Putin’s Reign Of Terror Likened To Hitler’s and Stalin Gains Popularity Amongst Russians

It is interesting to note that according to Fox News “Putin makes forceful moves 2 years to the day Biden claimed he feared his 2020 election.” It is also interesting to note that Biden made an outrageous claim against Russia that does not bode well now for him or his credibility. Biden is a foolish, foolish man.

Gaffe par usual …

[In July 2020], Putin declared his lust for Ukraine … all the while Russian troops and equipment, they were amassing at Ukraine’s border for the better part of a year. And yet Biden failed to turn the screws. He failed to turn Vladimir in any way,” the host went on. “He failed to re-impose sanctions until today, and they’re pathetic at that, with two measly economic limits on just the separate so-called separatist regions now in eastern Ukraine. Far too little. Far too late.” Sean Hannity

Hannity: Putin not afraid of Biden, sanctions

Listen to Putin’s own words regarding Stalin and Hitler …

Now in Putin’s Russia Stalin gains popularity …

Albert Einstein was a German Jew who lived through that dark era of mass killings and slaughters during WWll, and was totally correct when he said, “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” This holds so very true today.

You ask how is Putin like Hitler?

Despite many important differences, stylistically Hitler and Putin:

  • Both share a perceived need to redress national humiliation;
  • Both project tough-guy self-images;
  • Both depend on popular support and belief in Western decadence and softness.

WWlll is not only possible but inevitable. History to test this theory has proven that when any nation has to face a very severe reduction in available resources, like Russia, or even the United States, the choice between reducing living standards to taking the resources by force was always decided towards war.

Keep your eyes on the Kremlin and Putin.

  1. Photo by Michele Tantussi/Getty Images. A protester holds a placard showing a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin altered to look like Adolf Hitler.

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