Calling It Like It Is – WRONG – A Word the Corrupt Left Hate

It would take me years of writings to tell you about exactly when the left-wing nut cases and the fake news began creating a nation of brainwashed demented people. It would be ridiculous to talk about at this point how the Democrats have used African Americans and Hispanics to garner votes with promises they never have lived up to or kept for that matter. My question is why have African Americans and Hispanics never questioned this? Why do those who do question it, such as Candace Owens, for example, get lambasted into oblivion?

Let’s start with Obama, that is when it all began with his speech spewing to our military that “white people have the privilege” that other ‘colors’ do not.” Obama may have started the race war, but it never ended there. It caught on and then Black Lives Matter rose up. According to, yes, it is in the dictionary now, BLM means “a political and social movement originating among African Americans, emphasizing basic human rights and racial equality for Black people and campaigning against various forms of racism.”

The above leads to the saying “white privilege,” or “white skin privilege,” which is the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people in some societies, particularly if they are otherwise under the same social, political, or economic circumstances benefit from. This led to Critical Race Theory (CRT), which refers to a way of analyzing systems or institutions, and power through a lens of race and racism. Now, this sets the backdrop to what I am going to share with you.

It is okay to hate white people

On Sunday afternoon around 5:00 PM, I was on my way home from Walmart. I arrived at the complex I live at and proceeded through the parking lot going about 5 miles an hour due to the speed bumps. When I was about to round the corner right in front of my car, and thank God I had plenty of time to stop in mine, was this ‘jeep looking hummer,’ dark maroon in color – all decorated up with gold decor around all the passenger windows, which were all black not tinted stood directly in front of my vehicle. I had no idea who was driving, who they were, or what they could be doing in that vehicle. I had no room to veer to the right so I veered to the left and literally parked next to the car there.

This person driving this vehicle after that one would have expected to proceed forward so that I would be able to make the turn. They did not. Instead, they moved their vehicle semi-counter clockwise to block me in. At first, I did not believe this was really happening to me. I could not move forward or backward without hitting the other vehicle. I was alone, I did not know what to do – I felt helpless just sitting there. I was tempted to open my window and nicely ask them to move but I felt that would provoke them. I mean here I am blocked in so anything could happen. After sitting there five minutes the vehicle moved just enough so I could back out, but not forward. It was a close call because at any time that vehicle could have moved and I would have struck it. Fortunately, I was able to back out slowly and safely.

I had to hold my temper because believe me I was tempted to ask the driver what their problem was but my good sense told me to just drive by and not even look. As I slowly proceeded to the far right I could see from my peripheral vision that the driver’s window was down, but due to the sun, I could not see his face. How did I know it was a man? His voice and what happened next shocked me to my core.

Apparently, this person also lives at my complex, which is a mix of nationalities, and races not limited to any race or nationality. Then the onslaught of words came, “You effing white b****! Sick of your ‘white privilege.’ I know you live here and I am going to effing get you and smash that car up!” I began to speed, which I never do to my parking place. I never looked back and I am remiss to add I took no pictures of the vehicle or license plate since my windows are not tinted or black I would have been seen and did not want to escalate an already ugly situation.

After parking and retrieving my bags I hurriedly went to my apartment home and told my husband. I made a non-emergency phone call to the police and was thankfully able to make a report of the incident because I was threatened as well as my property – just to have it on record in case anything should befall my vehicle for the insurance company should I ever need it. I plan to call the manager of our complex and inform her of what happened and that these people live on this property who threatened not only me but my property, along with a description of the vehicle. The only fortunate thing is that the vehicle stands out with its dark maroon color, the gold decor around the passenger windows, and its black windows – not tinted, literally black.

