What is the meaning of “hope?” The dictionary describes hope as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” When you look into the Bible hope is described as “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” What are your hopes?

We hope to be healthy, we hope to attain a good job, we hope our car does not break down. There are myriad of hopes one can hope for. Do you hope for a government that is honest with justice prevailing? Do you hope that our cities will become safe? Do you hope for what you have no control over and have forgotten where to place your real hope?

Hope in God

As long as one hopes in the things of this world, you will always be disappointed. We can hope for a better world and government system, but in reality, this world will continue to move forward as it always has, corrupt because men’s hearts are filled with evil desires and forsaking others. It has gone on for eons and this is nothing new to man.

As I said above the Bible is clear that hope is “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” The Bible says also “hope deferred makes the heart sick.” Hoping and praying that our government will be honest is not bad. Honestly, we all hope this. Will it happen, I hope it will because for me hope is also evidence of things not seen. Right now we see little hope and future for our nation, which is undeniably on a downward trajectory.

A more sure hope is the hope we place in God. Man cannot be forced to believe in God, nor forced to have morals due to the free will God has given each of us. Morality cannot be legislated, but a nation like ours without morals cannot continue to stand and prosper. God had turned his back in many ways on this nation. In the US alone over a generation of children would be comparable to a generation of people who have been slaughtered, but animals are mourned while abortion is celebrated. Yet we hope a nation like this to prosper and do good when it kills its future children? How different is the US from ancient nations that worshiped false gods and sacrificed their children to Baal or Moloch?

If you believe you do not see hope, or only glimmers of hope look to your Bibles where hope abounds in every line and between every sentence. Fill yourself with Godly hope, because if you are hoping in this government you will inevitably always lose hope. Hope in man is fleeting but hope in God is from everlasting to everlasting.

When a nation such as the US is so divided it cannot stand lest we all be agreed. The Bible is clear that “two cannot walk together if they are not agreed.” So many opinions, so many disagreements, so much hate, and strife. Russia and China will not destroy us, we will destroy ourselves.

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  1. I want to play the contrarian today. Hope. Human beings are the only species on earth who think death isn’t final. When you stop and think about it, that’s pretty arrogant. Going back in time as far as you wish, humans have had this notion that when they die, they go to some other place: Valhalla, or Mount Olympus, or heaven, or hell … and this final destination all depends on how one behaves him or herself on earth while they were alive. I submit that this thinking is flawed, but understandably so — we simply lack the mental capacity to think things through — and besides that, how can we know for sure that which we do not know for certain?

    Why is this thinking flawed? Because it withholds reward or punishment until after death when no one can see the reward or punishment. If you wanted to make people become better people, and if the punishment was part of that matrix, then observing people getting zapped with a bolt of lightning should do it.

    Punishment for murder is severe because murder is a cardinal sin. If a human being takes the life of another, certain societies may demand that they forfeit their life, as well. Other societies require that murderers be locked up away from mainstream society, where they cannot hurt anyone — well, anyone other than prison mates. And yet, even a murderer can be admitted to heaven if they admit their guilt and ask forgiveness. This is what I do not understand. When one considers the devastating impact of murder, not just upon the victim but their loved ones, friends, neighbors … particularly in the murder of a child (the truly innocent) … does “I’m sorry” really cut it? Does it matter who the victim was?

    I have to ask myself if I want to spend all eternity with a murderer. I mean, truly, is that my reward for doing my best to live a life of obedience to God’s commandments — that I get to bunk with a murderer? Maybe I don’t want everlasting life if that’s the efficient part of the promise of hope. Well, I suppose if it is at all true (and we have nothing but our faith and crossed fingers … and hope not to die), we don’t get any choice in the matter. There are only two places to end up, right? Heaven or hell. It’s almost a no-brainer: one ticket to heaven, please. But what happens if I were to refuse to bunk with a murderer? Does that mean I have to come back as a Democrat?

    Well, in any case, the Ten Commandments were too burdensome, so the scripture tells us that Jesus modified them. He reduced them to only two commandments. We can’t even do that, which leads me to inquire further: do any of us genuinely deserve life after death? Seriously — if we’re that stupid, maybe not.

    One final contrarian thought: what does it say about the human condition IF our only motivation for being “good” is that we will one day get to go to Disneyland (rather than spending our spiritual life inside the Washington beltway)? Maybe we should look at “hope” as a unit of energy. Do I spend that unit of energy wishing for life eternal (possibly with a murderer or a forgiven sex fiend), or should I spend it helping someone who does need a helping hand?

    Well, anyway, Elizabeth … this was a thought-provoking post. Thanks for helping me warm up the brain cells on this unseasonably cold morning.

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    1. I was taken by your views, but to some degree, because I get you – I suppose I should have not expected a different response from you especially. I agree with little you wrote, but that is okay. I just would “hope” you could look to God anyways – despite all the rest – and have “hope” that no matter what – God loves you.

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    1. ps – On a personal note, that’s my mother from 3:18 to about 3:23 dancing with the bald “Russian” front stage L -> R across the screen. My parents were in Madrid, Spain when 55 Days in Peking was filmed, and my mom got a part as an extra.

      It’s not much of a dance… flawed as it is, but I still love it.

      She was in The Fall of the Roman Empire (also filmed in Spain), as well… but most of her performances must have ended up on the cutting room floor, for we’ve never spotted her.


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  2. I was reading Mustang’s comment, focusing on a sentence in the first paragraph. He is right, people think they can get to Heaven (or wherever they believe they’re going) by their goodness or works, and that’s simply not true. God just wants us to accept His Son as our Savior, to be washed clean of our sins, to take Jesus into our hearts and our lives. But the biggest percentage of people say “that’s too easy! there must be more to it than that!” But that’s all that God’s Word says… take Jesus as your Savior. He made it simple from the start. (I want to add, it sure is hard being a human being. I’m so tired of it! Ha!) Blessings, my friend!

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