AOC Is Biden’s Worst Nightmare

AOCs’ led “Squad” serves up their latest strategy designed to give Biden harrowing midterm election nightmares. Rep. Cori Bush, a member of AOCs’ “Squad” of House Democrat radicals, stated in an interview with Axios that she would ramp up the rhetoric on defunding the police. That is despite the fact that Democrats credit their embrace of the movement with losing 13 House seats in the 2020 elections. The “Squad” is bold but this move will not get them very far when midterm elections roll around.

Bush said, “”Defund the police” is not the problem,” obviously she was unaware of the very reputable polls taken on defunding the police show diverse groups opposing the idea. African-Americans, the Latino community, and Asian-Americans do not want to defund the police. Bush went on to say “We dangled the carrot in front of people’s faces and said we can get it done and that Democrats deliver when we haven’t totally delivered.” That is absolutely appalling. In other words, they know they lie to the people, and of course, they rarely deliver. No one can deliver on a lie and the Democrats lie.

Cori Bush is not the only one giving Biden and their Democrat counterparts trouble. The “Squad” is a huge reason why midterm elections will be a nightmare in 2022 for the Democrats. Biden’s disastrous leadership and the GOP playing it smart in its messaging wars by tying vulnerable members to the soft-on-crime far-left wing will bring the Democrats down. On Wednesday it was announced by the Working Families Party that Rep. Rashida Tlaib, one of the originals to the “Squad,” would be giving a response to Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address.

The speech will not be aired on any major TV networks, fortunately, but it will be broadcast on the Working Families Party’s Facebook page. GOP operatives will no doubt be scoping for material to use in their upcoming campaign ads against the Democrats and the “Squad”. The Working Families Party and AOC also have a comfortable working relationship. In addition, they endorse her and AOC endorses them.

Republican strategists are most likely celebrating the “Squad’s” plans to put themselves out there. As to the fall elections, taking into account how things backfired on House Democrats in 2020 and how things are looking for them as it stands now, the “Squad” is playing right into the GOP’s hands. By the “Squad” once again making themselves the poster children for the Democratic party they have the potential to make the number of anticipated Democrat House seat losses not just disastrous but historic.

AOC is Biden’s worst nightmare …

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  1. Biden’s disastrous leadership and the GOP playing it smart in its messaging wars by tying vulnerable members to the soft-on-crime far-left wing will bring the Democrats down.

    I want the GOP to really step up to the plate! Too often, they are mealy-mouthed.

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