Watch Margorie Taylor Greene Slam AOC

We have all heard nothing for the last year that makes sense. The Biden administration and the liberals have pushed hard for their green agenda. They are still pushing hard. Watch this video below of Greene smashing the left and their agenda. AOC refused to debate Greene.

It is a noteworthy watch of the whole video to the end. Actually, it is quite enlightening and stunning just how far the left would go to deceive the American people. This shady government wants to hand us over to the Chinese so that we would become a third-world nation.

Just watch …

I would like to know what you think …

13 thoughts on “Watch Margorie Taylor Greene Slam AOC

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  1. We all may have a gene that makes us want to choke someone who’s desperately asking for it. I wonder, though, if we simply ignored the dipsticks, if no one paid any attention to them, would they just “go away”?

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  2. I believe that “Progressivism” is a cancer that needs cut out of the body politic. Look at the various policies, none of them achieve their stated goal.
    Look at the people connected to “Progressivism”, they produce nothing but trouble. The things they believe are nutty and they constantly change their propaganda to fit another focus group tested appeal for the dim-witted. In truth, they are collects of special interest groups that inflate the numbers. They are now seeking the addition of the pedophile faction, for “the good of the children”, of course.
    May they rot in hell!</b/>

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  3. Haha! I really Like MTG! I was lost on some (a lot, lol) of the details she gave, but I admire how much research she had to have put into this and then set it up to present! // I agree with Mustang about having a “choke gene” — pretty sure I have the gene lol. The stupidity that comes out these people’s mouths, egads! I wish I could remember where, but I recently (within last 3 months?) read an article saying they (doctors?) believe (leftism?) (Liberalism?) (being a Dem?) are mental illnesses. Oh how much I believe that!!!

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