WEEKEND EDITION: No VP Ever As Stupid as Kamala Harris

Quid pro quo Joe is back in Delaware this weekend. Typical for this farce of a presidency. Biden has to go home every weekend to get fixed up so he can barely make it through one week in D.C. and deal with the real issues the US and world are facing.

While President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine is asking the US to please do more our so-called president has decided to send Kamala Harris to the rescue. Really? Yes of course. Kamala to the rescue and she will visit Poland and Romania. I literally have pity on those two nations. Listen to the video below and listen to how she speaks. She closes her eyes, she cackles, and she cannot complete an intelligent sentence. She is the epitome of stupidity.

“Douglas Murray weighs in on Kamala Harris’ usefulness ahead of her Eastern European trip on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.” (Source) Below:

Jesse Watters: Kamala to the rescue

Has there ever been a vice-president as stupid as Kamala Haris? Seriously the woman is incompetent and it becomes worse than that. Harris is a bully and Biden wants to send her to resolve an issue she knows nothing about, literally? “It’s clear that you’re not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work,” one ex-staffer said in the scathing Dec. 4 piece. “With Kamala, you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully and it’s not really clear why.” (Source) Kamala Harris is in over her head and embarrassing is herself and our nation aside from treating staffers undeniably foul. Just like Biden, she is out of touch with the people, out of touch on history, out of touch on diplomacy.

Let’s talk about just how stupid here:

  1. Kamala Harris slammed for claiming rural Americans can’t photocopy their IDs;

2. Kamala Harris panned for using ‘French accent’ to French scientists while touring Parisian lab;

3. Kamala Harris applauds student who accused Israel of ‘ethnic genocide’ for speaking ‘your truth’;

4. Harris falsely claims ‘we’ve been to the border’ when pressed on lack of visit;

5. Harris boasts of being the ‘last voice in the room’ when Biden decided to pull out of Afghanistan.

The Washington Examiner calls her the most useless vice president of the century. “The vice presidency is a historically thankless job, with John Adams famously lambasting the gig as “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man … conceived,” but in the past few decades, vice presidents have found crucial purposes in their administration. That is, until Harris.” (Source) That last sentence is profound, “That is, until Harris.”

Listen to what Hannity has to say about Harris, she is disgusting.

Sean Hannity 3/4/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS March 4, 2022 … (Note you will have to push ahead on the video to get to the segment on Harris)

Harris applauds African Americans and lauds this over the US citizenry. Everything is about color. I have no problem with anyone’s color, but I do have a problem when we put people in offices they are incapable of handling. I also disdain to nominate any person based on color. What happened to nominate a person based on their character, intelligence, and experience? Harris is the wrong person for the job of vice president.

Where is the shame and outrage amongst the Biden administration? There seems to be none along with no accountability. Aside from Harris being the most ignorant vice president she will be lethally embarrassing the US when she travels abroad to Poland and Romania. The thought of her handling foreign policy is frightening considering she has done nothing on the southern border and lies about having been there. What will she lie about to the heads of state in Poland and Romania? What will she promise our allies that will never be delivered upon? In other words, it is a huge mistake to send her abroad when she cannot even handle mundane jobs here in the US.

Sadly she has never listened to her staff. It was leaked that she is a bully. She refuses advice from her advisors, which are there to help her. How is she going to use diplomacy abroad? Bully Putin? I don’t think so. She will do what she is known best for, talk like an idiot and accomplish nothing. She will boast upon her return of her vague accomplishments when in reality she has embarrassed the US and its citizenry and made us look weak. Thanks to Biden and Harris who are stupid idiots they have made Americans look like stupid idiots around the world. There are no redeeming factors about her and she has no conscious. Can it get more embarrassing than this? Probably.

I pray for the US that it will survive the next three years of this sickening “Biden – Harris” administration. I pray and thank God that our mid-term elections will cast many more Republicans into office overthrowing the Democrats. At this point in time and history, only God can save our nation and maybe a few good votes.

Photo unknown source.

50 thoughts on “WEEKEND EDITION: No VP Ever As Stupid as Kamala Harris

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    1. Reports to the contrary, that was not Willie doing 90 mph in his black Porsche en route to Sacramento Monday. “It was a black Porsche with an afterburner,” says the quick-thinking Willie, “and it passed me like a bullet” . . .

