Deep Dives

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A popular analytical statement: Democrats hold advantages in party identification among (wait for it) — well-educated adults.  The significance of such a statement must depend on what one means by the use of the term “well-educated.”  If the term means attending a four-year college or university where Marxist college professors brain-wash or brow-beat their tuition-paying students into adopting Marxist ideas, then we should perhaps conclude that at the end of four years, college graduates aren’t well-educated people at all.  What we should be looking for in a well-educated individual is that person’s ability to think and reason for themselves.  No reasonable person thinks that Marxism (in any of its forms) has worked to the advantage of any human society — at least, not for well over 174 years.

Aside: Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach.  Those who can’t teach, teach teachers.  Why on earth should one assume that a college professor is smarter than anyone else?  If they have expertise at all, it only exists within a small bandwidth of knowledge.

Thanks to the efforts of the Pew Research Center, we may be able to better understand the political affiliations of the American people according to their specific demographics.[1]  By use of the term, “better understand,” one example underscores why this is at all important: it is because when news journalists and pollsters speak about politically independent persons, they are actually talking about 39% of the population at large, 32% of whom self-identify as Democrat-leaning voters, and 23% as Republican-leaning voters.  Hence, the term “independent voters” offers no substantial insight into the voting mood of the country.

In 2019, Reuters writer Letitia Stein wrote the following:  St. Petersburg, Fla (Reuters) – Ellen Kirschner is no cheerleader for Donald Trump, but the retired Florida letter-carrier also feels unsure about voting for a Democrat in next year’s presidential election.  Her independence makes her a rare breed in the American electorate.

Ms. Stein is one of those under-educated people we keep hearing about — no doubt someone who attended a leftwing college or university — or someone who is intellectually dishonest.  If Ellen Kirschner, a retired government employee, is an independent voter, she is more than likely one of the 32% of the 39% who vote for Democrats while disguised as an independent.[2] [3]

Who’s Voting How?

Who are America’s conservatives today?  Christian Protestants: 70%; white southerners: 55%; white college graduates: 55%; white people (men and women): 49%; white elderly voters: 47%. 

Who are the Marxists/Progressives?  An overwhelming number of blacks (80%), 65% of Asians, 61% are non-religious; 70% are Moslem, 64% are post-graduate women; 61% are self-loathing Jews; 51% are under 33 years of age, and between 67 – 72% are government employees.

What should we infer from this information?  Considering the Democratic Party Platform (equal outcomes vs. equal opportunities, regulation, disability rights, criminal justice reform), most well-educated Democratic women identify more with orthodox Moslems and disaffected blacks than they do with conservative ideologies.

And what of the impact of women voters?  You might be interested in what Professor John R. Lott, Jr., at the University of Maryland, has to say about this topic: Women’s Suffrage Over Time. Who, then, do we blame for the condition of our nation, today?  If 39% of the country votes conservative or leans in that direction, and 49% of the country regularly votes communist, what should we conclude about the future of the American Republic?


[1] Pew Research Center is a non-partisan think tank founded in 1990 through the Times Mirror Company under the direction of Andrew Kohut, a professional pollster. 

[2] An overwhelming percentage of government employees are registered as Democrats.  The reason for this is that government employees are more likely to keep their public sector jobs with a Democrat in the White House than with a Republican.

[3] There are 18 million government employees: 12-13 million vote as Democrats.  Perspective: most of the employees of the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and 52% of CIA employees are Democratic voters — and we wonder why our government’s policies are so short-sighted or ill-conceived.

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  1. As you note just a few lines into your blog, I contend that Democrats hold an advantage among well indoctrinated Americans (especially those in liberal arts portions of academia where groupthink predominates). When you compare the engineers who I works with to the twittering nabobs of academia, it’s like trying to weigh gold against methane.

    Likewise, when you compare the working technical writers to either the grad school candidates, you find a similar split. Technical writers have a tendency to think step by step (while trying to look out for the end user). Grad school candidates to the tech writing programs (or at least the predominance of the ones that I met) tend to be school teachers and journalists looking for another venue. Why the greater part of these candidates dropped out of the program, I don’t know. However, as a tech writer since 1981 and a graduate with a MS in Technical Communication, I can tell you there is night-and-day difference between tech writing practice and academia.

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  2. Well, according to your analysis, I fall into every single one of the conservative voting segments and none of the snowflake segments. I agree with your analysis of college today. It’s MUCH different than when I went to school back in the late 70’s. The funny thing is, I don’t necessarily consider myself a Republican or a Democrat, though I’m registered as a Republican in this state. I vote the best person for the job. Lately, that’s been all Republicans because the Dems have shoved socialists onto the ballot here. But I’d rather get the individual’s views and decide rather than go with the party designation. I’ve met an awful lot of Republicans who were downright stupid. Same for the Democrats. To lump them together is to do the same thing as to say all blacks are criminals and all whites are good upstanding people. It’s just not true. Great post Layla!!!

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    1. // It’s MUCH different than when I went to school back in the late 70’s.//

      That was before “affirmative action,” right?

      // I don’t necessarily consider myself a Republican or a Democrat, though I’m registered as a Republican in this state.//

      That’s me, as well. I’m not “republican” as much as I am “conservative.” It’s how I think and behave … those other terms are labels to differentiate (laughing here) one party from another.

      Well stated, sir.

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      1. Thank you Sir! By the way, you won’t be seeing any other pronouns from me except “him”. Though I do believe if we have the ability to change our pronouns, we also have the ability to change our height, our weight, our age, our income, our jobs (or lack thereof), and our belief system. Do you think the IRS and federal government will go for all of that?

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  3. Affirmative action at the US Service Academies began in 1974 with the trial US Merchant Marine academy Class of ’78. The next year, 1975, all five Service Academies admitted women into their Class of ’79. There was one African-American woman who made it past indoctrination in that Class of ’78. She ended up getting tossed on what I believe may have been an honor violation in her 2nd Class year, but she got re-admitted as a First Classman into the Class of ’79 and graduated with it. The rumour was that she was related to someone with a high position in the NAACP.

    The women had all been placed/ assigned into two (of 7) Companies, in a sex-segregated dorm hallway with its’ own bathroom/ showers. There were about 10 women total in each class.

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  4. Iseem to remember alsothe establishment of an “honorarium” funded at $100 k for the first woman to achieve her Masters license (Capt) and another for a CHIEF engineer’s license.

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