Kamala Harris Is A Humiliation To The US

Kamala Harris has amassed criticism around the world for her giggles. The only thing Kamala Harris knows how to do is laugh, she is deranged, sick, and strange. The discussion of if the US will take in refugees from Ukraine is a serious matter. Yet listen and watch her idiotic self cackle. It is truly shameful.

I am beyond words when it comes to this woman. I truly hope she will never be president. I really do not believe Biden will make it through his presidency due to his incompetency and senility. On the other hand, we cannot afford another moron like Harris. I know I will get backlash for saying this, but at this point, Nancy Pelosi stepping in might be a good idea temporarily. She was and has been serious about Ukraine, she was not blowing it off, she is the one that got on Biden’s case to do more and do better. She bypassed Harris because even tipsy Pelosi has no tolerance for Harris. Last, I do not believe Pelosi has ever laughed about refugees being left behind in Afghanistan or Ukraine. I do not really want Nancy even as a temporary president. However that being said, something must be done. She is the better pick temporarily out of the three until a more permanent solution has been arrived at. Or finally putting Trump back in office as they did steal the election from him. More than 40% of the US do not believe Biden legitimately won the election. (Source)

Kamal makes the news again

I do not know what the future holds for our nation and its citizenry anymore. Nor do I personally feel safe anymore in my own country. Many Americans are feeling the same way. Crime is up, so is inflation, gas prices, food supply shortages. There are leftists who proclaim that Trump did this. Really? Biden has earned his low poll scores. “Lower than Trump” is hardly the first year result the White House expected. Biden is now so unpopular that he has fallen below even Donald Trump’s polls at this point in his presidency. Real Clear Politics average of presidential approval polls has Biden at 41% approval and 53% disapproval. Biden has had the gall to warn Americans that the ban on Russian oil imports would cost American families. Is he proud of this? Biden is misleading the US citizenry and the world, period. Is he a sadist that enjoys watching the middle-class and poor scramble to make ends meet or put food on the table for their families? He does not care because he and his ilk are rich and nothing more than elitists high on themselves. Sure they can afford most anything but the average American cannot. This is just not right and so very wrong.

Biden’s world is a confused America and Harris’s world is laughing at it. Happy next two years if either last and maybe if we are blessed we will have Nancy sit in a bit until we can get some really decent people that care about the Americans. Just go and ask Margorie Taylor Greene (Rep. GA).

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        1. Here’s a look at the group, by the numbers:

          • 91 total veterans in the 117th Congress.

          • 17 will serve in the Senate, 74 will serve in the House.

          • 28 are Democrats, 63 are Republicans.

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  1. IMO, the Democrat Party has became a laughingstock and has always been a criminal enterprise, not that the Republicans are all that much better.
    Harris is cringeworthy and an embarrassment to anyone with with an IQ over 80. She would make a good contestant on the Gong Show. To bad we can’t pull her off the stage with a shepherds hook.
    In International politics it’s better to be respected and feared by your adversaries than disrespected. World leaders definitely do not respect our President.

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  2. IMO, the Democrat Party has became a laughingstock and has always been a criminal enterprise, not that the Republicans are all that much better.

    Warren I believe this began when Roosevelt was in office during WW11. He was not as squeaky clean as he was made out to be. Also, I believe the Kennedy family has a lot to do with our modern-day bedlam.

    As to Harris, she is worthless. She makes Dan Quaile who was also an idiot look pretty good. At least he did not cackle nor would have the nerve to make jokes during a serious time of war. She is disgusting.

    Biden, no one respects him here at home or abroad. No one is afraid of him, in fact, they laugh at him and are probably wondering what the heck is wrong with all those Americans that voted for this jerk. Stupid is as stupid does.


    1. This isn’t necessarily directed to you, but I feel compelled to ask, at least rhetorically: what is the metric for defining whether a U.S. politician is admired or hated…..weak or strong…..among audiences abroad?

      I see this theme often, but it always comes from fairly to extremely partisan Americans, with absolutely zero context.

      Having been deployed overseas and working very closely with Coalition military forces, I certainly got their viewpoints in our POTUS at that time. But I’m left guessing how the average American defines this narrative…and why?


      1. For most and I cannot speak for all but it would be their character and the good job they do or do not do. As to people abroad perception is everything. I would believe you would understand this having been deployed. Biden and Harris are seen as weak and rightfully so.

        Do you really believe we would be in this quagmire if Trump was in office?

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        1. I do. The invasion of Ukraine has been planned for years. Putin’s you land have nothing to do with who is in the White House.

          Given Trump’s treatment of NATO, I’m not sure that collectively, we would be supporting Ukraine as robustly as we are currently.

          I’ve seen little in the way of indications that foreign audiences view Biden as weak. But I know firsthand what they seems to think of his predecessor.

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  3. I’ve heard and read a number of knowledgeable people who say Harris’ laughing is a nervous tic due to a high degree of emotional (psychological) stress. Most people remedy this by avoiding or walking away from situations that cause the nervous laughter, but Harris being who she is cannot do that. Regardless, it looks bad and just shows she doesn’t know how to handle ANY situation with grace and common sense. WHY would you put a person like this in the high-stress job as VP. I can’t ever watch her because I know it’s coming, the stupid laughter. She doesn’t know what to say because she’s never prepared… and refuses to be prepared… thus, the chicken cackling. Ugh. I cannot stand the no-brain woman.

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  4. Well Diana you are right but to be honest I do not believe she has any psychological issues causing her laughter though I have heard of what you speak. She was cruel to Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) during her hearings. She ranted on that woman a half-hour literally and there was no laughter or cackling. She is a fraud. She does go through staff as they have leaked she bullies and degrades them so she does not know how to deal with people properly. She does not listen to her advisors or pay attention when they are keeping her up to date on current events at home and abroad so she is not prepared by her own choice. I have no sympathy for her just contempt. She is not a good woman or person.


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