      No CHP dared give Willie Brown a speeding ticket. They’d be unemployed within 15 minutes if they even tried.

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  1. It’s gratifying to know my grandmother was right in telling me, when I was a youngster, that anyone can become president of the United States. Emphasis on anyone A more accurate statement would be hard to find.

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    1. Your grandmother was right. Anyone…

      Trump is always criticized and berated. I am never going to say I liked him 100%, but he did do for the nation, its citizenry and at the very least we were energy independent, had low inflation rates, no supply chain delays, and jobs were at a record high. Also, let’s not forget that the wall on the southern border was being built and the influx of illegals at an all-time low and they called him heartless? I believe it pays not always to have a “lifetime politician” as president.

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    1. Yes, they should be impeached and I am willing to bet no one will do it because the GOPs are not as crazy as those Dems were when Nan spent taxpayer dollars for pens she handed out to everyone and marched with the impeachment of Donald Trump papers with her cronies to deliver them. It was absurd, but you know how it goes, what goes around comes around? It is time to turn this Banana Republic back into a nation we can all once again be truly proud of. Cannot say that with those two idiots in office.


      1. No one will do it, because there are no grounds for impeachment. Unless you want to not just lower the bar, but let it fall to the ground and roll under the couch. Biden is an idiot. So was Trump.

        Impeach a POTUS and VPOTUS because they’re from the opposition party? Cool. I would actually enjoy nonstop, unending gridlock in D.C. for the rest of my days.

        At least the two parties would find time to continually raise taxes and infringe upon my Liberties.


        1. I agree they are all idiots but at least what Trump said was intelligible compared to Biden and Harris. Biden has breached our security just not on the Southern borders but by his debacle in Afghanistan. I don’t want to truly see impeachment but it would be nice if both were forced out of office. They are not competent. Do I want Trump back in the office – NO WAY!

          What I would like to see is a fully run house and senate with the republicans in seats Dems used to hold. The border to stop bleeding, rescuing those we left in Afghanistan, and to drill our own oil so we can get out of the nasty throne rooms of oil in Saudi Arabia and stop buying from Russians when we could produce our own. If there is only one redeemable trait for Trump it was that he made sure we were not energy-dependent on anyone.

          What has Biden done to this nation? Not one good thing to it or for it and the same applies to Harris.


        2. A quibble I have is the ‘energy independence” narrative. If we use the commonly agreed upon definition – that we produce more than we import….that trend began in 2006 and peaked in 2019. Trump is just as responsible for that, as Bush and Obama were. Trump just didn’t drive the bus off of the cliff. But something certainly happened in 2019….

          And I likewise hold three POTUS’s responsible for Afghanistan. Credit to Trump for signing the withdrawal agreement. Credit to Biden for following through with it.


        3. Follow the Hunter money, CI. Follow the “Non-Profit” money. I don’t know a single US Senator that not on the take. They don’t become millionaires on the public salaries they collect. They impeached Trump because it wouldn’t expose their “methods” of graft and corruption.

          They’re all dirty. No one “prosecutes” because no one wants to upset/expose the applecart.

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        4. ps- The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is a den of corruption and graft. Foreign bribes are ALL that they do. The “John McCain Leadership Institute” was amongst the worst. A pillar to a corrupt mans vanity/hubris.


        5. Nancy Pelosi learned from her mother about “family graft” and taught it to her son. Her dad was a Baltimore mayor, as was her brother. Just ask John Kerry’s son how to cash in a Senator’s power.

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        6. I pity the Ciivil Servant @ Dept. of Justice who ever attempted to prosecute one of America’s Senatorial “royals”. He wouldn’t last 5 seconds…

          People can be relieved that Representatives can’t trade stocks anymore… LOL! Who needs stock when the whole candy store exists for you own personal “sampling”.

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  2. @Constitutional Insurgent Ok, I will agree to disagree with you on any credit to Biden. How in the world did he have our people evacuate? It was appalling and shameful. Soldiers died, civilians died and you are okay with that?


    1. Yet, an ISIS attack during our withdrawal was almost guaranteed. Why do you no blame GEN McKenzie, MG Donahue and VADM Vasely as well?

