MONDAY FURRY: Brown Jackson’s Treatment By GOP Is Lightweight

Dick Durban (D. IL) is an absolute hypocrite. The GOP keeps talking about how Justice Cavanaugh was treated during the hearings, not to mention Amy Coney Barret. Why not go for it? Why not let this leftist judge feel the wrath of the GOP. None of this moral high ground. It is not working. This woman, Brown Jackson, lets pervs walk. She limits their jail time well below the recommended sentences, puts the pervs on probation for a minimal time, and will not answer questions regarding the voluminous porn that comes from the internet, and that saturates our society in a very sick way with respect to her sentencing. The decisions she chose to make have put children at risk. This is not a nominee that should be approved to the Supreme Court of The United States.

Brown Jackson continually evades questions, evades her constitutional philosophy making me believe she interprets personally not judicially. Brown Jackson keeps saying, “the due process of law,” she will not answer when life begins, she claims, “I do not know.” She is a hack. Brown Jackson was chosen only because she is black, not because she has character, integrity, and morals that all Americans can identify with regardless of color.

Crocodile tears

If you are on a commission responsible for sentencing guidelines and reform and then you have the opportunity to impose those sentences enacted — one is responsible to impose sentences that are in adherence to sentencing guidelines, not seemingly at odds with those guidelines. That is basic law 101. This information is extremely relevant to her judgment regarding sentencing. Her record is proof and the sensitive details can be redacted so the senators can review the sentencing guidelines Brown Jackson used while sentencing these pervs.

The Senators on both sides review redacted materials all the time. This is nothing new. Why is this so offensive and wrong now? Why would Durbin direct the GOP to the Washington Post of all God-forsaken newspapers? The Democrats are hiding behind the victims of these pervs using them as an excuse not to produce Brown Jackson’s actual record, the kind of truth that would make the skin crawl of even the most jaded Democrat.

Grassley leaves them speechless

Brown Jackson has a weak record and wants to defund the police. Biden chose her to appease his black base but all he has proven is that she is not qualified and color does not mean equality. Around the nation newspapers are calling GOPs racist in their treatment of this hack Brown Jackson. In my opinion, their taking the high ground will sink the U.S. and end up packing the Supreme Court. Yes, the goal is to pack the court with more of Brown Jackson’s ilk.

Not surprisingly former President Donald Trump railed against Brown Jackson. He was quite specific in criticizing how she responded to Republican senators’ questions last week during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Trump accused Brown Jackson of being “unbelievably disrespectful” towards Republican senators during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Brown Jackson is rude and very condescending in her answers to the GOP. Yet the GOP continues to be weak in its pursuit of her credentials and beliefs.

In conclusion, Brown Jackson is a danger due to her liberal rulings and lack of transparency and there will be hell to pay at the Supreme Court level if this woman is allowed to be confirmed. She will do more than rock the boat, she will sink it. The GOP needs to take their horse straps and ramp it up and stop being such lightweights regarding their treatment of Brown Jackson. The American people need answers and I am sickened that we are not getting them. The American citizenry deserves better.

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  1. The GOP needs to take their horse straps and ramp it up and stop being such lightweights regarding their treatment of Brown Jackson.

    I strongly agree.

    But it won’t happen! The phobia of being called racist will overcome the GOP.


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    1. AOW it has already happened and as light as their approach has been they are still being called racist by The Dallas Times and other newspapers and news media. These days there is not a one that can win for trying. This is a divided nation and a nation divided cannot stand.

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  2. Perhaps the criticism of her rulings by conservatives would carry more weight if those same conservatives were consistent and vocal when GOP nominated judges to the federal bench had also sentenced convicted criminals to below guideline prison terms.

    In one celebrated case, the Obama admin went after the Eastern Oregon Hammond family and because they were sentenced to a less than “recommended” sentence and served their term, rearrested them and put them back in prison.

    Conservatives did not stand up for the Obama Admin, they excoriated it.

    Sen Hawley, one of the most vocal critics of Judge Brown, has confirmed judges to the federal bench who also sentenced criminals like Brown did. US District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich, appointed by President Trump and approved of by Hawley, sentenced 4 people to below federal child porn conviction sentencing guidelines.

    I get it, conservatives want strong prison terms for convicted criminals. In many cases, I do too. But then let’s see some consistency. Otherwise it’s just political theater.


  3. Layla said… “two wrongs do not excuse this.”


    My point is the criticism from conservatives, even if it is justified, rings hollow if they also fail to hold their people, or those they support, to account. I get it if we want to say “that’s politics” but then let’s at least say it…

    Most of us are only outraged by outrageous behavior when someone from the other side is found guilty or engages in such behavior.

    That’s the point of Sen Hawley. Why was he so outraged by this judge and not a conservative judge doing the same thing? Because he wanted that conservative judge on the federal bench. But not the liberal one.

    But I’m open to another interpretation.

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    1. Dave – you know the answer to this. Hypocrisy is the lifeblood of American politics. Neither major party will ever hold itself as accountable as they attempt to hold the opposition.

      They count on us being too dumb or stupid to notice. And in most cases, they’re correct.

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      1. I could not have said that better. I completely agree. They do think we are all too dumb and stupid to notice and perhaps they are correct, but they forget when it’s time to vote for them all of a sudden they remember who put them there. It is so wrong and unfair to the American people. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if no one went to vote and we just left all these liars and hypocrites hanging? Any ideas?


        1. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if no one went to vote and we just left all these liars and hypocrites hanging?

          You’ve literally identified my political fantasy.

          But in somewhat more realistic terms, I’d add the “None of the Above” option to ballots for each and every race.

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    2. I believe what makes this so appalling for me, because I cannot speak for all, but some, is that Cavanaugh and ACB were treated so rudely and so poorly that now when the Dems want to push Brown Jackson the GOP acts like it wants to take a moral higher ground and “be nice.” I say stop it and go at her like you all go at appointees from both sides. Both major parties are a majority of major hypocrites. As to Brown Jackson her record is not as stellar as other candidates for the position. Biden did this because he wants to appease the far left … the AOC’s in the party-the progressives-woke. It is abhorrent and disgusting.


      1. Layla, you said “Biden did this because he wants to appease the far left … the AOC’s in the party-the progressives-woke. It is abhorrent and disgusting.”

        Of course he did.

        Wasn’t that what McConnell did in not even giving Garland a hearing? Isn’t that GOP presidents do when they nominate a candidate to the SCOTUS? Don’t they want to appease the far right?

        Sure the left is partisan. Just like me. Isn’t the right too? Aren’t you?

        Are we all abhorrent and disgusting because of it?



        1. Not the people, but those in government that are led by agendas and partisan bases not to mention lobbying. Both major parties are guilty. However, people forget that SCOTUS is not political it is judicial. It is politicians making it political, which is wrong. Having said that Brown Jackson is questionable.


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