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A crusty old army sergeant might opine, “Opinions are like a-holes: everybody has one.”  It’s an accurate statement, even if it borders on the profane.  I recently read an article by an Islamist who offers a warning to U.S. President Joe Biden.  This particular Arab is tired of Biden’s surrender to the Iranians, who, as everyone knows, (a) are not Arabs and (b) generally pursue Shi’a Islam, as opposed to Sunni Islam.

And so, no matter what subject we wish to discuss, there is a myriad of opinions and seemingly no way to find a center position where we can at least agree to disagree and avoid bloodshed.  According to Khaled Abu Toameh, a writer for The Jerusalem Post, the Arab League is tired of President Biden “siding with” the Iranians.  Why?  Because those damn Iranians are funding terrorist militias that create chaos and instability in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.  Wow.  Where to go from there?

I could certainly agree with Mr. Toameh that the Washington political establishment should distance itself from the affairs of Iran, but it would be a vast improvement if the U.S. government could keep its damn nose out of Middle Eastern affairs (full stop).  Minding our own business would be following the advice of our finest American president.  In 1796, as part of his farewell address, President Washington admonished the American people: avoid foreign entanglements.  We didn’t listen — our foreign entanglements have brought the American people nothing but unhappiness and heartache for well over two hundred years.

In the president’s remarks, Mr. Washington cautions against foreign nations who seek to influence the American people and government officials, whether these nations appear friendly or hostile.  The president instructs us that real patriots will resist the intrigues of foreign nations and stand firm against them.  Otherwise, we become tools and dupes to the intentions of those who pursue their interests.  Mr. Washington was no isolationist but offered that it makes better sense for the American people and their government to attend to their issues and leave others to theirs.  We must not, he argued, surrender our interests to those of foreign actors.

Mr. Washington was 100% correct in his admonishment; our politicians have been 100% wrong since then.  As in the case of the world’s Islamists, how can the United States not err whenever it favors one over another?  Shi’ites and Sunnis are opposed to one another.  They’ve been killing one another for the past 1,500 years.  Befriending one of them means making an enemy of the other.  Do we need this — crap?

In any case, Mr. Toameh must be intellectually bankrupt if he thinks Sunnis are not just as much at fault, in terms of global terrorism, as the Shi’ites.  I’ve grown tired of watching the U.S. government kowtow to the Saudis at tremendous expense to ourselves in terms of lives lost, lives ruined, and our treasury emptied.

I’m not sure when the American government became brain dead, but it’s been tragically unwise for 100 years.  Here’s what I believe:

  • The Saudis and their surrogates funded and masterminded the attack on the United States on 11 September 2001.
  • It is the Saudis who fund and direct the Sunni Taliban.
  • The Saudis are calling the shots inside Pakistan’s anti-American ISI.
  • The Saudis financed the recruitment and employment of Pakistani fighters in Afghanistan.
  • The Saudis created the anti-Ba’athist campaign in Iraq (by taking unfair advantage of George W. Bush, a mentally challenged politician).
  • It is the Saudis who created, funded, and employed ISIS.
  • It is the Saudis who created, funded, and employed al-Qaeda.
  • The Saudis were behind the murder of Ambassador J. Chris Stevens in Benghazi.
  • It is the Saudis who are behind the several Ansar Al-Sharia organizations in Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, and Syria,

Mr. Washington was correct.  WHY are we doing this? The United Nations provides no benefit to the American people.  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is, as Donald J. Trump suggested in 2016, a drain on the U.S. economy and a far-too-easy doorway into conflicts that are none of our business. And today, we’re compounding the idiocy by involving ourselves in matters that are none of the United States’ business: Russia’s disputes with its former union republics (Georgia and Ukraine) and former Warsaw pact allies.

What makes our government’s officials think that any other nation and its disagreements is worth even one drop of American blood?

Mustang blogs at Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar

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  1. Excellent post (as usual from Mustang!). And I think he’s got it right. My question is, why do American politicians feel emboldened enough to think that they are the ones to solve the Middle East problem after thousands of years of nobody being able to do it? What type of ego does it take to think they are the ones with the “magic key”?

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    1. Thank you, sir.

      I think that for most of our history, Americans woke up in the morning, dressed, went to perform their daily labor, returned home at the end of the day, had their meal, and went to bed. This pattern repeated for the balance of their lives. They didn’t know much about the shenanigans inside the capital city, and they didn’t much care. Whatever the Washington bureaucrats came up with didn’t have anything to do with them.

      And the Washington politicians learned something too. They learned how easy it was to “have their way” with most of the nation’s population. It was easy to do before the Civil War, it was damned easy to do afterward — because, after the Civil War, nothing was the same anymore. Time marched on, and more than “nothing was the same anymore,” was that everything simply got worse. Two world wars, two not-so-cold-cold wars, and then the Middle East fiasco.

      And what the American people have come to understand today is that all this “we the people” stuff is utter crap. The federal government doesn’t give a damn about the American people. We’re just the engine that gives politicians and bureaucrats their daily bread (and caviar). We pay their salaries, we pay for their wars, and we (alone) suffer the consequences of such low creatures as Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, Obama, H. Clinton, Madeline Albright … the list is too long by far. It’s disgraceful. Worse than that, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it … except vote responsibly, and I gave up that notion long ago. No — now … today, I believe that American citizens deserve exactly what they get. Hire a dumbo … expect dumbo things to happen.

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      1. Oh, I would agree. And I would add that one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was NOT to run for Congress back in 1992 against Marcy Kaptur in Ohio. I was told by the Lucas County GOP Chairman that I would probably have to run for the next decade in order to beat her, and then I realized what it was that I would become. That was it…no politics for me!

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        1. Tax-free bucks, too … cuz you can’t declare ill-gotten gains. Well, unless you’re a Democrat and the president’s son, but why quibble over the specifics?

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