Scamdemic … No, Not Really

It has been two years since our first lockdown due to the mysterious respiratory disease dubbed COVID-19 or more recently called the coronavirus. Discovered in the Wuhan Lab after much speculation and some leaks coming out about its origin we now still face the Omnicron variant. This variant has raised concerns about how much longer will the coronavirus pandemic last.

In totality, more than 5 million people have died since the first case in Wuhan, China. The majority of people around the world have lived under some form of a lockdown with 54% of our global population having had one vaccination — despite shots being given here and around the world rather irregularly. Now we do know much more about coronavirus and how to treat it. Sadly for us, the end still isn’t in sight.

This is the world’s pandemic journey over the last two years:

I resent when people, particularly in the U.S. call this a scamdemic. 2020 was a sad year for my family marked by my father’s death. Not due to the pandemic, but congestive heart failure. However, it saddens me that his last year was spent wearing masks, no visitors at the hospital, and an unrelenting disease in its own right. Like many who died on a ventilator from coronavirus died similarly to my father on a ventilator. He was alone and a stranger comforted him until he became comatose.

The pandemic stopped us all in our tracks. It made us reflect on ourselves, our loved ones, become more mindful of others and their needs. My father fought for his life while others whine this was a scamdemic? That disgusts me. I could not visit my father and am grateful for our last facetime call which barely lasted a minute before he was intubated. If I had been there I would have stayed with him but the pandemic prevented that. It prevented many of us from doing the things we needed to do, wanted to do for our family, friends, and neighbors.

Perhaps to many, this pandemic was a scam, lockdowns, masks, draconian measures. For me it was a time to reflect on my life, to get my priorities straight, and to realize that no matter what — no matter how bad a situation is — no matter how much I have lost, I am blessed to still be alive. I realized this too will pass and at the end of the day that is what matters. Be patient, be kind, life is too short for all the arguing and fighting going on in D.C. about who is to blame. I do believe most did the best they could even when it was not good enough.

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  1. The problems as I’ve seen them is that the Government and especially the CDC has been untruthful and misleading from the very beginning. The CDC even changed their definition of “vaccination” to accommodate the MNRA vaccine and how effective it actually is.
    The social, personal and emotional toll of Covid is horrendous.

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  2. I am sorry for your loss, of course.
    But this “pandemic” was a ruse on many levels.
    It was used to steal the reigns of federal government in this country.
    There was no reason for us to lock down or be forced to wear masks or get a dangerous shot.
    Except to subjugate us,
    It was a scam.
    It cost my best friend his daughter and many others their loved ones.
    Because they couldn’t get the care they needed for non-covid illnesses.
    There was no money in it as there was for covid.

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    1. Thank you for the condolences. I agree with you that the pandemic was used as a tool to deceive us on many levels and it was politicized. That was the scam. It is sad. But it’s onset I believe was an accident that was not meant to happen, but we see what they did after that. Horrible. We all suffered and I am sorry for your friend and his daughter and many others who suffered due to political games. China has dealt with pandemics as many other countries have and masks do help, but not always. It is so subjective. There are many views on this, and I am open to listen to all. I do believe some people had good intentions but evil people rule today. We need to pray for our nation and the world.


  3. The horror is that we may never really be free of this covid pandemic in one form or another. But we will see breaks in the waves of infection. Right now there is a new wave brewing. It is called
    “B-2”. Still waiting to see how fast it spreads and if we will return to masks and lockdowns again.

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    1. Hi John. B-2 has been around a bit and is not as serious as Omicron is considered. I am hoping Omicron just dissipates. In Maryland, the Governor lifted mask mandates, but DC and Virginia still have theirs intact but people are in public without masks. To each their own to do what is right for them. As to the government so much for land of the free, right?

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  4. Where we are just now in our country, thanks to the ineptitude of the U.S. government, is “The Boy That Called Wolf.” You can only “alarm” people a certain number of times. After that, the warning WOLF becomes a meh moment. People surely did die during the Covid period … of something. The lesson, sadly, is that most Americans learned that the government is not trustworthy. What a shameful thing to happen to our once-great country.

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  5. I think that the corruption we saw was a result of the agencies (CDC/NIH) trying to appear to fulfill their stated responsibilities instead of dutifully performing them. Appearances were prioritized over Realities.

    All said, this “appears to me” to be more a reflection of poor leadership, than incompetence. And in that vein, Fauci has GOT TO GO!


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