What Has This World Become …

I have had it with mainstream and cable news. I am done buying off Amazon and eBay. I am done, but I am still livid. No one is honest anymore. Not the government, not our families, not our friends or neighbors, and worse sometimes our church. I now have to question who I choose to trust and who I choose not to trust and the golden cord that once connected me to this world has become increasingly small. Does anyone really ever tell the truth? Or is that just out of fashion?

What about buying online. They take your money then they claim they deliver your packages and you wait days while the seller is given due deference while you languish waiting to find out if your money will be returned or not. I am sick of it. I am sick of USPS misdelivering their packages and or stealing them. I am sick of Amazon deliveries because God forbid you to live in an apartment complex it is too much to bring packages to your door so they throw them on the porch or in the bushes. By the time you are notified that your order has been delivered, and they do not follow your delivery instructions ever, the packages are gone because some nice old guy or gal decided to help themselves to it.

When you call customer service, wow, they are all in other countries, hard to understand and they believe “all Americans are rich.” That is a joke, I am not destitute thank God, but I am not rich and I do not know any rich people just may be well off. So this notion that all Americans are rich and or spoiled is nonsense. Period! Sorry if this is not socially correct, but it is nice to speak to a fellow American! Ok? Sue me! I want to be understood! Hello? Do you hear me?

Oh let us not forget the media, Fox News is on my hit list. The objectification of the women on Fox News is appalling. Cocktail dresses at 5:00 am or 11:00 am or at any time – sorry I do not think so. The make-up and hair extensions are outrageous. Eye candy mainly for men who are watching is disgusting. Why turn on the news when half the time these women including the judge look like they are ready to go for drinks. Does no one care that since the 1920’s women fought for equal rights and pay, not objectification? People want news not opining about what you think about the news while you’re dressed for a lounge or some brothel. Harsh? Maybe we should be harsh. We have been quiet too long. Why are we putting up with this insanity and nonsense? Hannity is dating Ainsley from their morning show. Watters cheated on his wife and married some 25-year-old former producer of his show. Yet we listen to them tell us what our moral compass should be? I do not think so because their glass houses will break, they always do. I think right now I had better thank God mine is brick and mortar.

Now to you! Where do you stand? Are you to the left or the right or in the middle all indecisive? We need to take our nation back. Put people in offices because they are qualified not because of their color and why are we outsourcing our jobs? Americans need jobs. Americans want to work. Well, at least most of them do. What about the thievery going on at USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery services? What is being done to stop that? I am tired of all the things wrong in this nation and amongst our citizenry and we cannot do a thing about it or can we?

I am a forgiving person because I know I have been forgiven by God, but I am growing impatient with all this insanity in the US and around the world. It is wrong, and it is taxing, and truly I am exhausted. So in conclusion, I will thank you for reading my rant and tell you if you are wondering why I went on this tangent and did not put up the article I had originally planned to – that will be up Wednesday – here is your response.

You see, I am not always the most patient person, but I try to be. I am not always the nicest person when my back is up against a wall and I have to argue with morons to replace my orders or return my money for merchandise not received, and simply put, they do not want to cooperate with you because of some arbitrary rule or some lie they just made up because they can. It is a shady deal to be treated this way and I know I am not the only one.

Who is the stupid one? Them or me? I mean they asked me if I checked my mailbox, looked in my bushes, asked my neighbors, not that they would admit they had my package if they did, so that would do me little good. They ask me to file a complaint with USPS. Really? Do they think I would make phone calls about missing purchases for fun? Do they think I am so stupid that I called without looking in my mailbox or doing much of what they suggested first? I do not have the mental strength as I get older or the patience to deal with such disrespect and ineptitude. Amazon was okay when Americans worked their customer service, not now. I canceled my Prime they can have it all. eBay has had no customer service since 2019 because they said Americans could not understand the outsourced foreigners they hired. Poppycock! Hire Americans, but oh I forgot they too want slave labor. Now they have chat, sometimes, and mostly chat by “BOTS.”

As a paralegal I can tell you that eCommerce Laws do state that until the customer has their merchandise in their possession then it is the responsibility of the seller to resolve the problem so they must 1) refund or 2) replacement. Now you are lucky if they do either! There is no resolution to the problems with my online purchases. I will no longer engage in any online purchasing. I’m out money …. but hey, it’s just another day in this BANANA REPUBLIC!

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  1. We should absolutely have the expectation to get what we pay for with regards to goods and services, and have satisfactory redress when we don’t.

    Don’t get me started on the media. It’s infotainment, nothing more.

    That said, while I wouldn’t call most Americans rich [certainly wealthier than many around the world], I would certainly throw down the blanket generalization of lazy. We’re a consumer-driven, drive-by, disposable society that expects instant gratification…..throws tantrums when we don’t get that….and are unable to sustain ourselves with the basic needs of survival; relying on either the Government or Whole Foods, Walmart, etc. We have prioritized leisure activities over work, family and bettering ourselves as Citizens and providers. This doesn’t apply to every American of course, but a casual survey of any group of people throughout our day, reinforces this notion, for me at least.

