The USA Is The Axis Of Evil

US officials are lying about Biolabs in Ukraine. The Biden administration is funding these labs. They will not answer questions other than to deny their existence. Fact checks are rigged. It is pathetic that Russia and China are coming out with this information and for 20 years the US has denied the world access to these sites – for oversight – for the safety of the people in our increasingly growing small world.

You can call me anti-American – I do not care. I am anti-lying and our officials have done just that – lied. We can ask why, but we will never receive an honest answer. All the while the US is calling North Korea, China, Russia, and Arab Nations the “Axis of Evil,” while all along it has been the US going around and sneaking behind our backs. Our government officials say nothing – believing they do not have to answer to anyone, not even their own citizenry.

I do not know this US I live in and I do not want to know it. It is not the US I grew up in and I am ashamed that we had involvement in Wuhan, in these Biolabs in Ukraine, and that not one darn US official ever told us the truth. Is this the kind of America we deserve? No, but unfortunately this is the America we get and God help us all!

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      1. I’m not shooting the messenger, just fascinated by the pendulum swing of trust / disdain for ‘fact checkers’, depending on the topic and the political angle. As well as the veracity of the ‘fact checking’ itself. Let’s not forget that Russia has us beat when it comes to Information Operations [dis/misinformation].

        The other side to this coin, one which I’m pretty familiar with [but I’m not asking you to take my word for it], is that the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) assists and provides some funding to labs that are operated by partner countries such as Ukraine. DTRA’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program manages partnerships with labs, which worked with the Russian Federation government after the fall of the Soviet Union, to secure weapons of mass destruction, including the remnants of the massive Soviet bioweapons program. Similar to what we provided with regard to nuclear weapons in these former Soviet states.

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        1. I worked as a contractor on the US ChemDemil program. As we destroyed our Chemical weapons we discovered that the Soviets weren’t destroying theirs (couldn’t afford the robotics, etc. to do it safely) so we “assisted” them.

          And I’m not complaining about the facilities, so much as the constant LYING and even worse ACTIVE SUPPRESSION OF TRUTH.

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        2. Thank you for confirming what I am say. The lying is what really bothers me. I disdain lying. Tell me the truth even if I have a fit, I’ll get over it but lie to me? I’ll never trust you again. I do not trust any government -including ours – ever.


        3. All of our classified compartmented contracts at Lockheed Martin had both, shell companies AND covers. Even the DoD budget had them, ala PAVE BLUE. TACIT BLUE, ASSAULT BREAKER, et al.


  1. I am entertained however [even knowing the actual purpose of these lab, not just the Russian propaganda], that the media of certain demographics are in a tizzy about the “Biden Administration funding “bioweapons” labs“….whereas the purpose has been known, and our assistance to the labs have been in operation since…..2005.

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        1. I’m sure that the entire corrupt SSCI was in on it, as they’re the one’s pushing a war in Ukraine (IMO). The SSCI is “corruption central” for the new American oligarchy. Trump should have known better than to mess with IC. As schumer said, they’ve got a million ways to bite you.

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        2. …and Rubio needed a little “plausible deniability” that America was funding bio-WEAPONS research, especially after the COVID/Hunan fiasco.

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  2. DTRA’s Pope rewrote much of what he posted Feb 25…. at the time and I quote:

    Pope further insisted that all pathogens present at the Ukrainian laboratories were safe as long as they were kept frozen, but power outages caused by damage to the buildings (from warfare, for example) could pose a problem.

    The pathogens with which the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program labs work are generally kept frozen, so they can’t replicate and become infectious. The risk the pathogens pose would increase if a building lost power and suffered damage. “If you lose the electrical power, the pathogens in the freezers warm up,” he said. “If the ventilation system is damaged, or the building itself is damaged, and these now ambient-temperature pathogens are able to escape the facility, then they can be potentially infectious in the region around the facility.”

    Furthermore, the safety protocols of the Ukraine labs are not without concern. “They have more pathogens in more places than we recommend,” Pope said, in what sounds like a serious understatement.

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  3. I certainly agree with the argument that UKR isn’t Biden’s doing. To make that argument, you’d have to first admit that Biden was capable of sophisticated thinking — and we all know that isn’t true. No, the RUS-UKR problem began in earnest around 28 years ago and only got worse because the U.S. has the world’s worst diplomats and strategists.

    What people do not understand is that the U.S. government is SO large, no high-ranking official can be aware of everything that’s going on within his or her agency in any one day.

    Assume that an individual with every good intention suggested 35 or so years ago that the U.S. diversify the locations of its bio-weapons efforts to reduce the possibility that they’d be discovered as a violation of one protocol or another. Would Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump-Biden know that? I doubt it.

    This is the problem with very large governments. And because hundreds (if not thousands) of such programs are classified above burn before reading, no one talks about them.

    The scary version? We have bureaucrats and functionaries serving in the U.S. government who fail to see the problem with bio-war. We are at the mercy of zealots. Seriously … at their mercy. Which probably means we are screwed.

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  4. Yeah this is pretty bad. I was skeptical right up until I read a quote from an adminstration spokesperson saying “This is exactly the kind of false flag effort we have warned Russia might initiate to justify a biological or chemical weapons attack”. They’re not even good liars.


  5. When you have time, do a Google search of Ken Alibek.

    BTW, I just ordered from Amazon The Demon in the Freezer by Richard Preston and Biohazard by Ken Alibek. I have read the former, and it’s bone-chilling.


  6. The Russians are bringing the Ukrainian Bioweapons Research evidence up in the UN Security Council today. Don’t expect any MSM coverage of it.


        1. Well FJ, I hope I do this justice, but like Mustang wrote in a comment to me on this blog, once we pay our taxes that is not our money anymore. It belongs to the government. So we are not funding it, the government is.


        2. Albania is a NATO ally, so their stance matches the US stance. But they do know the Russians a lot better than we do.


        3. Qatar has been designated a “Critical NATO Ally…

          from CTH:
          The purpose of this designation is brutally obvious. The United States is putting Qatar back into the business of brokering arms sales from the U.S. government into Ukraine. Following the geopolitical intervention models previously used in Egypt, Libya and Syria by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Antony Blinken are now repeating the process toward Ukraine.

          In many ways this should not be a surprise. Qatar is the financial hub and support network for the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar is also the arms broker for covert military operations when the U.S. does not want visible fingerprints.

          By making this designation now, the Biden administration is setting up the groundwork for a long-term proxy war between the U.S/NATO and Russia in Ukraine.

          Somehow I believe I’ll be subsidizing a LOT of arms deals for Ukraine… $15+ billion in the Porkubus passed earlier this week.

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        4. Heck, maybe we can rent a few suicide bombers for Ukraine from the Qatar middlemen. Think Osama bin Laden’s kids can rent us some? I hear that Russia’s bringing in some Syrians.


        1. The the Deep State IC bureaucrats @ Langley and Ft. Meade will all get bonuses this year?

          Casus belli is now a fait accompli… “Russia started it!”

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        2. The great part about this war is that no one will need to sell/buy War Bonds to finance it. They’ll get the profits from George Soros’ new Crypto-currency exchanges to pay for the war.

          The man who brought down the Bank of England can put more notches in his belt for the Ruble and Yuan.

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