Anti-Fascist Blues: Their song says it all [Open Post]


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Hat tip: Joe Conservative

16 thoughts on “Anti-Fascist Blues: Their song says it all [Open Post]

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    1. Eat your hearts out all you MSM sponsored “Ed Sullivan’s”. YouTube artists no longer need “middlemen” to showcase their talents. They can self-publish, advertise, AND distribute their products. May the ’68 inspired “cultural capitalism” of the LBJ+ age die an ugly yet still likely painful death!

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  1. Everyone listen up! Has anyone joined President Trump’s social media site – very much like Twitter? I signed up a while back for the app and then had made an account a bit back and today finally got on. OMG, I am one that does not “love” social media. However, Truth has changed my mind 100% and I just loved that Carl Rittenhouse is on there. So happy he is being supported after what this country did to him and the terrible things said about him, especially Biden.


    1. I don’t do social media, and if I did… wouldn’t be Trump’s echo chamber; but I am interested in user experiences with it. I’ve read a bit about the hype followed by dissatisfaction with Gab, GETTR and Parler, with similar restrictions on free speech as the other platforms. Trump’s venue has had a rocky start, beginning with its code. So I’m genuinely curious to see if it thrives or not.

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      1. Yes, you are correct. I just got on today because the waiting list and the number of people that signed up were humungous. There are no glitches and it runs smoothly. There seems to be no real moderation and you are free to speak your mind. I have not come across any shady people or extremists on the platform, and I was concerned about the latter. I will say however if I do come across extremists or any member of an extremist group I will immediately delete my account. I want no part of extremism and/or hate. But so far it has been very pleasant with friendly people. Some Fox News contributors actually interact with you. No snobbery or elitism there like you see on other platforms. I will keep you updated. I want to be on there a while so I can make an honest assessment and let all my friends here know about it. Thanks for asking me! 🙂

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