IT’S MY PARTY: Remember Those 45s?

Remember the 1960s? I was still a little girl but by the mid-60s I was given a phonograph. By the age of 10, I had the beginnings of my collection of Beatles Albums and every album onward, that is until they were ruined when my parent’s basement flooded. Oh well. It’s my party, but I won’t cry …

I will never lose the memories of some of the still lingering innocence that the 1960s brought to us. It was when people smiled at you and really meant their hello’s! I miss knowing who my neighbors are and sitting out on the front lawn in the evenings. I miss so many things about that gentler time. What I really miss are 45’s. Remember them? Sadly my collection of 45’s was in the flood too!

I loved the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Petula Clark. Do you remember “Downtown?” Those were the days my friends.

What are some of your favorite memories?

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  1. I remember watching the Beatles cartoon on television on some weekday afternoons. Since I lived in West Texas (Levelland, to be exact) at the time, those cartoons must have been on rebroadcast (as I was 7 or 8).

    One good thing about moving every two years is that I can easily associate times, events, and other thing with what town I know I was living in.

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    1. I’m from Chicago and we never had any Beatles cartoons airing on television and I bet my parents were happy about that! LOL! Were you growing up in a military family since you said you moved every two years? Not prying, just curious! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I grew up in a family that started with the military, but — once I turned four — worked for a company that sold oilfield equipment. Hence, when a new and bigger oilfield was discovered, we usually got transferred there.


  2. I got a 2×2″ square transistor radio with an earplug for my 8th birthday. It was all top 20 for the whole year of 1965. Big Daddy Don Garlits was my favorite “sports” hero, and my parents took me to see The Green Monster blow down a fence at Fremont Drag when they started her engine…

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  3. Great post! Wonderful nostalgia!

    One of my memories….I loved shopping in the record stores! In fact, I went every weekend and always bought at least vinyl. My parents — or a friend’s parents — always cooperated with giving me a ride until I got my driver’s license. After the shopping, we rushed home to play on my suitcase hi-fi what we had purchased.

    Besides the big names, I loved movie soundtracks and TV-show themes. I wasn’t a Beatles fan until close to the end of their years together, but rather I was a fan of “the Mafia crooners” (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin). I also bought a lot of classical albums.

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    1. Ah, that was what my phonograph was a “suitcase hi-fi.” I too listened to other types of music, but being a teen I tended to stick to more current toones as me and my friends loved singing and dancing to them. I too was one of those girls along with my friends who could not wait to get home to listen to the music. That is a sign of the innocence of our times.

      ” I was a fan of โ€œthe Mafia croonersโ€ (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin).” My appreciation of their music came later as did for classical music. I love Bach and that is probably due to the 1970 Book by Erich Siegel, Love Story, and then its subsequent movie!

      I am happy you enjoyed this post. I had to get away from politics for just a day at least. It began making me feel physically ill. Sheese, sometimes it’s just not worth it.

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    2. My older brother converted our old suitcase record player into a strobe light by covering the underside of its’ turntable with aluminum tape and then placing a cardboard cutout surface interrupter on top of that. Two slot car brushes attached to a light provided the lighting circuit…so that when the turntable rotated, the light flashed at the 33/45/78 speeds… I used it as lighting for our neighborhood middle school garage “dance parties”…

      …great memories.

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    1. My California cousins were all a little older than my older brother…both got drafted and went to Vietnam and were never the same, after. When they got back, they kinda dropped out of life. One married the sister of the Oakland Hell’s Angel’s Chapter president (remember Altamont?) and was always getting into legal trouble. The other became a stoner and did odd day-labour construction type jobs for my uncle. I’ve lost touch with both.

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      1. Oh wow, I am sorry about your California cousins. So sad. I was still literally a kid (12-13) when “Altamont” but I did read about it in the link you provided – awful. That is so sad about your cousins. I do however remember Woodstock! Silly me back then was scared of Woodstock because I knew they weren’t just doing grass but some hard drugs. I tended to stay away from the “real” hippie scene. It scared me!


