They’re Calling it Commie Theater

There is something about the Russo-Ukrainian War that isn’t adding up. We see the images on the televised news programs — if news is what you wish to call it — about refugees, and bombs falling on neighborhoods. Well, it is true that innocents always suffer in war, but according to some, the war itself is a setup. Could this also be true?

Writer Wayne A. Root tells us in Townhall, “It’s time for your red pill. Something smells rotten in Ukraine. The story is rotten, rancid, hinky; the story just doesn’t add up. President Joe Biden and the media desperately want you to believe Russia is the bad guy and Ukraine is a little angel. They want you to fall in love with the underdog Ukraine. They want you to support America getting involved on behalf of Ukraine.”

Axis of evil …

To get this support, Root tells us, the Biden and media acolytes intend to sell the American people a bill of goods. Who funded Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Well, it was President Biden, who not only killed the XL Pipeline, he also killed coal, banned drilling, and made us fully reliant on Russian oil. But is this true? Does it even make sense?

What it is, says Root, is “Pure Commie Theater.”

And he tells us to connect the dots. Whose pulling Biden’s strings? Root tells us it’s Soros, and that’s something many on the right do believe even though we’ve not seen the negatives. Root writes that Soros is an evil billionaire who is obsessed with hatred for America. I can’t say whether that’s entirely true. It could be, for example, that Soros simply loves himself more than any other thing. But personally, I wouldn’t put it past Soros … and I base that simply on what I know of the man’s past. I am, sadly, prepared to believe that George Soros is very involved in Ukrainian affairs, but I don’t understand … if it is true … what he stands to gain from such a relationship other than difficulties for the United States and western Europe.

Root also rails against the media — and most of us are certainly prepared to believe their duplicity. Just look at what they did to Trump. Russia-Russia-Russia. Pure lies. And who benefits from such poppycock? Democrats, of course, and all of their insidious enablers.

So then, what must we believe? Is the Russo-Ukrainian war one of that wag the dog moments? If true, wouldn’t that satisfy the requirement for high crimes and misdemeanors? I suppose we cannot know the real truth about this because the American press has stopped telling us the truth … about almost everything.

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    1. That may be true, and I do agree with those who might argue that we should suspect everyone’s motivations who renders an opinion about anything. On the other hand, isn’t it true that the US imports around 700,000 barrels of Russian oil each and every day? Isn’t it true that Biden has restricted American domestic oil and gas exploration while increasing oil wealth in Russia and Venezuela? If Biden was at all pro-American in his policies, then why sanction the American energy sector? Does calling attention to Biden policies make Root a charlatan?


      1. 700,000 is the number I’ve heard recently. May sound like a lot…..but it’s not. And I’m not certain how Biden can “increase wealth in Russia and Venezuela”. Restricting oil and gas exploration is an allegation that is at least debatable…to be generous. And i consider “pro-American” to be as much of a throwaway line as “anti-American”. They have no common definition and no metrics by which to measure their worth as charges.

        Calling attention to policy is not what makes one a charlatan. Trafficking in false or dubious narratives in pursuit of political agendas….is. At least it’s my definition.


    1. I view him as just another sock puppet selling the exclusive Christianity = Patriotism / Patriotism = Trump narrative.

      A lot of people subscribe to that, but I find it, and his writings to be valid and logically unmoored.

      I’ve known of Root for a couple of decades now…..from back when he thought he was a Libertarian.


      1. I find it sad that Christianity is given a bad rap. Not all Christians equal anything. I would hope that Christian morals would guide individuals who say they are Christian and they would do the right thing. It is not anyone’s job to demoralize Christianity based on their patriotism or support of Donald Trump.

        The above would be like saying all people who voted for Biden are as stupid as he is or as nuts as Jen Psaki. It is just not true.

        It is bad when one generalizes.


        1. Yet, I’m not demeaning Christianity. I’m calling out the false rhetoric often employed by charlatans such as Root…..that Christianity (and only Christianity) is mutually inclusive with Patriotism……to the exclusion of other religions or not at all.

          That, is even worse than generalizing.


    1. When America invades we see missiles launched from ships at night on the evening news. When Russia invades, we see missiles landing on apartment buildings in KYIV. See the difference (perspective)?


    2. It’s the kind of coverage (theater) that a godless heathen (or church-state separated government bureaucrat) might devise… not one devised by a compassionate Xtian.


        1. But quite Suddenly, in the years 1930-5, something happens. The literary climate changes. A new group of writers, Auden and Spender and the rest of them, has made its appearance, and although technically these writers owe something to their predecessors, their ‘tendency’ is entirely different. Suddenly we have got out of the twilight of the gods into a sort of Boy Scout atmosphere of bare knees and community singing. The typical literary man ceases to be a cultured expatriate with a leaning towards the Church, and becomes an eager-minded schoolboy with a leaning towards Communism. If the keynote of the writers of the twenties is ‘tragic sense of life’, the keynote of the new writers is ‘serious purpose’.

          The differences between the two schools are discussed at some length in Mr Louis MacNeice’s book Modern Poetry. This book is, of course, written entirely from the angle of the younger group and takes the superiority of their standards for granted. According to Mr MacNeice:

          The poets of New Signatures(1), unlike Yeats and Eliot, are emotionally partisan. Yeats proposed to turn his back on desire and hatred; Eliot sat back and watched other people’s emotions with ennui and an ironical self-pity. … The whole poetry, on the other hand, of Auden, Spender, and Day Lewis implies that they have desires and hatreds of their own and, further, that they think some things ought to be desired and others hated.

          And again:

          The poets of New Signatures have swung back… to the Greek preference for information or statement. The first requirement is to have something to say, and after that you must say it as well as you can.

          In other words, ‘purpose’ has come back, the younger writers have ‘gone into politics. As I have pointed out already, Eliot & Co. are not really so non-partisan as Mr MacNeice seems to suggest. Still, it is broadly true that in the twenties the literary emphasis was more on technique and less on subject matter than it is now.

          The news has, “Gone into politics”. It no longer is interested in providing “truth” (if it ever was).


      1. …cuz I’m not a Christian, and so I’m not getting any “I view him as just another sock puppet selling the exclusive Christianity = Patriotism / Patriotism = Trump narrative.” vibes. I’m just getting a call to discover the truth, vibe.


  1. For a while now, I’ve been feeling that various forces are lining up to push the United States into an outcome that will decimate us one way or another. After all, when I find myself on the same side as the Washington Post, Sean Penn, MSNBC, et al, i very likely am not on the correct side of any given political matter.

    From my perspective at the moment, I believe that this travesty in Ukraine is going to further the Democrats’ Green New Deal, for which we do not have technology so as to make sustainable energy within the financial grasp of most middle Americans.

    I also believe this….We’re headed for a fossil fuel lockdown. We in the middle class will not be able to afford any driving vacations (The hospitality and the tourism industries are going to take a terrible blow, much as our restaurant industry took during the COVID lockdowns), nor will we be able to keep our thermostats at tolerable levels.

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  2. Everybody knows that this invasion of Ukraine is being filmed by Hollywood in a remote desert location, don’t they? Something like that moon landing of a few years ago.


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