I AM WHITE: So What!

I have listened to many videos and read many articles about “critical race theory.” It is all nonsense. Every color in the broad color spectrum is a color and no one color has privilege. No person has a choice to choose the color they are born with. To belittle one for color or exalt one for color is wrong and hideous. Racism comes in all forms, including reverse racism.

An outgrowth of the European Marxist school of critical theory, critical race theory is an academic movement which seeks to link racism, race, and power. Unlike the Civil Rights movement, which sought to work within the structures of American democracy, critical race theorists challenge the very foundations of the liberal order, such as rationalism, constitutional law, and legal reasoning. Critical race theorists argue that American social life, political structures, and economic systems are founded upon race, which (in their view) is a social construct.

Systemic racism, in the eyes of critical race theorists, stems from the dominance of race in American life. Critical race theorists and anti-racist advocates argue that, because race is a predominant part of American life, racism itself has become internalized into the American conscience. It is because of this, they argue, that there have been significantly different legal and economic outcomes between different racial groups.” Source

This is what Black Lives Matter is selling to the masses. A bunch of lies and reverse racism. This is very damaging not just to our society, but our children.

David Brog, former executive director of Christians United for Israel, called critical race theory a “damaging message” to children in a recent interview with Alpha News.

Brog addressed political wars, defunding the police, and the negative effects of teaching the ideas of Critical Race Theory to children on a recent episode of the Alpha News Podcast.

Brog called critical race theory a “damaging message” and explained how teaching CRT will vastly effect a child’s success in the world. To tell a child that they cannot succeed in a world that is out to get them is not helpful to that child, he said.” Source

This is another example of the sick thinking surrounding CRT …

When I see the fury surrounding CRT, I see a country passing on its baggage to another generation of kids of all colors. I see (not only, but particularly) white parents asserting that their children don’t have to pay their dues- to wrestle with the difficult history of this country, and to learn from it so they can help build a better future. And I see the intellectual and emotional burden being placed on the backs of Black children.

How are reparations, teaching “critical race theory,” and telling black children that white children are privileged due to the color of one’s skin changing anything? Why are we not teaching history and telling the truth in an effort to change our future instead of being doomed to repeat it or far worse?

We are all human beings and we are created equal. Teaching CRT belittles each one of us and is just another form of racism. Worse still it is hate.

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  1. Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow’ black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.
    Follow Jesus. Love everyone. I rest my case.

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    1. It should be this simple but sadly the world does not work like that. It was Christians that held most slaves. We need the love of Jesus but we need to stop being divided and divisive regarding peoples skin color and not everything is the“whites” fault. People need to be responsible for themselves and make something of themselves and you do. It need to be rich or white to so that. The notion that you do and that being white means you have an easy pass is just a total sham, a lie, and plain hateful.

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  2. Why are we not teaching history and telling the truth in an effort to change our future instead of being doomed to repeat it or far worse?

    I agree, though I think the inevitable pendulum swing toward some of this idiocy was caused by not doing just that. Apologies up front for employing the phrase….but much of our history taught in public schools over the past hundred+ years, has been ‘whitewashed’. Concentrating on notions of ‘American exceptionalism’, the good bits of history and some outright lies [but fun tales!]…..what could go wrong?

    And that brings us to today.

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  3. CRT programs students to hate each other based on race and also programs students to hate their parents — particularly one parent and set of relatives if the child comes from a biracial family.

    We have a biracial (actually, multiracial) child in my family — the granddaughter of my dearest cousin, who is a like daughter to me. We are making every effort to shield the little girl, age 8, from CRT: she’s in a good private Christian school, and her grandmother watches like a hawk. This child doesn’t need any more baggage! Things are bad enough: her mother, who lost custody for good reason, is a hardcore drug addict (she’s done hard time in two penitentiaries) and has serious psychological problems on top of the addictions.

    CRT would doom my little multiracial cousin, IMO. She dearly loves her grandfather, who is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swede. And she dearly loves her grandmother, who is plainly white by race (English and Welsh descent). Neither do we want her to hate or be wary of her biological father, who is multiracial, and has cleaned up his act. She has a good relationship with him and her grandparents on his side.

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    1. AOW, it is wonderful what you all have done to shield this little 8-year-old from CRT. It would only confuse, compound, and make her hate all of you, including her biracial father, and sympathize with a drug-abusing mother, which would ruin her life forever. The problem with CRT and BLM is it teaches hate, not truth.

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