This is not the first time where I live that I have been shouted at and accused of “white privilege.” There have been many times and I am not counting. Too many. White people where I live are in the minority, there are plenty of African Americans, Hispanics, Indians, Pakistanis, some Asians, and some white people. Up until the pandemic, this was once a nice and quiet community. After the pandemic, into our now endemic – I find the new tenants that replaced many of those poor souls who lost their apartments due to losing jobs and not being able to afford to live here any longer – well, they rented to utterly low-class people with no character or self-respect. I have no problem ignoring such people. However, when you threaten people who have not given you cause you step over that fine line in the sand. One can no longer feel safe or secure where they live or places they frequent. In the D.C. Metro Area, it is becoming increasingly clear that the effects of Obama starting this “white privilege” nonsense and it branching out into BLM, and CRT is ruining the very fiber of our society and nation.

For me, I have never judged anyone based on the color of their skin or ethnicity. I have based what I know about a person on the content of their character – if they keep their word and if they are honest, or will admit when they have wronged and sincerely apologize. I have never cared about how much money one makes or their position or life’s work. There are plenty of successful rich people that are admired only later to find out they are scum. Bill Gates is a prime example of that as are many others.

Yet it is not even the left selling the narrative of “white privilege.” Some Trump supporters have begun a website promoting a White Privilege Card, which by the way they are apparently now “sold out” of at the Official Joel Patrick Store. I find this absolutely disgusting and playing right into the hands of BLM and CRT. This does not constitute change it embellishes race wars.

As to me, yes, I was almost accosted in my own complex parking lot trapped in my car without being able to move. I was assaulted verbally for no apparent reason as if any reason could be good – as it was uncalled for, and should never have taken place. It has left me unnerved and brought me to the conclusion that it is not safe for me as a “white woman” to go out alone any longer day or night without my husband. I would not call the U.S. the ‘land of the free’ any longer. I cannot carry a concealed weapon. If I do have a weapon, a gun, to protect myself it must be empty. That is not protection. However, my husband is a former military man and always thinks ahead and left a very lethal open knife with the handle up for easy access in the driver’s door sleeve for self-protection. That is probably not legal either where I live. There are few laws to protect our person.

In conclusion, if push came to shove, and thank God it did not – it was a vehicle trapping me in and later a verbal assault due to my being white – had it escalated and I was physically attacked – I would not have hesitated a minute to defend myself and use that knife, which is why I will not go out alone here again. We all are not safe. I no longer feel safe in my own nation. There is no safe haven for us any longer. One always asks why? Well, I say ask Obama why he told that first lie? White is a color and being white gives no privilege. Privilege is earned by your character, your work ethic, and how you treat others.

In American law, this is what privilege really means – privilege is a certain entitlement to immunity granted by the state or another authority to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis. Land titles and taxi medallions are examples of transferable privileges that can be revoked in certain circumstances. In modern democratic states, a privilege is conditional and granted only after birth. By contrast, a right is an inherent, irrevocable entitlement held by all citizens or all human beings from the moment of birth. Various examples of old common law privilege still exist to title deeds, for example. Etymologically, a privilege means a “private law”, or rule relating to a specific individual or institution.

So, forget all that for now – if you are white – the liberals, fake news, and their ilk will tell you – you have “white privilege.” Whites too are promoting this narrative demanding CRT be taught in our schools. Now, I was threatened yesterday while I was in my vehicle and verbally assaulted, yes, now you get it! Just because I am white. So I am calling it out for what it is – WRONG – and the corrupt Left just hate that word – WRONG!

