WEEKEND EDITION: The Biden’s and Liberal Media Owe Trump An Apology

The left-wing media that dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop story seriously must go on record for collusion to hide the truth so that Hunter’s father could be pumped up as the next president. For 17 months it has been hidden what was really on the cache of the laptop and the only collusions were that of the Biden’s and left-wingers and fake news.

Post reported the laptop’s contents included emails, text messages, photos and financial documents between himself, his family and business associates that showed how he used his political influence in his foreign business dealings, specifically in his work as a board member of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company. However, voters who relied on the mainstream press for information ahead of the presidential election were told not to believe the report

Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent quickly declared the day after the Post first began reporting on the laptop that it was “Trump’s fake new Biden scandal,” calling the allegations “laughably weak.”” (Source)

The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation. The Daily Mail said in April 2021 that cyber forensic experts determined the data found on the Hunter Biden laptop to be authentic. The Daily Caller reported in October 2020 that a cybersecurity expert confirmed at least one key email was absolutely verified. Yet mainstream lunatic fake news media lied, and lied, and lied some more. They did not stop but were relentless. I dare anyone now to call Rudy Guiliani a liar or fraudster.

The Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden for foreign lobbying violations related to his overseas business dealings — likely in places such as China, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan — in addition to scrutinizing his taxes, according to a new report.

This is man, Hunter Biden, is the epitome of scum

Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss is known to be leading a federal investigation into President Joe Biden’s adult son, who denies any wrongdoing, and the New York Times reported Wednesday that the investigation, which began as “a tax inquiry” during the Obama administration, then “widened” in 2018 to encompass “possible criminal violations of tax laws, as well as foreign lobbying and money laundering rules, according to the people familiar with the inquiry.” (Source)

The New York Times cited sources to report that investigators scrutinized Hunter Biden’s “relationships with interests” in Kazakhstan as well as with Burisma and a “Chinese energy conglomerate.” Investigators looked at “a vehicle paid for using funds from a company associated with a Kazakh oligarch” as well as “a diamond from a Chinese energy tycoon,” the report said, citing its sources.

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop previously reported by the Washington Examiner show that he scheduled a meeting in 2014 with Karim Massimov, then the prime minister of Kazakhstan, to discuss an energy deal with Burisma.

Yet if any of you can remember this far back the liberal Democrats forced Eric Trump from the non-profit organization he began during his first year of college to collect donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The left claimed it was a ‘conflict of interest.’ It was stated that “Critics have demanded the president-elect divest himself from his business. He was to have addressed the future of the company at a press conference last week, but it has been postponed to January.” (Source) Hypocrites to stop him or his son who’s non-profit helped sick children primarily with cancer because it would suit the Democrat’s agenda to debunk Donald Trump so they went after his adult children to “get their way.”

Hunter Biden’s blatant corruption and hypocrisy had and still have real world strategic and national security costs. If defending Ukraine is a U.S. security interest, American participation in corruption undermines our security efforts. Hunter Biden was hindering Ukraine’s warfighting and corruption-fighting effort.

This is not a conspiracy theory. The Kent email is a fact that was hidden from the American people and is still ignored by benighted and politically corrupted media.

To forward Ukrainian anti-corruption efforts and to add spine to U.S. anti-corruption diplomacy globally, Hunter Biden must be penalized. The correct penalty is criminal investigation and public trial.” (Source)

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) tweeted a link to a Post story on the Times confirmation, saying simply: “Told ya.”

The House Judiciary GOP has linked the laptop scandal to assertions made by Democrats that the former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia ahead of the 2016 presidential election. “They told you President Trump colluded with Russia,” they tweeted. “He didn’t. They told you Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake. It wasn’t.”

Yet people still wonder why and become offended that we the people of truth believe the far left-wingers are liars and traitorous? Do they want proof? Well, now the GOP has the proof it needs and I hope they slam this truth on the heads of every liberal progressive woke scum walking the ‘Dirty Beltway!’

These liars owe Donald Trump an apology.

14 thoughts on “WEEKEND EDITION: The Biden’s and Liberal Media Owe Trump An Apology

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  1. Apparently AOW the information above tremendously influenced the 2020 elections according to Fox News. Many who had turned from Trump to Biden now regret it for various other reasons, but said that this information being purposely suppressed prior to elections literally gave Biden the presidency.

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  2. At least some journalists were honest and showed integrity. Greg Greenwald resigned from “The Intercept” when they censored his Hunter Biden story in Oct 2020.

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  3. Unfortunately, apologizing to Trump would cause snowflake liberals to violate their second amendment (the first is “Get Elected At Any Cost”). The Second Amendment of the snowflake liberal is: “Never Apologize When You Are Wrong”. It’ll never happen (sadly!)

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  4. Apologies, as offered in the modern-day, do not mean a thing. They are clichéd and insincere. Saying you’re sorry doesn’t undo the damage inflicted. So, we should stop asking for, demanding, or accepting insincere apologies. I’d rather someone prepare a five-hundred-word statement that explains what happened, why it was wrong, why he or she regrets having done it, and what they intend to do to change their behavior in the future. Until that happens, I’d just as soon everyone keep their “I’m sorry” to themselves. It doesn’t mean squat.

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  5. Forget the lefties in the press ever giving Trump an apology. That will never happen.

    On a similar but (truthfully) completely different vein, we must forget about an apology from the press for inflicting this dementia-ridden sack on us (don’t ask what the sack was filled with/I won’t tell what the sack was filled with).

    Still, since they want to live in their liberal la-la-land, why not have them (meaning all Democrats and lefty “journalists”) pay reparations for the inflation that they have thus inflicted on the rest of the nation. Then we can all feel good about them.

    Then maybe they can do some stories on the effects of
    ● Bringing 8 million illegals to America between 2020 and 2024,
    ● Homelessness in Democrat cities,
    ● Drug addiction among the hopeless, and
    ● Democrat programs (even going so far as to see if these have turned into soul-stealing traps).


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