CAUTION: Heartbreaking Footage Injured Little Girl

Putin did this …

The world needs to wake up and band together against all totalitarian regimes. Putin is a killer. This little girl is “collateral damage” and I blame Putin for the invasion, but I also blame the US for not leading. Damn Putin and damn Biden.

This is our “new” world …

6 thoughts on “CAUTION: Heartbreaking Footage Injured Little Girl

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  1. Injured civilians, especially children…are not something a compassionate person can shrug off. I’ve seen these atrocities first hand, in sandier places. Doesn’t get any easier.

    But whether or not the U.S. is ‘leading’ or not, is pretty subjective without any specific citations. The general public doesn’t get to see the inner machinations of diplomacy or military affairs. Much of what has transpired to date [possibly most of] may well have been entirely with U.S. leadership in regard to our partners in the region.

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  2. That is true. Kyiv has now been attacked and 5 persons killed. The damage is mounting and without outside intervention I am concerned there is no way Ukraine will overcome this horrible and unjust invasion. Just because one is not part of NATO yet is just not good enough to me. I just do not understand that. It is as if the world is allowing Russia just to do as they please. So sad.

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    1. That’s the toughest part of this entire affair. There’s really not a sweet spot with regard to response options. We keep pushing to stop Russian aggression, at a point we will find ourselves fighting the Russians. Anything after that point is a mere whisker from literal WWIII.

      That World War would be the show-stopper.

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