Russia Brings Up Trump’s Stolen Election During U.N. Speech

Russia last Wednesday tried to delegitimize the United Nations’ condemnation in reference to its invasion of Ukraine by bringing into question the actions of other countries, including the United States’ “overthrowing” of former President Donald Trump. Talk about getting desperate. Regardless of whether you believe Trump was overthrown or not it has yet to be proven. However, Russia decided to throw dirt for dirt to recuse itself from any responsibility for its invasion of Ukraine.

Trump to this day asserts that he is the rightful winner and continues speaking about the allegations of election fraud. While there were some cases of fraud, as there apparently seems to be during every election, it is claimed that Trump has failed to prove there was significant and widespread fraud that could have changed the outcome.

Nebenzia in his speech at the U.N.

Nebenzia in his speech at the U.N. also targeted the resolution because it did not mention the “illegal coup” in the capital Kyiv, Ukraine in 2014. “The “Revolution of Honor” began with students pushing then-President Viktor Yanukovych and then-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov to sign an agreement with the European Union. It snowballed into a revolution that overthrew the government, sparking a counterrevolution in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of Crimea.” (Source)

Nebenzia lashed out at the United States, Poland, France, and Germany accusing them of conniving with Ukrainians in a coup. Of course, all four countries voted for the resolution condemning Russia’s actions and aggression against Ukraine.

“Along with calling out supposed “hypocrisy” on the resolution, Nebenzia said the information being disseminated about the conflict is inaccurate. He claimed that the Russian military isn’t targeting civilians in its attacks and that contrary information is the result of internet “fakes.”” Well, for such internet “fakes” to really be producing footage showing the atrocities the Russians are committing in Ukraine would have to be magic but it is not. It is real and horrific.

Sergiy Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian permanent representative to the U.N., urged countries to “not turn a blind eye” to the fight and warned that the “evil will never stop.” There was heavy fighting with Russian forces in Bucha, Hostomel, and Irpin, where barely a minute went by without an explosion, according to locals. At least four people all from the same family were reportedly killed as they tried to flee Irpin after Russian mortar shells targeted a damaged bridge they were using. Russia has been striking civilian targets in Ukraine, including hospitals, nurseries, and schools, according to the deputy prime minister of Ukrainian.

Yet Russia would have you believe this is all the result of internet “fakes.” Sadly, this is as “real” as it gets.

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  1. Good piece. Rather ironic speech from a country that essentially has a President for life, jails it’s opposition, supports rigged elections in neighboring States and conducts subversion in opposition States to foment distrust in it’s political and civic institutions.

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  2. None of us should be positioning ourselves to throw the first stone. Before US officials lambast Russia for invading Ukraine, we should stop to contemplate our own behavior in Afghanistan and Iraq. So, who was it, really, behind the attacks on 9/11? Taliban goatherders or the filthy rich Saudis? Who paid for the development of atomic weapons in Pakistan … dirt-poor Pakis or extraordinarily wealthy Saudis, supplemented by U.S. foreign aid? Who paid for the recruitment and arming of thousands of “Taliban” fighters operating between Pakistan and Afghanistan? “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

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    1. I agree that the US should never be the first to cast aspersions towards any nation. Our history is murky more often than not. There was a documentary regarding 9/11 and a relative of George W. Bush was doing some sort of contract work within it, really not sure of the type of work, but before the attack they kept finding white dust on the window sills in the World Trade Towers. There were other strange things happening and also, it was stated that the CIA funded supposedly the attack on the towers and pentagon. 20 years ago I would never believe that, but now it gives me pause to ask, “would they?” This nation claims to be built on “good intentions” and there are many good people in the US, but for all the good, the bad seem to be prevailing. I pray for our nation and our military. I have little hope in the US with Biden in charge. I no longer feel safe.

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      1. Well, Layla … I believe that every bad thing that has ever happened to the American people was either caused by or made worse by the U.S. government. The attack on 9/11 didn’t happen in a vacuum. There is a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But I don’t see ANY good intentions with regard to U.S. Middle East policy. Idiots govern us. Worse than that, though, to all of our detriment, is that the idiots do not know they are idiots. They fancy themselves as the saviors of mankind. To that, I say, Bull Tacos.

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