        1. We were out of the country from ’66-70. My sister came back and went to UC Santa Cruz for a year before dropping out and following a guru… until she met and married my brother-in-law in 1970 when we returned (she had been “born again” and he was a theology major). They lived in Palm Desert (outside of Palm Springs) for a few years, then moved back to Northern California and she lived/worked as an RN in Berkeley and Palo Alto and he was a self-employed management consultant for Bechtel execs. They live in Kodiak, Alaska now and have joined a Russian Orthodox church there (for geographic, not ethnic reasons). So yeah… it was probably wise for you to stay away from the hippie/yippie types.


        2. …although I do have a soft spot for Gracie Slick. I still fantasize about her in Golden Gate Park. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Thanks, FJ for the links. They show up in the backend. I think my spam won’t allow them to publish. I tried to edit both links so they would but Akismet won’t allow it. Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I did, however, click the links and found the information so interesting.

    It was a blast from the past! Thank you.


    1. Thanks for trying.

      I really wanted to go to that 1975 Golden Gate concert, but it was two weeks before my HS graduation, and I had big plans for a 3 week Hawaiian vacation on Kauai before reporting to the US Merchant Marine Academy for indoctrination training. Hawaii was a blast though. It was an 18-to-drink state (vs California 21). I spent my days hunting/fishing and my nights clubbing with my bff’s cousins. Had I gone to the concert, I probably never would have come back from an inevitable acid trip… but that would have lead to a different story…

      San Francisco was never the best place for me. The last time I had gone there was to the Presidio for a West Point “physical” test. Didn’t get in there, but I did throw up on Bakers Beach after, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. That is really too interesting and that last paragraph too funny! Well, I am glad you never made the acid trip! I never did hard drugs I was always afraid I would die. Now I am glad I had that fear of illicit drugs in me. I was called “square” but at least my gray matter was intact! Since we are giving away our ages here I too graduated high school in 1975.

        I have to admit after the hippie era I was a disco freak! I loved the music and the clubs and dancing. I loved the BeeGee’s and Donna Summer, Grease, Olivia Newton-John, Andy Gibb. You remember I am sure. There were too many to name here.

        I was in San Francisco once in 1978 for a three-week vacation. I have never returned. I loved the structure of Macy’s and made sure to shop! Hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ I just adored the Bay area-so gorgeous and the Pacific Ocean is so different than the Atlantic. Pacific is more peaceful and the Atlantic just rough. But now since Pelosi is there I heard it is trashed. Oh well as we age we change and so does everything around us! But FJ those were the days my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. San Francisco was a beautiful place. I worked there at a shipyard @ 60th and Illinois for my first 3 years out of college ’79-82. The converted warehouse building I worked in had no air conditioning. it didn’t need it. The Pacific Ocean and SF Bay were its’ natural air conditioners, and the humidity was as low as the Pacific’s low temperatures would allow. ๐Ÿ™‚

          ps – As for pacific/tranquil, my Pacific was a bit more dynamic. The drop off of the continental shelf created quite a “roll” for ships transiting north and south. And if you wanted to go in the water, a wet suit was needed. Clams and abalone were plentiful though… at least before the sea lions and seals made their “comeback” in the 80s/90’s, anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        2. San Francisco is gorgeous but Iโ€™ve not been back and according to accounts Iโ€™ve read it is not so nice anymore with the homeless population overtaking much of the down town area. Sad.


  5. Hi, Z!

    Your drug free days were before the early 70’s. My Middle School in San Jose was filled with pill-popping kids who stole their “mothers little helpers”. I didn’t do and drugs but marijuana until my senior year of high school, cocaine my sophomore year in college (I made two trips to Colombia). Hash my junior year. And marijuana thoughout. I now have a friend who has a prescription card for medical marijuana and shares with me, but then he’s on a full disability from PTSD and Agent Orange from his Thailand/Vietnam years.

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    1. ps – I had been a lifeguard at our neighborhood pool. Bikes and skateboards were our recreation, along with driveway basketball and street football. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Sorry… I’m not the best writer. I did do drugs. Just sparsely. Nothing to excess was/is my motto… I’ll probably try anything at least once.

      Sorry to disappoint.


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