      ANY loss of American life is an unspeakable tragedy…..but the other 2,447 U.S. lives lost [not including Contractors] equally deserve to be laid at the feet of our politicians. Not just 13.


        1. Biden consulted with Miley for guidance one too many times for comfort to me. He took his advice and proceeded to pass along that poor advice (from Miley) to these other generals and they are required to listen to him (Biden) and follow the orders given.


        2. No worries, I’m on my phone as well. My point being that the JCS seldom weighs in on operational planning……so I’d be surprised if Milley was a key factor, and not just a scapegoat of the Right.


  3. I agree with you totally. My only concern with Trump is his big mouth. By the end of his term, I could not stand to hear his bragging ways, but you are right I did feel safe with Trump in charge so I voted for him despite the fact I really had no choice to vote for someone better. I do not think we will get better. Every politician seems to care only about their career. So for me, even though I am not fond of Trump, if there is not someone 200% better than him for the office of POTUS I will vote for him. I will have no choice because the alternative is too scary with these shady politicians and shady nations around the world.

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    1. I appreciate the links, but as I live in rural Fauquier County with satellite internet, I’m not going to watch them. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen them before.

      So, Milley recommends to both Trump and Biden to leave troops in AFG [because why not….?]; you place blame on him for the withdrawal????

      I don’t advocate for believing either person, but the protocols in place on 26 Aug 2021, were not directed by Biden or Milley [or even McKenzie]. If you want to simply levy blame at the top of the food chain…then those deaths are shared by Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden.


      1. Fair enough. But may I ask one question please? Why did Biden botch it up the way he did? I do not believe Bush, Obama, or Trump would have messed it up that way. Also it was Obama who left Joe out on a lot of tasks because he said “ leave it to Joe to **** things up!” Those are Obama’s words about Joe, not mine.


        1. I don’t do hypothetical’s on how President X, Y or Z would have handled things, but Biden started off badly by not renegotiating the withdrawal agreement.

          The agreement in place [the “Doha Deal”], negotiated by the Trump Administration, completely cut out the Ghani Administration. Undercutting it from the start. Time was not on Biden’s side, but he could have made the effort.

          A rational argument can be had regarding the choice of airhead [place of consolidated departure], Bagram or Kabul. One location [Bagram] was easier to defend but required undefendable travel for evacuees to reach. The other [Kabul] was centrally located but harder to defend. An ISIS attack on our forces was bound to be attempted in either case.

          Even with the attack on 26 August, our forces carried out the largest airlift in U.S. military history.

          That the Taliban would regain control of Afghanistan, was never in doubt. And ending our involvement there was always going to be a dicey affair.


  4. @Constitutional Insurgent Okay I agree with this, but honestly, why did he leave so much intel behind and American civilians, Afghani people that aided us in covert attacks and information, and many of the green card holding Afghanis? I do not understand how that could ever happen.


        1. Everything left behind, was left in the hands of the Afghan security forces. This equipment was disbursed through the entire country, and fell to the Taliban, as the ANSF was overrun or surrendered. Additionally, if you think that we sold equipment to the corrupt and fragile ANSF that was sensitive, you’d be mistaken. The entirety of that equipment was export variants, that we sell to multiple other nations. Our adversaries already have examples of those.

          This is an example of the “fake news” narrative that gets traffic in the cable and social media. We left nothing behind of any value.

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  5. Most of America’s vice presidents have been … well, meh. Our country has had 49 vice presidents; 15 of them are rated as terrible. Well, 16 if you include Harris. Two were traitors who escaped conviction, a few died in office after only a few months of service, and one (Thomas Marshall) refused to assume the presidency after President Wilson’s stroke … which explains why Edith Wilson “seized power,” and how she was able to get away with it.

    So how bad is Harris? She is less popular than even Dick Cheney if you can imagine. Well, but polling numbers aside, which are always subjective (Democrats love her, Republicans hate her), just look at how many staffers have resigned from the office of the Vice President in the past year. We might call it “Rats deserting a sinking ship.” Despite this bad news, Harris maintains her aspiration to become the first female president of the United States. Something for Americans to look forward to, I suppose … if they’re masochists.

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  6. It is pointed out here in this thread that Biden also was not a great VP. I had to agree. I do not believe that despite Harris’s aspirations to be President will come to fruition – she is a type of Hillary Clinton – and they will never break the glass ceiling.


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