Weak Biden Hands Russia Ukraine

Biden is a fool. He came out yesterday with weak sanctions against Russia after Germany just trumped their sanctions up making ours look like child’s play. Biden turned his back to the American people and the press and walked off never answering one question. So why would Putin ever consider what this man has to say?

Biden and Obama were never liked at all by Putin. Obama literally gave Crimea to Putin. The only two presidents that we do know he liked were former presidents Donald Trump and George W. Bush. Note both were Republicans. Putin can relate to strength, Republicans. What does that say to the Democrats? Democrats are donkeys seen as “paper tigers.”

We are told we must sacrifice due to the goings-on in Ukraine because of Russia’s impending attack. When the American government Democratic cronies are more worried about culture wars than what is going on in Ukraine and that Russia has no respect at all for Biden or the U.S., you can be sure we are in real trouble.

Hannity: This is madness

Yes, this is madness. It is bad enough we are watching our nation spiral down to a pin on the world scene, but the only sanctions Biden can come up with are sanctions that most have been in place since 2014 and do not even affect the Russian elitists.

Our news media is so focused on our problems they do not even realize the problems in Ukraine do not only affect the Ukrainians but that at the end of the day, The United States will become Russia’s real collateral damage.

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  1. Short of an adversary launching a total, and catastrophic war……you never open with your strongest hand. We’re not going to war with Russia over Ukraine….so sanctions are the primary tool in our response options. There has to be room for escalation in that.

    Germany, and other European nations, have more skin in the game. Their responses should be in accordance with the threat to their sovereignty and economy.


    1. So should we, but because Biden is a very weak president with a very passive and lenient administration we literally do nothing and Putin has us where he wants us. After Afghanistan, no one will ever take the US seriously again. All due to Biden. Even Obama could not stand him. He only needed him to win the election. Too bad Obama could not have thrown him overboard. He is a doofus.

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      1. What exactly would you have the U.S. do?

        After 20 failed years of Afghanistan [not to mention our Iraq debacle] nobody should take us seriously.

        I give credit and blame where it’s due….and with generational foreign policy disasters….it’s never the fault of one POTUS or party.


        1. I give credit and blame where it’s due….and with generational foreign policy disasters….it’s never the fault of one POTUS or party.

          I give no credit when there is none due to Obama or Biden, not even Bush. Trump had our nation humming and would have kept Putin at bay.


  2. I too respect your opinion and I respect that at the very least we can be adults and agree to disagree. That is what I so loath about both the right and left, and even some in the middle. You must literally think like them, believe the same, have the same ideas, and agree on everything. So I find it refreshing to have differing views and enjoy the banter and going back and forth. In other words, it is real and truthful. I detest placating.

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  3. They should have cut off all civilian Russian banks, which would hurt the elitist rich Russians. The banks they sanctioned do little to hurt those in power.

    Furthermore, the fact that Americans don’t really care about what happens to Ukraine, there is a second problem, which is that Biden’s messaging on Ukraine and Russia is demonstrably false and misleading.


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