Russian People Ashamed And Do Not Want War

The Russians do not want war. Soldiers are surrendering to the Ukraine Army while the Russian people try to protest amidst threats of arrest and abuse from the Russian Police. The people are saying they do not see what the Russian government hopes to gain and those under 45 years old who do not remember the cold war are asking why.

Russians have told media around the world that they are ashamed that Ukraine is being dealt with this way and that their hearts go out to them. The Russian people do not want to return to a totalitarian type of government as under the USSR. The younger Russians have been able to study abroad in Europe and the United States and have learned about the West and other cultures around the world. The idea that they would once again be isolated from the world, not have access to goods from around the world is horrifying to them.

One Russian said, “Most of my friends are shocked, although it’s possible I’m living in a liberal cosmopolitan bubble. The latest polls from Levada showed over half of Russians still blame the US for the crisis, but that’s before the bombs started falling and in any case, doesn’t translate to wanting to lay waste to a country where many of us have friends and relatives.” (Source)

Then there is the blame placed on the US and rightfully so. The US could have averted this whole mess but considering the way in which Biden had the military departure from Afghanistan and leaving so much intel to be had by the Russians Putin figured why not. Our losses were Putin’s gains.

“Captured Russian soldiers say they do not want war and wish to go home as they claim they were deceived by their commanders, according to a translation of a viral video. The video was posted on Sunday and has so far amassed over 700,000 views.” (Source)

This is the typical propaganda by Putin and his regime of evil murders. They do not care about the Russian people or their troops. All Putin cares about is his legacy and sadly that is coming from the ramblings of a man gone mad. The Russian people do not want war, they want to live peaceably amongst themselves and their neighboring countries.

Putin is at fault, not the Russian people. Biden is at fault, not the American people. The world is now accountable. Pray not only for the Ukrainian people but also the Russian people. Theirs is a life we are not familiar with here in the United States where there are more selfish and spoiled people than anywhere else in the world. Not one American has the right to complain, not even the poorest. Not one.

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  1. That tweet that I posted at Bunkerville’s blog (where the Ukrainian mouths off to the Russian tank crew) exemplifies how much the soldiers of the Russian army are not behind this war. They laugh at the statement by the Ukrainian (I won’t steal the punch line).

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      1. It happens from time to time to us it’s just WordPress’s spam system. I always check it. Also, if this is the first time you commented here the comment is always moderated and after that, it should post on its own, but even then it can end up in the spam bin from time to time.

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  2. While the Russian military may have made some strides since the Soviet days, they remain woefully underpaid, harassed and demoralized. They invaded a sovereign neighbor unprovoked, fighting against people defending their homeland, bound to the roads due to the warmer than desired weather, and do not possess a great logistics system.

    Safe to say, not a lot of esprit de corps on that side of the equation.

    the end result may still not be in doubt, but Putin will pay a price pursuing his dreams of grandeur.

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  3. Elizabeth,You do know,I presume that Russia is not a godless place anymore,some 58% of it’s people are orthodox and some 40% actually go to church Can you say that for the ukranians or even your own people.The last time I looked
    the USA was becoming more marxist than Russia ever was and religion was dying fast.Perhaps you know differently.
    If you had any compassion with the people in the Dombass you might see that Putin has little choice.We gave him none by bordering his country with WMD and we are still goading him into a fight with the whole world bar China
    You may think differently if the USA was surrounded by nukes drawn from the rest of the world.

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