Traitor Joe

Joe Biden is a traitor to this nation and Ukraine. He refused, vetoed, sending Polish MiG-29s to Ukraine. The Ukrainians have defended themselves and democracy, yet our nation refuses to help Ukraine. Biden refusing to send those jets leads to the end of democracy and allowing Russia to win, hoping Russia will win. Biden is a weak and useless fool. Biden has no right to dictate what weapons Ukraine should be allowed to have to defend themselves and their country against Putin. The actions of Biden are repugnant to Zelinsky who has done more to defend his country and people than Biden has done to help his own nation and people in one year.

Biden is always late to act and late for every decision he has ever made. Biden has made wrong choices continually. This is one time Americans cannot look away. We cannot allow Biden not to help Ukraine, but Biden is weak and is intimidated by Putin. Anything Biden has said up to this point is not Biden’s words but the words of some speechwriter who schooled him on what to say. The man even said he could not answer questions because he was told not by his staff. What a laughing stock we are on the world stage thanks to this horrid administration. The American people should be ashamed our leaders were told to “toughen up!”

Press Conference March 17, 2022.

Biden also won’t back a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Putin believes he can get Biden to give him more ground, to take away the weapons Ukraine needs to survive if he escalates enough. There is truth in that as long as Biden will not stand up to Putin. This is where things unfortunately will get ugly. Putin knows his armored forces will within the next few weeks be unable to gain much ground because Ukraine will turn into a huge mud pit. Putin has to press forward as hard and as fast as he can right now to gain as much as possible within Ukraine before spring arrives.

The majority of Ukrainians do not look at Joe Biden as a hero. They see a man who is weak and that his many errors have brought about this unthinkable and tragic invasion into their country. They see a man who is doing the bare minimum to help them in their time of need. 

In conclusion, some say Biden does not deserve all the blame but I believe he does deserve most of the blame — traitor Joe.

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        1. I agree. I am sorry if you take offense. I do not mean Biden is a traitor in the sense of treason. But he has sold out on every promise made as all politicians do for the most part. It took him weeks to say Putin is a war criminal. Biden is the worst preside in all of US history. He makes Jimmy Carter look half
          decent and that is bad CI.


        2. No offense at all. Since I’m pretty literal online [which some perceive as being an ass], I never take offense at someone’s response to me. I know that the written word, on blogs and social media, are often poor venues for context and nuance.


        3. …often poor venues for context and nuance.

          We may not agree but I would refrain from referring to any person’s blog as “poor venues for context and nuance.” We all share differing views and enjoy discussing ours and others’ views, but do not compare a blog to Twitter, nor a blog to poor venues. If you believe that then why do you blog?


        4. I’m not talking about YOUR blog……I’m referring to blogs and socks media in general being poor means to show context and nuance via the written word… opposed to spoken, where verbal and facial queues can guide the listener to the true intent of the message.

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        5. I did not say you were speaking of “MY BLOG.” I understood you were speaking generally and that is why I asked why do you blog. I agree it is very difficult to convey our true feelings, beliefs, and understanding of current events or past events via most social media platforms. I for one stay off them except to post my blog posts to Twitter, for networking purposes only. Without seeing one’s face, eyes, noting the tone and inflection of one’s voice it can be hard to understand and easy to misunderstand. I believe sometimes we all generalize a bit too much, but we are human. As to those other blogs that may not be as well informed or well written I just avoid them as they would upset any sane person. 🙂


  1. Most of all, I think we (almost) universally deplore politicians. Politicians are treasonous as much to their states as they are the spirit of the Constitution, and they are not even ashamed of themselves. I fear they will continue to plague us until just laws allow us to shoot one or two of them.

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Politicians are absolutely scandalous. It is a dirty shame how the American people are treated and perhaps even neglected. They make a big deal about our votes, especially presidential, but at the end of the day, it is the states with the most electorates that elect our nation’s president, not the people. How ironic is that when you really think about it? Freedom has never truly been free.


    1. True. I agree with you there is a lot going on behind our backs that we have not even touched the iceberg on. The Biden’s are shady people and I would not be surprised if they do hope Ukraine disappears with all those records. I hope Ukraine exposes them for who we know they really are. This country had better wake up soon. Biden is a disaster.

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  3. Biden has acted treasonous, but not related to Ukraine.
    Ukraine’s interests are not America’s interests.
    I will settle for charges of theft of an election, taking payment from China, via Hunter, selling out America for personal benefit.

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    1. Do you honestly think that the American people care about corruption in politics? If they cared about such things, then Burisma would have prevented Joe from being elected president. Since Burisma did not prevent Biden’s election, what should a reasonable person conclude?

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      1. In all honesty Mustang no I do not believe the American people care about corruption in politics. Americans for the most part only care about what is in their little box, their job, their money, their home, and family if they have one, and what they can buy, and let’s not forget out doing the Jones’. Forget learning other languages and educating oneself about the world let alone American politics. Most American people care only for themselves and not others. Can you imagine if they did care what the US might look like? But that would be too much to ask of the average Joe, right?

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  4. Really, John? In order for Biden to have saved us from destruction, Putin must have offered a clear intent to use atomic weapons. Do you have any evidence for such intent? What would Putin gain from doing so?

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    1. You make some notable points, but Putin has been a so-called threat for years. I do not believe he will attack us with a nuke. Did you forget we have nukes too? Did you forget we have drones that could probably redirect that nuke right back at Russia? Biden is weak but our military is not.


  5. John, you wrote, “I think the American right would love to see a nuke war if for no other reason than to make Biden look bad.” Do you realize how unhinged that sounds? Unless you are only joking, then what you’re saying is that around half the U.S. population would love to see the end of civilization — for no other reason than to make Biden look bad.

    Wow. There is no way to have a rational conversation with anyone who thinks that way. IMO, rather than worrying about “insane” Russians, we ought to worry about foolishly deranged Americans.

    Look, if you know anything about Russo-Ukraine relationships back to 2006, then you would know that Mr. Putin has been perfectly consistent in his stance for the past sixteen years. Does that sound like an unstable person to you? Conversely, how rational would it be to push a nuclear power into a corner? I’m asking because that is what the West has done since 2006. If that’s okay with you, if you miss the bad old days of brinksmanship, then I have to say that your position is totally irrational.

    Could “we” have avoided the Ukraine debacle? Yes. That we didn’t serves as an indictment against our inept diplomacy and the incompetence of our national leaders — which is something to think about before we vote, not after.

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    1. I agree Mustang but the only problem is that most Americans do not think even after they vote. This is why we have seen so much mayhem in our history and especially since 9/11. We trained the Afghani’s and then Bin Laden took what we taught and used it against us. What is wrong with that picture? Americans should not be helping nations like that. We should not have been in Iraq, but Bush had to avenge Sadam Hussein because he threatened to kill daddy. The reasons this nation has gone to war have not been truly thought out. If it had been thought out we could have saved lives by taking care of this nation. I know the government and its politicians do not care about the American people or anyone but themselves and power, and a cocktail, of course, perhaps three or four.


  6. John, you have to remember that it’s always win-win for the opposition sitting on the sidelines. As long as we remain safe, but Russia continues to kill Ukrainians…..the narrative is that “Biden is weak and ineffectual”. As soon as Russia does something that brings us in direct armed conflict….then “Biden pulled us into WWIII”.

    That’s how the game is played. Everything is always the fault of the ‘other guy’, facts be damned. Same situation with the parties in power reversed? Same narratives, but from the opposite opposition.

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