WEEKEND EDITION: AOC and The Squad Want To Own Biden and Are Destroying Dems

AOC has Joe Biden running scared. She has made it clear to him that he is at risk of losing the Democrats who worked to elect him. She has basically said that Biden has not delivered on his key progressive policies and it will cost him. AOC is saying that the support amongst young people and their Democratic base is collapsing because they are not really seen. AOC believes that the administration has not been open to greenlighting some if not most of the progressive agendas and policies, not limited to student debt. AOC is asserting that it is Biden’s responsibility to cancel student debt and no one else’s, which is absurd because this is not true.

AOC running her big mouth

Traditionally, the Education Department has always been the responsible party for student debt cancelation, not necessarily the president solely. The Education Department is canceling an additional $415 million in federal student loan debt for 16,000 borrowers who attended for-profit colleges and say they were defrauded by the institutions over the last several years. The Biden administration continues to be pressured by key Democratic lawmakers to offer more student debt relief. Where is Elizabeth Warren? During the pandemic, this was her brainchild. Progressive Democrats, like members of the so-called Squad of progressive lawmakers of whom AOC is the best known and now in her second term, have long been pushing the administration to do away with student debt through an executive order.

Young voters are not the most reliable voters and furthermore, Biden’s approval rating is at 45% low and will be continually dropping at the rate he is going on all failed fronts from Build Back Better to his agenda on Build Back Crack.

This woman, AOC will not come on any talk show or news agency that asks her to debate and answer important questions. She absolutely refused all of Candace Owens’s offers. Yet she sits unilaterally obliterating the American people with her toxic left agenda. It is the people that pay for the socialism she is calling for and abandoning any form of capitalism.

As if the above was not enough AOC verbally attacked Senator Joe Manchin because he did not vote to change the Senate filibuster to pass sweeping voting rights legislation. So how far will AOC go? Well, in an odd turn of events it turns out she is very offended she did not receive the label “a woman of color.” Really? AOC is completely mentally deranged. She has many times claimed to be “a woman of color” in her bid to appeal to racial minority voters. All Democrats will use the black voter and appeal to their base of sensitivities to garner their votes, and once in office, they do not do anything to help the black people or their communities. AOC definitely knows how to use her position and manipulate many black people at her whim. Very shady and creepy, yes she is creepy, not Tucker Carlson whom she called creepy.

At the end of the day, AOC’s goal is to own Biden and force him into a corner and approve her socialistic and liberal agendas that make her rich and cost not only her constituents but the people of this nation. The only good thing is that AOC and the squad are destroying the Democrats and making it easy for the Republicans to sweep the House and Senate in the mid-term elections.

My final word, AOC and the squad will eventually be outwitted by the next liberal nutcases that get elected. After all, nothing lasts forever and all things come to pass.

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  1. I personally am not worried about AOC. I think that the neoliberals own the far Left, and the far Left is far too weak to challenge them. It’s very much the same situation in the Republican Party where the Neoliberals (or NeoCons if you now prefer) control the leadership and the Trumpian populist” elements are kept at arms length from leadership, as a few “stalking horses” are groomed amongst them to vote into leadership should some populist outcry grow too loud or representative/senator get too close to it.

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  2. Dear Layla

    A formal thank you for your post. In France AOC stands for Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. This is very roughly meaning Controlled Origin Name. Which might be CON for short (Mmm…).

    With regards to French wine, it does not indicate quality, just where it comes from. So I misquote when I think of the O meaning Ordinary. However, in this lady’s (?) case I think ordinary may be adequate. Which is what ordinary means of course.

    And AOC does do a lot of whining so is a type of whine (sic). Possibly a sick whine (sic). Wine’s come in red, white and rosé but not black. In fact if one uses other ingredients apart from grapes then there can be other colours too. But not black.

    If you have a lot of tannin the wine can be very dark, just not black.

    AOC seems to me to be rather pale. She wears different coloured dresses so could be a woman of co;lour in that sense. But then any woman can do that whatever their skin colour.

    As you say she is managing to do a good demolition job on Joe ‘Where’s my brain’ Biden and his cronies.

    And as Napoleon said ‘Never interrupt and enemy when he is making a mistake.’ I am sure he could be replaced by she in this case.

    Finally, you say ‘…easy for the Republicans to sweep the House and Senate in the mid-term elections.’ This seems logical provided the democrats don’t cheat again. I hope people will be watching very closely this time.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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  3. Biden, may be shaking in his boots but his slavish devotion to “Progressive” politics can only lead him to a net loss in votes nation wide. Those policies are wildly unpopular among even blue dog Democrats.

