Why Many Women Are Unstable And Miserable Like AOC

Some women have succumbed to feminism and hatred that can be seen written on their faces. Many women are spewing hatred towards men which appears to be the only thing making them feel they have self-worth and feel good about their own shallow lives. It’s no wonder they like to come to social media venues to spew some of the most hideous insults, violent threats, and rampant sexist verbal abuse for merely having different opinions. AOC is notorious for making the most stupid videos in the name of looking “intelligent.”

Blaming men is the root of their problems. It is their husband’s fault or their father’s fault – or their boyfriends. Instead of owning up and taking responsibility for themself, they blame men. Many women feel entitled to have men act in a way that they want them to and cater to their needs, it’s natural that the “misogynists” should be scapegoated if anything goes wrong in their own lives. Not AOC, remember when she was down in Florida? She not only caught COVID – she ran around flirting with all the men, and from the looks of it – she truly believes all men want her. The way AOC speaks is akin to hate speech against men up at the Capitol. She even has Biden on her leash and he is quite intimated by her.


Aside from acting like men and disgustingly tattooing themselves into freaks, women still can’t help but engage in the female hobby of attention-seeking – less than lady-like behavior. Instead of embracing the gift of femininity and their roles as wives, mothers, women of today – even some grandmothers – try too hard to usurp the male roles around them and within society in the name of equality.  The latter reminds me of AOC and do not be fooled she is vying for Chuck Schumer’s seat.

Women are strong and capable, but they are playing the perpetual victims who need government protection, and AOC believes all the men in the government “want her.” Women want to be beautiful and garner attention, but they want to avoid being “objectified.” Many women preach about equality amongst the sexes, but they still want all the privileges that come with being a woman. These are just a few of so many contradictions that women must juggle as ideology battles biology for dominance in their indecisive minds. The latter is why AOC is so dangerous. Her narrative makes no sense and she is too self-absorbed to realize she is a failure at helping her own constituents. Sure love yourself, just do not be “in love” with yourself like AOC is.

With society bolstering the egos of women far beyond their true value helping to inflate egos around the country, it is certainly never about their intelligence, character, or the quality of their knowledge as it should be. Therefore it should not surprise us to see women like AOC with extremely entitled and bratty attitudes who expect and expect the world to deliver whatever it is that they decry for. This is why you see AOC throwing tantrums like a child when she does not get her way.

AOC is a slave to our government and she does not even realize she is being used. She is not aware of others in Congress that see her as a useful idiot, barring “The Squad,” which are all useful idiots. We as a society will all eventually pay for the stupidity of such women, and it has to stop. Our nation will never move forward and surpass the stigma created by “The Squad” if their ring leader “AOC” does not get it together. However, that is the problem, she does not get it nor does she believe anything is wrong with her person – she is as perfect as they come in her small mind of idiosyncrasies. Feminism is destroying women, so, therefore, it is men that need to stop giving in to this inappropriate behavior in and out of the workplace. It is time men stop voting eye candy like AOC and vote for a person based on merit, not sex appeal.

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  1. Ironically, I posted a similarly themed post today, albeit from the polar opposite perspective.

    AOC is indeed a walking caricature of herself. She’s vapid and empty, and not terribly attractive in my opinion [pointing to your last line]. In a narrow sense, she certainly stands apart….but in the broader sense, she’s joined by a panoply of similar clowns who our fellow countrymen and women elect to represent us, across the spectrum.

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  2. AOC is but a poorly represented “image” in a “society of the spectacle” who does her best and yet fails to create a suitable image that “fits in” to it. Perhaps she has chosen the wrong spectacle in which to participate. She is surely better suited for this one.


  3. FJ I enjoyed your link but she is too manish and egotistical for even that. AOC has a spectacle, however, what is sad is that she does not care. When you do not care you do not do a good job. I hope her constituents see right through her and never re-elect her. That would be sweet revenge.


    1. She is a simulacra of a politician. She got her job by “auditioning” for it. She belongs on “The Bachelor” for she is a representation of a Representative, not a “true/ original” one.

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