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  1. As I read, I think I held my breath for a while there during the time you were stuck in that predicament! Praise the Lord nothing physically happened and you are okay! I cannot even imagine how terrifying that must have been for you, Liz! Thank God you stayed level-headed and didn’t let it provoke you into something irreversible. We read about these types of things happening all over the country. I’ve not seen yet that it’s happened in our area, but that’s not saying it hasn’t. Or that it won’t. I stay alert at all times when I’m out doing things. Jerry can’t always be with me, and his diabilities are limiting anyway (although, if he saw something happening to his wife, I’m sure he’d be like a grizzly bear let loose). I’m rarely out after dark, but people nowadays, they’re doing things in broad daylight! I know where I live in the middle of the country, and where you are in the DC Metro are worlds apart, but evil is evil and satan is on the loose. I always believed, even back then, that BO was/is a minion of the satanic world… his words let loose a torrent that has been growing ever since. I’m sick of being blamed for things that happened a hundred years before my life began, and sick of the people who automatically assume that I think I have some sort of privilege simply because of the color of my skin. I will be praying a hedge of protection around you, and your husband, from now on. I’m extremely glad and thankful you are okay!

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    1. There was a time that was safe, not that the world was ever really safe. Bad things have always happened. Most people used to believe bad things only happened at night, but things have happened during the day too – we are just less guarded. It can happen anywhere to anyone. The hate continues to discriminate. Once it grows in one’s heart against a race of people it does not ever really dissipate. It is hard to see things clearly today. Or for me less clearly. I too am tired of being discriminated against because now I am the wrong color and those hating feel justified for this due to what happened like you said 100 years before I was born. Worse still is what happened then is not now. So many things have changed for the better and worse. Blacks have many prominent roles in society, sports, music, acting, all sorts of fields of professions and have contributed to society. It is these low-life people that perpetuate this type of hate and many white people are just as bad.

      I do thank God nothing escalated. I was in shock the whole time I was going through it and in a daze all last evening. The idea that it happened to me makes one realize this is real, it is no longer just someone else because it could happen to anyone-it happened to me. Thank God I was not shot or murdered or raped and beaten. So many things could have gone wrong. I am a praying person so I know the good Lord knew this was going to happen and sent His angels to protect me. I appreciate the prayers and the blood hedge of protection. That is so important.

      I do not and did not even feel safe in Walmart late yesterday afternoon. The behavior of people in the Metro D.C. area – I am in a suburb of D.C. is disgusting. No etiquette or polite behavior. There is no mindfulness of others. Like I said I will no longer be going out alone. It is just not worth it. People can not be trusted any longer and what we hear on the news regarding reverse racism is very true.

      Again, thank you my friend for your prayers and God bless you and keep you and yours safe too.


      1. Elizabeth,
        I will no longer be going out alone. It is just not worth it.

        I hear that!

        And this terrorism happened in broad daylight where you live — here in America.


        I thank the Lord that you were able to get away. But having to live in fear because of a bunch of racist punks shows us that America has reached a terrible tipping point.

        I hope that you slept well last night. Had the above happened to me, I doubt that I’d have slept a wink!

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  2. AOW, to answer your last question, I slept deep but woke up at 5:30 AM, which is unusual for me. Typically we are up between 7 – 8 AM. So I feel exhausted and made myself a cup of coffee. I think I might need two to actually wake up. I typically can fall back asleep when I am up early, but not today.

    Yes, I agree this is a form of terrorism. It is definitely domestic terrorism right in our front and back yards, literally. It is disgusting and sad. When I remember the nation I grew up in, strong, proud, good, with decent people of all races, religions, and nationalities – then fast forward to today. No comparison. We live in a very evil nation and a more evil world than back when we were growing up. It was surely never perfect or utopia, but it was not like today. I remember in Chicago in front of the regional department store, Gately’s coined “The People’s Store,” people used to leave their babies in buggies in front of the store unattended. Something that became unheard of by the 1970s onward.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts towards me and well wishes, I truly appreciate it and yes, we both thank God because we do know it could have been worse. I wish this for no one and none of us should have to deal with this hate. It is wrong.

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  3. There has always been “class privilege” derived through social capital (have you been watching “The Gilded Age“?). People who use the term “white privilege” are simply racists who misapply the term to class privilege for the sake of increasing their own social capital (yet diminish it for others by exhibiting their own stupidity at the same time). The social hierarchy also requires a certain “snobbery” to enforce it… and tends to turn the disfavoured “lower classes” into social pariahs. Whiteness is now a disfavoured element in “the new elitism”. So, don’t get mad. Theirs is a but a temporary pyrrhic victory. This social fad too shall change.