    This is my soapbox that I carry with me, in the spirit of Tuesday rants.

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    1. We have prioritized leisure activities over work, family, and bettering ourselves as Citizens and providers. This doesn’t apply to every American of course, but a casual survey of any group of people throughout our day, reinforces this notion, for me at least.

      I love that because it is so true. I agree with what you have written again because it is true, yet it is truly maddening when you really consider that this is the American society and many are not giving thanks that we do not live in Ukraine or God forbid a third world nation. But having lived abroad and also in a considered third world nation the people’s values are very noble and honorable and they treat each other with dignity, for the most part. Something many Americans do not do or won’t do because they do not give a rip about anyone or anything but themselves. Sad.

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  2. Technology offers us many new challenges we never had to contend with in the past. I don’t know about you, but I receive dozens of emails every day from people and companies, or rip off artists, who are soliciting me to click on this, or click on that …. and for the individual who doesn’t know better, “clicking on” is a serious mistake not only for one’s peace of mind, but also for the security of their iPhone, iPad, or e-notebook.

    The lesson here is that if we are going to use the technology, then we have to learn at least enough about it to “know what not to do.” For some, it’s a hard lesson. The things you’ve described are part of this. Who knew about Amazon ten years ago? Here’s what’s worse: no one reads the 20 or so pages of the “agreement” needed to gain access to online sources. If they did read those 20 or more pages, they’d see that the company you’re signing up with has the right to sell your personal information (or share it) with third-party sources. Everyone does it, from Amazon to Wal-Mart to the electric company, which now bills you electronically.

    You’re right. It is a mess. So don’t be surprised to learn that the Russians and Chinese are reading your mail and studying your spending habits at the same time they’re helping themselves to the Pentagon’s closely held secrets.

    Don’t thank me. I’m just very glad I could cheer you up today.

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    1. I am glad you could cheer me up too!

      You’re right. It is a mess. So don’t be surprised to learn that the Russians and Chinese are reading your mail and studying your spending habits at the same time they’re helping themselves to the Pentagon’s closely held secrets.

      I am not surprised that the Russians and Chinese are reading our mail. They have been doing so long before we figured it out and that is sad. The Pentagon has become an open book and their closely held secrets seem to be an open book – almost. It is time people wake up and take charge and make the appropriate changes we have to.

      Fortunately for me Mustang, I only need to learn my lessons once! 🙂

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    1. …as for your disdain for the “male gaze” and it’s corresponding “objectification of women”… it seems to have survived Lindy for a VERY long time. And being male, I think I can understand “why”, too. Both sexes have their mating strategies, and I find the male strategy significantly less complex and more direct. And let’s face it. Fox News isn’t “news”, it’s Infotainment.

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  3. I’m going to be different than the commenters above, although there are various agreements. First, everything you said and then some! I know you understand because of what you see me write on my blog – and maybe realize what I leave out. How coincidental that you chose today to post this … because I’m on the verge of making the same type of post. After listening to a Christian talk radio show yesterday (that I trust and have for many years), all I could think of afterward were how evil and vile and disgusting this world has become. My dad was a WWII veterean … he did not fight for this bs that has taken over life. I miss my dad Every. Single. Day. But I’m glad he’s not here to witness what I see and hear going on in our country and around the world. I don’t like buying online. I need to hold the item in my own two hands to know if it will meet my requirements. The only two times I ever bought online were at the beginning of this scamdemic when they forced the lockdowns on us and Jerry required products (medical) that couldn’t be found in the then-shutdown medical stores. I’m normally the most patient and steady person in my family, but I have my limits. My daughter-in-law once said as we were all sitting around their family table having supper one day while discussing other family members’ personalities and dispositions (or lack thereof), “I know what to expect out of you (referring to her fiance) … it’s this one (pointing to me lol) that you don’t know when the explosion will happen.” She meant it as a joke, we all laughed, but it’s true. I can only be patient and take so much before I have to, as we say, let it out. I completely understand where all of this is coming from that you talk about and I applaud you for being bold enough to name it .. regardless the people who want to try to spin it a different way. THIS blog is YOUR outlet. This ol’ world is making me oh-so-tired. As it becomes worse, I can only lean on Jesus all the more. God bless you, my friend! And one more thing … BRAVO!! stands and applauds

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    1. Diana, you are always a sweetheart to me. I enjoy your blog because it is an outlet for me in a way I am not here because our blogs have very different venues. However, today, this post is really me and you know that from my comments on your blog so I really do appreciate you taking the time to read, comment, and note that this here was no spin zone but actually what I felt. God bless you too Diana. Hugs! 🙂

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        1. You are the second person to tell me this. However this is a WordPress issue and they must resolve it. I have notified them. Thanks Diana. I am seeing the likes in my app they are just not showing on the blog. No worries! 😀

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