Ukraine’s Future In Peril

Ukrainian heritage is in peril. The Smithsonian hopes to rescue what it can as more than one million people flee Ukraine during Russia’s invasion. It is believed by many that they leave behind cultural and historical touchstones at risk of being destroyed. So this may be true, but people are leaving their homes, families, and lives behind. That is more important than the significance of cultural and historical touchstones at risk of being destroyed. Who are these people that care only about materialistic things?

War rages on

Students from Ukrainian Studies, in the heart New York City’s Little Ukraine neighborhood, gathered Saturday for weekly classes, the meeting held special weight. They held “not only lessons about the culture, traditions, history, and language of the faraway country that many of their relatives still call home, but there were also tears, prayers, and deep reflection as students, teachers, and administrators tried to process the chaos following Russia’s invasion of its democratic neighbor.” (Source)

Why is Ukraine so important to Putin? Putin does not want western culture to permeate his nation or the people of Russia. This is a power trip simply put. We know obviously that Biden’s Afghanistan pullout debacle emboldened Putin to attack Ukraine at this time. Of interest is the fact that Putin never attempted any absurdities during the Trump administration. The latter is despite Trump having been seen as a tool of Russia by the Clinton campaign, which was nothing of the kind.

There is widespread discontent with the Putin regime now, and long term. Putin’s regime cannot sustain a foreign policy of expansion and aggression. Eventually, it will collapse from its own internal contradictions. When that happens perhaps Ukraine will have peace. The problem is no one can predict or know what the end game will be. In the interim, the Ukrainian people flee, lose loved ones, whole families, children – many very sick but the Smithsonian is more concerned with culture?

Culture is wonderful, but culture will not save Ukraine or its people.

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  1. “Culture is, before all things, the unity of artistic style, in every expression of the life of a people.” – Nietzsche

    “Culture” is the name for all those things we practice without really believing in them, without taking them quite seriously.” – Slavoj Zizek

    “When I hear the word ‘culture’ I reach for my gun” quote attributed to Hermann Goering but actually from Act 1, Scene 1 of Hanns Johst’s play Schlageter, which was performed in 1933 for Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

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    1. Thanks for the link and that article indeed makes a lot of sense. It answers some questions but not all. There is no one who truly knows what is going on inside the head of a madman stuck somewhere back in the 1950s.

      German geopolitical analyst Ulrich Speck wrote:

      “For Putin, destroying Ukraine’s independence has become an obsession…. Putin has often said, and even written, that Ukraine is not a separate nation, and should not exist as a sovereign state. It is this fundamental denial that has led Putin to wage this totally senseless war that he cannot win. And that leads us to the problem of making peace: either Ukraine has the right to exist as a nation and a sovereign state, or it hasn’t. Sovereignty is indivisible. Putin denies it, Ukraine defends it. How can you make a compromise about the existence of Ukraine as a sovereign state? Impossible. That’s why both sides can only fight on until they win.

      “Normally wars that take place between states are about conflicts they have between them. Yet this is a war about the existence of one state, which is denied by the aggressor. That’s why the usual concepts of peacemaking — finding a compromise — do not apply. If Ukraine continues to exist as a sovereign state, Putin will have lost. He is not interested in territorial gain as such — it’s rather a burden for him. He is only interested in controlling the entire country. Everything else for him is defeat.”

      Ukraine expert Taras Kuzio added:

      “The real cause of today’s crisis is Putin’s quest to return Ukraine to the Russian orbit. For the past eight years, he has used a combination of direct military intervention, cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, economic pressure, and coercive diplomacy to try and force Ukraine into abandoning its Euro-Atlantic ambitions….

      “Putin’s ultimate objective is Ukraine’s capitulation and the country’s absorption into the Russian sphere of influence. His obsessive pursuit of this goal has already plunged the world into a new Cold War….

      “Nothing less than Ukraine’s return to the Kremlin orbit will satisfy Putin or assuage his fears over the further breakup of Russia’s imperial inheritance. He will not stop until he is stopped. In order to achieve this, the West must become far more robust in responding to Russian imperial aggression, while also expediting Ukraine’s own Euro-Atlantic integration.”


  2. According to Hanke’s international misery index, as of 2020, Ukraine is the 47th worst place in the world to live. This figure is achieved from interest, unemployment data, and inflation rates (less year over year percent change in per-capita GDP growth). I’m sure having a Russian tank drive through your living room has an impact on the misery index and may explain why people are migrating to Poland (and other countries). The question is, will this wartime event result in a cultural diaspora, or is the migration away from Ukraine merely temporary? We can’t know the answer to that question … yet. But I do agree with you that the Smithsonian is looking to preserve things, while the real concern should be saving lives. What we should all understand is that part of Russia’s message to the “other guys” is … LOOK WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU if you irritate us!!! It is a strong message. Do any of the western leaders care, beyond an occasional tsk tsk tsk? Probably not.

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    1. This begs the question what is Russia’s misery index for the worst countries to live in? I am sure they do not rank much higher or lower. These nations are poor. Russia on the other hand is not a poor nation but keeps its people suppressed. The way Russia helped its people during the height of the pandemic for example would be comparable to going to the Salvation Army for a box of food, that is literally what Russia did. People in western nations do not grasp how terribly poor many are and just how good we live. Even the poor in our nation live far better than in these nations and others, yet the handout crowd still complains

      Of course, governments do not care. Why would they? Governments BARELY care about their own citizenry let alone that of another nation? I think not. It is all lip service and looks like this time the cat ate the canary. Harris cackled like one before asked what the US planned to do to help the refugees and never answered the question.

      The Smithsonian is off base. Greedy rich people and entities care little to nothing for people.


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