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      1. Elizabeth, do you know of the Overton Window. If not, or if you need a better explanation, the preceding link is a fairly good explanation.

        I’m not saying that AOC is doing this but she is, at least, been hired to promote those policies. Then if they or some lesser policy is enacted, the window is stretched again and the policy is expanded again, in the same way, in the name of bipartisanship or compromise.

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        1. I will go in and fix it for you Warren. I have to do this for my regulars because for a while I was getting some liberals linking to some offensive things so I stopped allowing for some things. Just like them to ruin things for the rest of us! Sheese!


        2. Warren I am aware of that, the “Overton Window,” and I find it hideously repugnant. I am also looking at another view that I need to get more information on and I will then post about it — that is the Soros angle of all this and his money. For an old man who will not live forever (he is at least 91-92) to invest so much money to destroy the US and ironically he is a Greek “Jew,” is reprehensible. I am sure but I have to do some fact checking first, that he may be behind AOC and the squad. These liberals are dangerous!


  4. I do not look to any member of congress for leadership. It’s just not in their genes. As for AOC, the only reason anyone would ever follow her is out of idle curiosity and you know — because AOC is too old for Joe, she may be perfectly paired with Hunter Biden.

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  5. I think that people are increasing “on to” AOC’s radical and increasingly vocal expressive individualism. It’s no longer a question of “civil rights”, but it’s become the breaking down and destruction of every social, cultural, traditional, and historic societal norms so that individual’s “authenticity” may be openly expressed and exchanged for that which was once considered “perverse” or obscene (from the theatric off-screen/ ob skene). It’s the modern equivalent of the desire to be a modern version of Diogenes the Cynic, running nude through Athens and masturbating in public. To narcisstically smash society’s mirror and thereby euphorically free themselves.

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    1. So what does authentic freedom “mean” to AOC and the children of the ’68 Generation”? The ultimate goal of the ’68 generation was Zabriskies Point. And THAT is where their children are STILL headed today, despite all warnings…

      Slavoj Zizek, “A Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”

      We should draw a line of distinction within the very field of our dreams. Between those who are the right dreams pointing towards a dimension effectively beyond our existing society and the wrong dreams: the dreams which are just an idealised consumerist reflection, mirror image of our society (ie – The mod’s of The Who’s “Quadrophenia”).

      Zabriskie Point (1970)

      The scene of mass orgy in Zabriskie Point is a nice metaphor of what went wrong with the 1960s hippy revolution. It’s crucial that Zabriskie Point was made in 1970 when the authentic revolutionary energy of the sixties was already losing its strength. This orgy is somewhere between subversion of the existing social order and already the full estheticised reincorporation of this allegedly transgressive activities into the hegemonic ideology. Although Antonioni meant this as a kind of transcendence of the existing constraints, we can easily imagine this shot in some publicity campaign.

      The first step to freedom isn’t just to change reality to fit your dreams it’s to change the way you dream. And again, this hurts, because all satisfactions we have come from our dreams.

      The great supreme commander, Chairman Mao, issued a world-shaking call to us, ‘You should pay attention to state affairs and carry the great proletarian Cultural Revolution through to the end.’<<

      One of the big problems of all great revolutionary movements of the 20th century such as Russia, Cuba or China, is that they did change the social body, but the egalitarian communist society was never realised. The dreams remained the old dreams and they turned into the ultimate nightmare. Now what remains for the radical left waits for a magical event when the true revolutionary agent will finally awaken. While the depressing lesson of the last decades is that capitalism has been the true revolutionising force. Even as it serves only itself. How come it is easier for us to imagine the end of all life on earth – an asteroid hitting the planet – than a modest change in our economic order?

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      1. The only difference today is that with post-modernism, there aren’t ANY “Authorities” left. They’re completely absent. No one to charge in and “break up the fight”.

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  6. If the Department of Education has the authority to forgive debt, then Biden as their executive can tell them to.
    The question is: “By what authority does an agency forgive that debt which was administered by enabling legislation?”.
    The administrative state gone wild.


    1. When a debt is forgiven by the Education Department it is most likely due to fraudulent practices by the college or university. Also if a person cannot pay back due to a disability or sickness they have the right to forgive the loan. However, legally speaking AOC and her squad want “free education” at no cost and those that still owe and can pay to get a free pass. It is wrong and dishonest. Not that Biden is honest, but I believe he knows if he does give a free pass that he will have more than half the country in an uproar.


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