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    1. That defeats the point, IMO. Why have a “society” at all if you need to do your own dirty work.

      I’m not saying that you don’t have to remind people of the need for one and what its’ rules are. I’m just saying that it should be a “last” resort, not the “first”. It took Samuel Colt to actually make all men equal, but who needs “laws” if we’re all need to play the singular role of its’ sheriff?

      After all, how many duels could Burr or Hamilton fight in a day?

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  4. The lesson here is that the United States will never run out of a-holes. My guess is that there’s a surplus of them because no matter where you go in America, you’re likely to run into one or two. What happened to you, Elizabeth is an assault. An assault is a felony. It occurs when someone offers a threat that causes another party to have a reasonable fear or concern for their safety or that of their family/loved ones. Bunkerville is right … that’s why we have a Second Amendment; most of us, as citizens of our states, have an absolute right of self-defense… but until there is an unambiguous threat to our life beyond someone mouthing off, the use of a firearm is inappropriate. In your situation, a 9-1-1 call might have been appropriate. But I would definitely file a police report of the incident, and I’d inform the management that they need to get something done about public safety within your housing complex. Otherwise, sue their ass.

    As to the racial aspect of this, sadly, there are more punks than not … but I would urge you to remember that not every black person is a punk looking for trouble. And there’s also a good chance that while the mouthing-off part was racial, the cause was probably drugs, booze, and/or a paucity of brain cells. Seriously. Remember that Hank Johnson thought Guam might capsize … and he finished law school. I’m so happy AOW got away from that place … and I hope you’re looking in that direction, too.

    Thanks for this post, Elizabeth. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

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  5. Thank you, Mustang. Exactly what I needed to hear right now. My husband wants to move to Florida, but I want to go back to the midwest. Being from Chicago, that is a brainer – no way now! I am thinking about either Indiana or down to San Antonio, TX. Well, we are still in the deciding stage. My best friend is in North Judson, IN, and with AOW not around here it is appealing because I can go visit. Maybe Alexandria, IN. I really am not sure now with the economic mess Biden has created so I will stay put for a minute. 😉

    You are right about 2A and so is Bunker. I will say I would never use deadly force or a weapon of any kind unless my life was in absolute danger. I do not take to guns and weapons, but when one must protect their own life I do believe that is the correct thing to do. Take them out any way you can meaning use what is available at least to knock them out good. I do not ever want to kill someone even if they have ill will and want to kill me.

    Yes, there are arses all over the US and I pay no mind to them – in fact, I ignore most of them. Yesterday however was hard to ignore. I will stay with the management. The police here are worthless. I would rather have a Chicago cop deal with this at least they act like cops. They are wimps here. As to management, I am not holding my breath. I’ll just have to call the owner. He will take care of it I am sure of that. He is truly a nice man.

    I thank God for all the good in my life and work to ignore the rest. My dad told me once when I confessed to him that I was feeling depressed and sad that “the day is what you make it.” Wise words I always try to live by to remain upbeat and positive because many have it much worse and my father lead a very hard life in his youth and when he came here to the US so who am I to complain. We all have our stories, my friend.

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  6. Z, it is interesting that you mention it could have been a drug deal going on. My husband John said the same thing. Maybe they were so doped up they did not know what they were doing and when I was able to get out and drive away they just spewed the filth they hear on fake news and that ilk. I don’t know that for sure because the windows were literally black. I know you can have tinted glass but I thought it was illegal to have windows that you cannot see through while driving, at least that used to be law, but like everything else, it has all changed.

    I thank God nothing worse happened and that – that was as worse as it got. When I think about what could have happened I literally shudder.

    God bless you too, Z!


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