul points out, acquired its territory and wealth by violently stealing the land of Native Americans and the labor and lives of African slaves, taking California and Texas by way of war against Mexico, and so on. Even business is often based on a kind of violence, Ellul argues: free market competition no less than centralized planning can represent a kind of economic violence and coercion. Violence is about coercing and attacking others, forcing their acquiescence, dominating and imposing your will upon them. This can be done physically, of course, but it is still violence if the coercion is psychological, economic, ideological, or otherwise. It is the opposite of inviting or allowing a free choice or response by the other.”

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        1. Continuing, he states…

          “Violence, Ellul argues, is the natural condition of humanity; it is part of the order of necessity. Some violent acts may seem like they are the free, reckless striking out against others. But whether premeditated and planned or not, violence in its various forms is not about freedom but about necessity. In other words, violence is a kind of interwoven web that draws us into its expression, that imposes itself on our lives, that pressures us to participate in it and continue it.”


        2. I think Ellul would say you can resist. I’d love to have read him on Bonhoeffer and Hitler. #1 in his 5 laws of violence speaks a little to that. I think he’d say any success at resisting would have to be rooted in God.

          Continuity: once you start using violence you can’t get away from it. Using extraordinary violence to overcome Hitler led directly to the permanent militarization of Europe and beyond.
          Reciprocity: those who live by the sword will die by the sword; using violence against an enemy produces enemies intent on retaliation; the days that Saddam and Osama were killed thousands of baby boys were named Saddam and Osama and dedicated to avenge these acts.
          Sameness: all violence is the same, of a piece; it is impossible to distinguish justified and unjustified or liberating and enslaving violence; one kind leads to the others, involves the others.
          Violence begets only violence and violence-corrupted ends: the means affect the character of the end. Violent means do not and cannot produce a peaceful end. At best the result is a kind of “détente-based-on-violence.”
          Justification: all users of violence try to justify it and themselves; but it is always a sign of incapacity, an inability to imagine or follow an alternative path, always from mixed motives that may include hatred, greed, etc.; it leads to hypocrisy

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        3. When you can no longer articulate your goals/ intentions/ requirements to “other,” the result is usually violence… a “passage a’ l’acte” to break the impasse of inaction and express/ act out the frustration. Hence, Russia invades Ukraine.

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        4. I suppose it proves that even a “secular word” can bear some “peace” with its’ offering (ala- the Holy Ghost of Christianity).

          ps – Please call me either “farmer” or “efjay” not “minus” . Thanks

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        5. Not to defend his response, but Will Smith didn’t have a microphone… and so had been “disarmed” by the medium/forum… and so I can understand why he resorted to “violence” in response to being “shouted down”.


        6. Trump, at the Washington DC National Press Club Correspondent’s Dinner in 2014? 15? handled it MUCH better…. by running for President and showing the idiots of fake news who was who.


  2. Amen and Amen! Layla, you possess intelligence far beyond your years. In fact, I wrote my take on this, then started looking at the various blog sites. Don’t we as a society have just a little more to worry about than two guys getting into it at a meaningless awards show that fewer and fewer people watch every year?

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    1. I completely agree, however, it does speak to societal bias, privilege, double standards, and lack of self-control not to mention giving someone the benefit of the doubt and having a sense of humor. This is why many other countries and nations have no respect any longer for the US. It is always about me and my sensitivities and my truth. Wokeness that is destroying the US before our very eyes. We the people need to speak up to stop this and stop being “the silent majority.” If you have a platform then speak or write or support those that do.

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  3. And the boys in the hood cheered on… role models indeed. We are getting more like the end days of the Roman Empire than I care to think. Cage fighting now… when do the gladiators come out?

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