UKRAINE: Putin’s Quagmire

Bret Baier joins the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the latest on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how Vladimir Putin might react next.

UPDATE: Ukraine-Russia war: CCTV shows missile strike on government building in Kharkiv

Listening to this report it must occur to all of us that Americans must demand that the Biden administration make the US “energy independent” as were under former President Trump. Russia being cut from SWIFT hurts the Russian citizens and they do not deserve that, but they don’t have too far to look, Putin. However, due to high Russian propaganda, many, not all, but many are blaming the US for the invasion of Ukraine.

Should the US once again become “energy independent” this not only takes our nations out of the Saudi throne rooms of oil, but it gives us the leverage to sell our oil to Europe which will surely suffer, especially Germany for enacting sanctions regarding SWIFT.

Unfortunately, our administration is weak. The administration is always behind Europe in making decisions regarding the handling of Russia. True our nation has spoken with our allies, but our administration is weak on action. Americans have always expected our presidents to be up to handling the dreaded 3 am wake-up call. Sadly now we have a president that could not even handle a 3 pm wake-up call. Keep in mind after the Afghanistan debacle we do not want any war with any nation at least not under this idiotic administration that cannot be trusted.

Also, let us not ignore that Elon Musk has stepped up and made sure the Ukraine people and their fighters can still communicate activating Starlink “the satellite internet service from SpaceX,” in Ukraine. Not Biden or his inept administration. Do you believe they would have thought of that? I highly doubt they think at all. Maybe too many margaritas.

I suspect the majority of Starlink receivers are likely to be used by Ukraine’s government to ensure it continues to have the ability to communicate and share information. That’s important during any crisis, but Ukraine’s President, Volodomor Zelensky, has shown himself to be especially adept at communicating via social media. Zelensky has effectively rallied his citizens, as well as the rest of the world, to Ukraine’s cause.” (Source)

Musk apparently stated that businesses should “do what they can in a time of crisis (paraphrased).” That is good advice to us all not only businesses. Believe me when I say this is a lesson that Biden and his cronies need to learn. I don’t believe the US has done all they can, but then when you read many of the other headlines around the nation you would think nothing was happening of great significance. Americans are so oblivious and tend to live in their little bubble. Don’t you dare burst their bubble because all that matters is me, and what I can buy, and get for me or my family. In other words, most Americans do not care.

It is quite apparent outside the news media and our blogosphere the only people that truly care are the Ukrainian-Americans. These people are taking to the streets in support of Ukraine as many of the demonstrators who are Ukrainian immigrants are still desperate to hear from their loved ones. It is sad what the US has become. A land that is for freedom but does not care for those in need – in crisis. Yet, if you are listening to Jen Psaki her answer to all our woes including the worlds’ is to “have a margarita and relax (paraphrased).” Well sorry, Jen, but many cannot afford alcohol and there are those of us who don’t indulge ourselves but you be our guest. I believe that the administration needs to stay inebriated because how else besides being stupid could they become the poster children of disaster?

In conclusion, the Ukrainian invasion by Russia is a crisis on a huge scale. As to Putin, he is in a difficult, precarious, and entrapping position. It is Putin’s predicament – Putin’s quagmire.

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  1. Putin has most certainly created his own quagmire. He is on par with the U.S. in terms of number of quagmire’s since WWII; Russia {Afghanistan, Chechnya, Ukraine), U.S. (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq). However, he raised the bar significantly by turning nearly the entire world opinion against Russia, along with becoming an economic and social pariah.

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  2. I haven’t read this morning’s headlines, so what I say below is not reflective of the latest developments in Ukraine.

    Here’s how I see the quagmire issue….When Putin brings to bear more of the force of his military, Kiev will fall. 😥

    Oh, there will be pockets of resistance for quite a while, but Putin will squash those, too. 😥

    I’m sorry to be saying the above.

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  3. And one more thing….After Putin takes Ukraine, what will he do next? Invade Poland? The Baltic States? His military, once Ukraine is subdued, will already be close by to invade other countries.

    Unless, of course, Putin is completely isolated with regard to money and energy supplies.

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    1. I agree but if that man has some semblance of any sense left he will not push on Rule 5 regions and Nato states. I hate to say this but he is threatening to use nukes and I believe all the time we worried about China and N. Korea it was Russia that was the real threat in Europe and in the US. They are only a spit away from Alaska! I dread to think of that. 😦


    2. For now the Baltics and Poland are safe…..NATO has a large presence in those regions and Putin will not quickly target them. Look to smaller countries without NATO presence.

      Bed wsell chu

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  4. Your closing paragraph is spot on….the only people that truly care are the Ukrainian-Americans….my problem is they say we need to do more….but what more can do short of troops….and our last troop deployment did not go so well…..

    Great blog and post… well chuq

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