WAR CRIMES: PUTIN Organizes Anti-Fascist Conference – A Legion of Doom and Thermobaric Bomb AKA Father of Bombs

Vladimir Putin is a mad man. I heard Putin say in an interview the other day that “a world without Russia doesn’t deserve to go on (paraphrased).” It is becoming increasingly apparent that Russia is really becoming isolated. This is causing in part Putin’s mental collapse and will cause him to go crazy. No one knows the future or what it holds. If Putin does not get his way who could say that he would not just end it all and send out his nukes? It is apparent he knows his life is not going to be worth anything to anyone. Like Hitler, he is demonized by the pursuit of power, suppression, killing, and visceral hate that expands far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

This debacle is an atrocity and it is a crime to just sit back and watch. There is no greater love for a Godly person than one who dies and sacrifices for their brother. This is pure evil. Putin is one man holding our whole world hostage and he will do it again if he gets away with this invasion until the whole world speaks Russian.

Watters: People of Kyiv are bracing for the absolute worst
Zelensky receives a standing ovation after speech to European Parliament

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky received a standing ovation after delivering an emotional speech to the EU Parliament on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.” (Source) Ukraine is a sovereign nation.


Ukraine declares independence.


The new parliament adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine.


The Ukrainian Church secures autonomy from the Russian Orthodox Church, angering

Russia is using the “father of bombs” against the Ukrainians and the men and women burn to death.

War Crimes In Ukraine (Source)

This made me sick. The devastation is immense and the loss too horrific to even comprehend. A Russia in control of Ukraine and Belarus would change the security architecture of Europe. How will the alliance respond? Will they be effective? Who will stop Putin?

Russian occupiers attacked a TV tower in Kyiv. Five civilians were killed, including the whole family.  According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, as of 18:00, 5 people had been killed and 5 injured in the shelling of the Kyiv TV Tower in Shevchenkivskyi district of the city. The rescue operations continue. The tower is located near Dorohozhychi metro station and Babyn Yar. Some of the rockets fell on the territory of the memorial complex to the victims of the Nazi Holocaust. “Why repeat “Never Again” for 80 years, if when the bomb falls on Babyn Yar, the world remains silent? 5 more lives were lost. History repeats itself…,” said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Оригінал статті – на сайті Українського кризового медіа-центру: https://uacrisis.org/en/war-crimes-1” (Source)

It behooves me knowing that The United States armed forces is the largest military in the world. It spends by far the most of any of the superpowers or NATO members. It also has the most aircraft carriers and submarines as well as the most aircraft of any military force. There are approximately 800 United States military bases across the world. So tell me why we are not doing more to help Ukraine?

There should be an emergency session within NATO to include Ukraine so no more lives are lost and Article 5 may be enforced. The fact the world is watching the very heroic Ukrainian president beg for help while Russia is assaulting their nation without provocation is beyond infuriating. This situation is wrong and so very immoral. As an American, I find it hard to live with this reality. As a praying person, I pray for the peace of Ukraine.

The question is, will peace come with sanctions? I doubt it. Will peace come through talks? I doubt it. Undoubtedly the only way to arrest this situation is to go to war sooner or later because Putin must be stopped. Sadly for Ukraine, the situation grows worse by the day.

Putin is the Hitler of our times. It’s time to get the whinny “Millenial Generation” to strap up and fight. No one will “Heil Putin.”

34 thoughts on “WAR CRIMES: PUTIN Organizes Anti-Fascist Conference – A Legion of Doom and Thermobaric Bomb AKA Father of Bombs

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  1. The trick about Article 5, is that in order to be invoked….a NATO member actually has to be attacked. It doesn’t appear to apply if a NATO member is the belligerent.

    However, NATO appears to be favorable towards the idea that a cyber attack could constitute the requirement for invocation.

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        1. “Everything is moving too slow.”

          Indeed, on some items. But to share the staggering pace of other events; in the past 4 days:

          Belarus has decided to become a nuclear state (again)

          Germany has chosen to re-arm to levels unseen since 1945

          Finland and Sweden have signaled that they are interested in joining NATO

          Ukraine has applied to join the E.U.

          For events on the world stage, that is downright frenetic.

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  2. If Russia built Bio labs across the border in Mexico, I might think military strike is warranted.

    This isn’t our war. we have our own right here with a foreign installed puppet.
    People are so quick to secure another’s borders and sovereignty , what about our own??
    Before you reply, mind , I served my country and put my prime Beef on the line.
    I don’t want us propping up Deep state elitist in this or any other country. I have seen it it for over 40 years.
    and the sheep just eat it up.




    1. Hi Kt and welcome.

      I understand why you feel as you do. Your response is similar to those of others who have fought. I do not disagree with you it just truly pains me seeing the people of Ukraine suffering the way they are for no good reason other than just because Russia wanted to!


      1. Thanks for the kind reply.
        Innocent people always suffer in this “fallen” world.
        Its part of history.
        Did Deep, Ukraine does not have a stellar record. They are plagued with a corrupt government like our current one.

        I am for a free Ukraine and Europe.
        Give them the tools and let them solve it.

        Best Regards,


      1. Who will change it?? Not Putin.
        Our (appointed) leaders (i use it loosely) will decide.
        AND given their track record, they want war!!

        Thanks for the reply, The constitution is our guide.

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        1. You’re welcome. I am sure our government wants opposite of what they say. Like Putin our government is full of spin masters. War helps inflation and brings in money and we know some Americans love their ching-ching. Sad 😞


        2. Putin is the one provoking. He can absolutely change the equation. I don’t really understand your point.

          Of course, both parties support war. We elect the ‘leaders’ we deserve, because we don’t demand better. We don’t demand that they abide by the Constitution.

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    1. Its not our war.
      Europe can handle it. We (US) have our own problems.
      WE ARE at war now. Its a INFO war and there are two narratives:
      One Good , one Bad; You decide.



  3. Putin’s an obvious psycho–been warning the West for weeks that he’d enjoy nuking them but they just laugh it off and now they’ve let him get the drop on them. Apparently he’s Darwin’s ‘fittest.’

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  4. All the replies are good and kind.
    But as a student of History:
    “Back a wild animal into a corner and it WILL strike”.
    We do NOT want a war with Russia. China is backing who???

    Ukraine has a corrupt government (aka Biden family). I do not want to see US blood spilt for neo-cons or socialist.- we have been doing that for 70 years!! Just start reading history, and look at how much “money” is spent and made.

    Just follow Soros and Hillary’s remarks, who do they back?

    I can’t believe what I am hearing! Go to war!? we can’t secure our own southern border!!

    Yes! This is 1930’s all over again and the DS got us into war then Too!!!

    Thank You for the replies.

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      1. OK,

        I can not speak for Solensky, but his predecessors were.
        He hasn’t had time to clean it up.
        As Trump found out the “swamp” runs deep.

        When the Left (marxist) support (say) something? That’s a “Red Flag”
        look closer.

        There is something “fishy” about “war” reports coming out, so far the MSM have lied again.

        Thanks again for kind remarks.

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